Wednesday 24 January 2024

Makoons Play School Unveils Makoons World School, Envisioning Expansion to Over 500 Branches by 2026, Paving the Way for Exceptional Early Childhood Education

Delhi NCR, 24th Jan 2024 — In a significant stride towards advancing early childhood education, Makoons Play School is thrilled to announce the inauguration of Makoons World School, a novel endeavor aimed at broadening the educational spectrum for young learners.

Makoons World School is poised to redefine the standards of excellence in education, offering a holistic approach to learning that goes beyond conventional boundaries. This exciting initiative is set to provide children with an immersive and enriching educational experience, fostering their cognitive, emotional, and social development.

As part of its expansion strategy, Makoons Play School is proud to share that it anticipates the opening of 15 new centers across India this month. This strategic growth is a testament to Makoons' commitment to making quality early childhood education accessible to a wider audience.

Makoons World School embodies innovation in education, incorporating cutting-edge teaching methodologies and a comprehensive curriculum designed to stimulate curiosity and ignite a love for learning. The school's state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with a team of dedicated educators, will create an environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential.

Makoons Pre-School adopts a comprehensive approach to early childhood education, acknowledging the distinctiveness of each child and their individual developmental pace. The school's ethos revolves around nurturing a passion for learning through age-appropriate activities and play-centric methodologies, meticulously designed to stimulate cognitive, emotional, and social development in a well-rounded fashion.

Tailoring its programs to the crucial early years of education, Makoons Pre-School delivers comprehensive offerings for Playgroup, Nursery, and Kindergarten. The thoughtfully crafted curriculum ensures a seamless progression from one stage to the next, fostering continuity in the child’s educational journey.

The Playgroup program focuses on introducing children to the school environment in an entertaining and immersive manner, with an emphasis on activities that enhance motor skills, language development, and social interaction. Building upon this foundation, the Nursery program promotes cognitive growth through age-appropriate educational activities, with a focus on language development, numeracy skills, and creative expression.

The Kindergarten program, the final step in Makoons’ early childhood education journey, readies children for formal schooling by further enhancing their cognitive abilities, language proficiency, and social skills. The school ensures a smooth transition to primary education.

Makoons Pre-School provides a secure and stimulating physical environment that fosters the holistic development of children. Classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate learning materials, and outdoor play areas are designed to promote physical activity and social interaction.

The cornerstone of any preschool's success lies in its educators, and Makoons takes pride in its team of qualified and nurturing teachers. The faculty is adept at creating a positive and supportive atmosphere, ensuring that each child feels valued and supported in their learning journey.

Recognizing the significance of parental involvement in a child’s education, Makoons actively promotes regular communication, parent-teacher meetings, and participation in school activities to establish a robust partnership between the school and parents.

"We are excited to introduce Makoons World School as a pioneering step towards redefining early childhood education. This expansion aligns with our mission to provide children with a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages holistic development," said Vijay Kumar Agarwal Founder and CEO, Makoons Play School.

About Makoons Play School:

Established in 2016 by Mr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal, Founder & CEO at Makoons, Makoons Pre-School was founded with the vision to bridge the gap between an unorganized education system and young learners. With over two decades of experience in the corporate and education sectors, Mr. Agarwal, holding a BSc and an MBA, inaugurated the first Makoons Pre-School in Ghaziabad, UP, at the age of 43, with an initial investment of approximately INR 2 crores. The franchise has since experienced exponential growth, boasting over 100 branches and envisioning a future with 500+ franchise branches by 2026.

Makoons employs a foresight methodology to uncover a child’s potential, ensuring that teachers are highly adept in understanding each child’s needs for improved social, emotional, physical development, and mental growth. The curriculum incorporates a special emphasis on music, arts, science, technology, literacy, numeracy, and physical exploration.

Distinguishing itself with a pluralistic approach to engaging children, Makoons incorporates Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for enhanced engagement and nurturing. The franchise continues to expand, with almost 10 branches added every month, solidifying its status as a frontrunner in early childhood education.

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