Monday 31 May 2021

Airtel deploys additional 25 MHz spectrum in Punjab to boost network capacity

At 65 MHz, Airtel now has the largest spectrum bank in Punjab and is well positioned to deliver the best network experience to customers    

Chandigarh, May 31, 2021: Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s premier communications solutions provider, today said that it has upgraded its mobile network in Punjab to deliver the best network experience for its customers.

Airtel has deployed additional 25 MHz spectrum in the 1800/2300 MHz bands along with advance network software tools to bolster high speed data capacity in its network. Of this, 20 Mhz has been added in the 2300 band and the 5 Mhz in the 1800 Mhz band, giving Airtel industry leading holdings in both bands. 

The deployment of additional spectrum will strengthen an already superior network for Airtel customers across Punjab. It will enable improved network availability and data speeds along with better coverage inside homes and buildings in urban and rural areas. It also allows Airtel to offer wider coverage along highways and rail routes as well as increase footprint in villages as more people access high speed data services.  

With the addition of this spectrum, which was acquired during the latest spectrum auctions, Airtel has the largest spectrum bank of 65 MHz in Punjab. 

Airtel’s spectrum holdings in Punjab 

Band (MHz)

Total Spectrum


40 MHz


15 MHZ


10 MHz

Manu Sood, Hub CEO – Upper North, Bharti Airtel said, With the highest spectrum holding at 65 MHz  in Punjab, Airtel is well positioned to meet the surging demand for high speed data. We remain obsessed with delivering a world-class service experience to our customers and continue to invest aggressively in new spectrum and network upgrades at a time when our customers need it the most.”

Following the pandemic, the adoption of the work from home, online classes, video streaming has witnessed a massive surge. Airtel’s intervention to build additional capacities will go a long way in helping customers stay connected.

Airtel has also deployed advanced network technologies and tools such as pre-5G Massive MIMO, 4G Advanced and Carrier Aggregation to step up high speed network capacity and coverage.      

Airtel has over 11.53 Mn customers in Punjab and its network covers 99.89% population of the state.

About Bharti Airtel

Headquartered in India, Airtel is a global communications solutions provider with over 471 mn customers in 18 countries across South Asia and Africa. The company ranks amongst the top three mobile operators globally and its networks cover over two billion people. Airtel is India’s largest integrated communications solutions provider and the second largest mobile operator in Africa. Airtel’s retail portfolio includes high speed 4G/4.5G mobile broadband, Airtel Xstream Fiber that promises speeds up to 1 Gbps with convergence across linear and on-demand entertainment, streaming services spanning music and video, digital payments and financial services. For enterprise customers, Airtel offers a gamut of solutions that includes secure connectivity, cloud and data centre services, cyber security, IoT, Ad Tech and cloud based communication. For more details visit

The Times Of India’s #CutTheShame Initiative Redefines The Narrative On Menstrual Health

New Delhi, May 31th, 2021: With an aim to raise awareness about menstrual health, period poverty and break the silence around menstrual shame, The Times of India, the nation’s largest news brand has unveiled the #CutTheShame initiative on May 28th, World Menstrual Hygiene Day. Besides  advocating equality and justice for women, #CutTheShame initiative will also aim to raise awareness about menstrual health among men.

According to estimates from women’s health organisations, a shocking 84 per cent of Indian women have restricted or no access to sanitary napkins, with the ongoing COVID-19 induced lockdown forcing hundreds of thousands of young girls and women to resort to the age-old unhygienic practice of using a cloth during their periods.

Given that lack of access to hygiene is the fifth biggest killer of women in the world, as per a WaterAid report and hundreds of millions of menstruating women are still made to feel unclean and ‘impure’ by their own families during these stressful times, it’s time we put this issue on the table.

#CutTheShame will offer a series of expert-backed data, information and advice, all the while centering the lived experiences of girls and women in India. The campaign hopes to take readers on a journey of empathy, kindness and care, but also one that inspires each of us to reject taboos and misinformation and speak up. The Times Of India is working to bring voices of experts and activists who have worked relentlessly, empowering and emancipating women from the shackles of period shame. 

Speaking on the importance of menstrual hygiene in these times,  Durga Raghunath, Digital Head - Times Of India said, “Menstrual health and hygiene should be discussed openly like any other topic concerning our health. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Conversations on periods are still shrouded in secrecy and conducted in hushed tones as it remains a source of shame and discomfort for young girls, and older women because of taboos associated within family structures. As a large media organisation with over 40% women’s readership, and the power to drive awareness, we believe that the shame surrounding periods needs to be weeded out of our culture and period poverty must be brought to an end so that women can take charge of their bodies and live with greater dignity and empowerment.”

Check out TOI’s Cut The Shame initiative:

SAI International Education Group to host e – Summer Fiesta Season 2

May 31, 2021: SAI International Education Group, one of the leading education institutions of India will host the 10-day e-Summer Fiesta Season 2 beginning from June 1, 2021till June 11, 2021. The 10 day The e-Summer fiesta promises to be a combination of fun filled activities along with innovative & experiential learning for the students of the institution. Students from Play Group to Class XII from SAI Angan, SAI International School and SAI International Residential School will participate to nurture their sills and augment their creative minds, through a gamut of interesting activities.

Eminent personalities from all walks of life who will be present at the eSummer Fiesta areMs  Priya Keni, International Rifle Shooter, TEDX Speaker ,Chartered Accountant and a Sportsprenuer, Bollywood Singer Abhijit Mishra, Bollywood Singer Ruturaj Mohanty, Shankar Chugani, Stand-up Comic, Sudhakar John Doraiswamy, renowned choir conductor, pianist and composer, comic duo Sankar and Pragyan, Mirza Faizan, Indian origin US aerospace scientist who developed the Ground Reality Information Processing System (GRIPS) and motivational speaker Sharon Prabhakar. Prince Dance Group, the Winner of India’s Got Talent, will enthrall the audience with their mesmerizing dance performance.

“Students have to be made future ready and armed with a new set of life skills which focus primarily on developing the spirit to fight against adversities, strengthening resilience, building confidence, understanding and self-introspection. We want to provide our SAIoneers the required physical, emotional, and mental support to help them thrive as they adapt to the “New Normal” and hence we present the concept of e-Summer Fiesta”, said Dr Silpi Sahoo, Vice Chairperson, SAI International Education Group.

The Summer Fiesta has been divided into two parts, Morning and Evening sessions. In the morning session the students can indulge in various activities and soft skill training sessions like puppetry, storytelling, robotics, gymnastics, dance, coding, gymnastics, communication design, personal care and hygiene, music, drama and much more. The evening sessions are designed for the students, parents and the teachers of SAI International to not only enhance their 21st century skills but also provide them with much-needed respite from a monotonous schedule, with the endeavor to ensure that the learning process is continuous and one that leaves a lasting impression. The evening sessions will host experts from different walks of life who would bring their journey of hard work, success, goals, and happiness to the platter of learning.

About SAI International Education Group:

SAI International a leading educational group began a pioneering revolution in the K-12 and under graduate educational scenario of Odisha. The group is led by the Founder& Mentor, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, a passionate Edupreneur, pursuing his dreams for the enhancement of education sector. It encompasses SAI International School, SAI Angan, SAI International College of Commerce and SAI International Residential School. The group strives to be one of the finest centers of learning and knowledge in the country, creating world class leaders endowed with Indian values and global outlook.

PredictiVu launches India’s First Centralized Automated AI Data Visualization Tool to Deliver Near-Real-Time BI Insights to Marketers

Tool’s AI-enabled dashboard, integrated with India’s largest near real-time data sets can analyze, synchronize and deliver Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics to CMOS 10 times faster than conventional methods

31st May 2021, New Delhi: PredictiVu, India's leading analytics firm that aims at simplifying marketing strategies by providing interactive insights from a single interface, today announced the launch of their first centralized next-gen automated AI-powered data visualization tool – Dynamic Marketing Optimizer (DMO). DMO is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning supported tool integrated into India’s largest data set comprising of consumer purchase, web listening and campaign mapping. It is equipped to provide near real time business insights on customer behaviour to CMOS and marketers 10 times faster than conventional methods.

Connected with 75,000 retail touchpoints with a presence in 100+ Indian cities, the tool’s dashboard keeps adding 500,000 + unique consumers every month. Designed to offer Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics for marketers to gain actionable insights into their campaign competitiveness, achieve a macro review of the company’s potential markets and opportunities with a micro-level product dissection, and obtain consumer purchase, Ad, Web & Social Intelligence to convert millions of noise data into meaningful trends all from a centralized dashboard assessing disparate database in near real time, the tool is certainly poised to transform business intelligence delivery for marketers perpetually.

Speaking on the occasion, Kunal Sarkar, Vice President, PredictiVu said, “Marketers slog to design winning multichannel marketing campaigns due to the lack of real-time and meaningful business intelligence insights. For India, where there’s an insatiable demand for brands and D2C business is going to be worth $100 billion by 2025, the unexplored analytics capabilities that are limiting smarter marketing decisions can become a huge challenge for economic growth.  The COVID 19 invasion has redefined the business value of data and accentuated the need for real-time insights more than ever and we are glad to introduce – Dynamic Marketing Optimizer (DMO), our AI-enabled augmented data visualization tool at a time when it’s most needed. Marketing leaders can now use its advanced analytics to understand customer behaviour, competitor performance and consumer challenges 10 times faster than when using conventional methods to arrive at smarter marketing decisions. “

He further added, “We plan to focus the tool’s usage for Smartphone sector, primarily considering advanced consumer-focused technologies in this sector have given marketers a variety of options to drive their digital businesses under the pandemic’s impact. Gaining a competitive edge is immensely critical now and doing that means keeping abreast with the latest trends. This can happen only when exceptionally agile, faster, accurate and comprehensive insights are received in near-real-time.”

Lloyd Mathias, Angel Investor & Business Strategist and SAB member, PredictiVu said, “Today, marketers increasingly struggle to gain comprehensive, visibility into the customer journey to develop ground-breaking marketing strategies. Going forward, accurate data mapping, analysis and faster delivery from data intelligence partners will be elemental in a world where consumers are excessively connected through the digital universe. PredictiVu’s Dynamic Marketing Optimizer (DMO) is uniquely designed to lead the next level data interpretation need that would require a faster, flexible, reliable, consolidated, and unified business intelligence approach.  As Indian brands penetrate further into the local market under the ‘vocal for local’ slogan, the role and need for advanced data analytics business, intelligence offerings will increase.”

Idi Srinivas Murthy, Independent Consultant and SAB member, PredictiVu said, “PredictiVu’s Dynamic Marketing Optimizer (DMO) is poised to solve one of the largest marketing and business problems in today’s tech-enabled world: being able to take marketing program decisions in almost real-time, with divergent actions across divergent geographies, price points, and competitor situations. The AI / ML-based engine and multi-dimension mapping make an ultimate marketer-friendly platform across brand marketing, go-to-market, and consumer/channel insights teams. Smart marketers will need this solution to amplify their marketing spend RoI by an additional 25% to 48%.”


About PredictiVu: PredictiVu is India’s first of its kind analytics firm and one stop solution for CMOs and marketers, specialized in correlating marketing campaign performance with proprietary retail purchase data, digital trends, customer preferences, media spend at an immensely granular level to deliver near real-time business intelligence insights 10 times faster than traditional methods. There is a blatant need for business intelligence arising out of the mounting innovation, competition and changing customer behaviour to be exceptionally agile, flexible, reliable consolidated and holistic. Being able to automate the task of correlating details from multidimensional, exhaustive data sets to creating actionable insights that resolve enterprise business challenges implies tremendous business potential which PredictiVu aims to tap with its tech advanced solutions and tools. Created and designed by experienced industry experts with decades of business intelligence, technology, retail, and data science experience, PredictiVu helps companies to drive business growth by identifying granular customer preferences and competitor performance and maximize the RoI of marketing campaigns by helping drive near real-time adjustments. PredictiVu leverages AI/ML-driven insights to help enterprises make smarter decisions based on trusted data sources and large sample sizes with assured quality and standardisation. Headquartered at Gurugram, PredictiVu’s investors include Nomura Research Institute and Infobridge Marketing and Promotions Co. Ltd. that bring in decades of industry, analytics, and consulting experience. For more info, visit, 

कोरोना योध्यांना समर्पित "सूरताल कराओके सिंगिंग स्टार २०२१" स्पर्धा संपन्न!

'गामा फाऊंडेशन'आयोजित "सूरताल कराओके सिंगिंग स्टार २०२१" या हिंदी गीतांच्या 'कराओके गायन स्पर्धेची अंतिम फेरी काल फेसबूकच्या माध्यमातून संपन्न झाली. हौशी स्पर्धकांच्या उत्स्फूर्त प्रतिसादामुळे हा कार्यक्रम विशेष रंगला होता. जगभरातील संगीतप्रेमींनी या कार्यक्रमाचा सोशल मीडियाच्या माध्यमातून आस्वाद घेतला.
गेल्या दोन वर्षात कोरोनाने जगभरासह आपल्या भारतात आणि महाराष्ट्रात घातलेला थैमान आणि त्याला धीराने सामोरी जाणारी आपली जनता. तसेच कोरोनाला हरवून लावण्यासाठी अहोरात्र लढणारे आपले कोरोना योध्ये.या महामारीसोबत लढणाऱ्या कोरोना योध्यांना ही स्पर्धा समर्पित करण्यात आली होती. सध्याच्या कठीण काळात आपल्यातील अनेक गुणी हौशी कलावंतांच्या गायन छंदाला योग्य व्यासपीठ उपलब्ध व्हावा हाही प्रमुख हेतू ही स्पर्धा आयोजित करण्यामागे होता. स्री आणि पुरुष वय वर्ष १८ ते ४५ आणि ४६ ते ८० असे दोन गट करण्यात आले होते. तसेच स्पर्धकांकडून विनामूल्य प्रवेशिका मागविण्यात आल्या होत्या. ८ मे रोजी ही स्पर्धा जाहीर केल्यावर २२ मे पर्यंत जवळ जवळ २५० च्या वर प्रवेशिका आल्या. त्यातील १२ स्पर्धक 'गामा फाऊंडेशन' कडून शॉर्टलिस्ट करण्यात आले होते.
दोन तास सुरु असलेल्या कार्यक्रमात स्पर्धांकचा उत्साह खूपच चांगला होता. कार्यक्रमाच्या सुरुवातीस 'एबीपी माझा'चे न्यूज अँकर अश्विन बापट यांनी स्पर्धेचे नियम स्पर्धांकना अधोरेखित करून दिले आणि सगळ्यांना शुभेच्छा दिल्या. सर्वप्रथम कार्यक्रमाचे परीक्षक आणि ख्यातनाम संगीत संयोजक प्रशांत लळित आणि ख्यातनाम गायिका विद्या करलगीकर यांची ओळख आणि स्वागत केल्यावर स्री शक्तीला वंदन करून, स्री स्पर्धांकांपासून कार्यक्रमाची सुरुवात करण्यात आली. परीक्षकांनी सुचवलेल्या गाण्यावर स्पर्धकांनी गाणे गाण्यास सुरुवात केली. हळू हळू गाण्याची स्पर्धेतील चुरस खूपच वाढत गेली. स्पर्धा फेसबुकवर लाईव्ह असल्यामुळे ती प्रत्यक्ष पाहणाऱ्या रसिकांचा व्हिडीओवर कॉमेंट्सचा वर्षाव होत होता.
फ्रंटलाईन कोरोना योद्धा असलेले डॉ. राहुल जोशी(एम.डी.होमिओपथी) कार्यक्रमाच्या मध्यान्याहत सहभागी झाले. डॉक्टरांनी त्यांचे कोरोना कार्यकाळ आणि एकूण त्यांच्या कार्यकाळातील काही गोष्टींचा अनुभव कथन केला. तसेच त्यांनी 'संत कबीरा'चा दोहा गाऊन गाण्यातून आपण आपलं काम करत राहावं असा संदेश दिला. ह्या स्पर्धेच्या परीक्षक प्रसिद्ध गायिका विद्या करलगीकर यांनी या स्पर्धेचे परीक्षणासोबतच स्पर्धकांना बहुमूल्य मार्गदर्शनही केले. तर  विशेष अतिथी प्रमोद कुलकर्णी यांनीही स्पर्धकांच्या गायनकौशल्याचे भरभरून कौतुक केले.  
कार्यक्रमाच्या अंतिम टप्प्यात विजेत्या स्पर्धकांची नावे जाहीर करण्यात आली. पुरुष आणि महिलांमध्ये २ गटात एकूण ४ बक्षिसे देण्यात आली. प्रत्येकी १०००/- आणि विद्या कारलगीकर यांच्या आग्रहात्सव एक उत्तेजनार्थ बक्षीस म्हणजेच एक हजार रुपयाचा चेक कार्यक्रमाचे विशेष पाहुणे 'कुलकर्णी ऑप्टीशन्स'चे प्रमोद कुलकर्णी यांच्या हस्ते देण्यात आले. विजेत्यांना बक्षिसरुपी धनादेश व प्रमाणपत्र त्यांच्या निवासी पत्त्यावर पोहच करण्यात आले आहे.
विजेत्यांमध्ये १८ ते ४५ पुरुष आणि महिला गटातील अनुक्रमे शरद जगताप आणि स्नेहा कांबळे, दुसऱ्या ४६ ते ८० या पुरुष आणि महिला गटात अनुक्रमे मिलिंद कुलकर्णी आणि रश्मी लुकतुके त्याचबरोबर एक उत्तेजनार्थ गटातील स्मिता चंदावरकर यांची निवड करण्यात आली.

JK Lakshmipat University B.Tech students selected in Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Jaipur, May 2021: JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU), Jaipur is proud to send four of its students -- third B.Tech third year and a second-year B.Tech-- for spending a semester to the prestigious Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Netherlands, which has been named as one of the best public universities in the USA. As part of the MoU signed between the two universities, the Indian students don’t have to pay any tuition fee at the AUAS.

B.Tech 3rd-year students Nikhil Agarwal, Samyak Bhagat, and Anmol Shekhawat have been enrolled in Virtual reality program, HBO+ICT program respectively, whereas Tanmay Agarwal from B.Tech 2nd year will be studying a semester in Big Data in the university that houses approx. 46,000 students and 4,000 faculty members in different disciplines including Engineering, Management, and Design.

Pursuing their Bachelor’s in Technology, all four students are quite accustomed to the multi-disciplinary approach to engineering that focuses on creating problem solvers. They feel that experiential project-based methodology is in high demand in their field, yet many universities don’t offer courses in them as JK Lakshmipat University does. They believe that this gave them a definite edge in the selection process for the highly competitive programs.

“We are elated to bag this opportunity and can’t thank everyone associated with me for this. This experience will give us the skills and knowledge that will enable us to keep pace with technological innovations, industry demand, and contemporary academic research. We hope to form an instant connection with others in the scientific community and gain insight into what is expected of us academically and professionally as we continue our studies and start our careers. This is a one-of-its-kind experience for all of us,” said Nikhil Agarwal on behalf of other students from JKLU.

In Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, their students and lecturers work closely with countless industries, companies, and organizations to come up with smart solutions to challenges facing in their city. They offer 96 Bachelor’s, Masters and Associate degree programs. They are one of the biggest employers in the field of higher education. Similar to AUAS, JKLU has many other international tie-ups with top universities from countries like the USA, UK, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions to provide international exposure and experience to the students by studying in a different environment.
" JK Lakshmipat University offers college students a unique opportunity to study abroad. This opens new opportunities for the students to gain knowledge in-demand skills and learn to work in different cultures with various faculty members which widen their perspectives to become better citizens and team players for tomorrow. " said Dr. Sonal Jain,  Professor, Department of Computer Science Engineering, JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur.

CSMIA hosts 3rd edition of Jaya HE Museum’s carnival series with “Aaghosham 2021”


~The month-long celebration to showcase the endless beauty of Kerala~


Mumbai, May 31, 2021: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport’s (CSMIA) Jaya HE museum is hosting the third edition of its carnival series. The digital carnival ‘Aaghosham 2021 - Celebrating Kerala’ will be showcased on Jaya HE and CSMIA’s Instagram and Facebook platform between May 18 – June 18. Through this festival CSMIA’s Jaya He Museum aims to bring a note of positivity and adventure by providing patrons from across the globe, the opportunity to explore the indigenous culture and heritage of the state of Kerala from the comfort of their homes.

‘Aaghosham’ denotes ‘Celebration’ in Malayalam, the local language of Kerala – a state famously known for its backwaters, elegant boathouses and delicately spiced cuisine. To showcase the grandeur of the state, CSMIA’s Jaya He carnival aims to bring together audiences from different parts of the globe to explore indigenous elements such as its cultural diversity, including history, society, art & crafts, people, food, festivals, textiles, tourism, and architecture of Kerala. The 30-day carnival will also capture Kerala’s unique performing arts in the form of classical & folk arts, dance and music. Additionally, the carnival will engage with over 200 children between the age group of 12-14 years from a BMC School in a playful storytelling format. The story session will be conducted live on Zoom with the carnival’s storytelling partners. 

Staging various elements each day through infographics, videos, photographs, live talks with renowned experts, the day-long forums are divided into storytelling sessions, activities, and Instagram Live sessions, conducted on CSMIA and Jaya HE’s social media platforms. The audience will also get a glimpse into the world of a performer, filmmaker, sustainable designer and chef from Kerala, along with the enthusiastic host - RJ Rohini Ramnathan, to name a few. By hosting the carnival on widely accessible digital forums, CSMIA is extending its mission to promote the culture and heritage of the diversity in India for the enjoyment of patrons across borders from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Launched in 2018, the Jaya He Carnival series was strategically introduced by the airport’s museum around the International Musuem Day, which is celebrated on May 18. Each year, the Jaya He Museum adopts the theme of the occasion to bring forth the cultural and artistic magnificence of the various states of India. Innovating on this theme announced by the International Council of Museum theme for International Museum Day 2021 - “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine” – Jaya He Musuem has collaborated with multiple partners to celebrate the rich culture of Kerala. These include Utkarsh Patel as Mythology content partner, United Way of Mumbai as philanthropy partner and bringing Anvaya and Kathanika as the content partner and storytelling partner once again this year, respectively.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, CSMIA’s Jaya He Museum has adopted various digital initiatives such as the first-of-its-kind digital airport carnival and a unique Jaya He Audio Guide app amongst others to provide an opportunity of exploration and an adventure to those bogged down by the lockdown and safety restrictions. In the previous edition, the Jaya HE Carnival featured the art, culture, tribal history & religion, textile & crafts, food & festivals of different states in North-East India that reached a diverse set of audience through Instagram and Facebook. Given the unprecedented time, CSMIA’s Jaya HE Museum continues to involve audience across the world, cultures, and traditions that they can resonate with.

CSMIA’s Jaya HE Museum is a celebration of Indian Art in every form and was conceptualized as an extension of the exclusive Indian aesthetic of Terminal 2. It is an exceptional vista where past, present, and future come together to create one of the largest public art platforms, where modern technologies fuse effortlessly with traditional knowledge. Through ‘Aaghosham’, CSMIA aims to offer endless experiences and engage a larger audience to be a part of this magnificent virtual celebration. 

Now stay sanitized for 24 Hours with Just Human!

Knowing the current situation we are in right now, it is very important for us to keep ourselves sanitized every now and then. We all wished for a sanitizer that can keep us sanitized and germ-free all day long. Just Human is a revolutionary 24 Hour hand sanitizer that you have to use just once a day. It's a game-changer for being the first-hand sanitizer that provides all-day protection. 

The proprietary key used in the hand sanitizer was derived from an original formulation developed over 30 years ago. Since that time, it has been used in a wide array of consumer products. It has won various technology awards and was eventually re-engineered into a proprietary formulated alcohol base to extend its uses in other applications, such as a hand sanitizer.

The 24 Hour efficacy is backed by GLP Lab certification. Just Human 24 hour hand sanitizer is made with proprietary US technology. This product has received USFDA registration and DCGI clearance in India in late Dec. Just Human is a product of Swanrose, a company that has an ethos of local production to support jobs and families in the countries it sells in. Therefore it is locally manufactured in every country it is being sold in. For the latter part of this year, Swanrose has lined up a range of other disruptive products slated for launch once again in both the US and Indian markets. The company has plans to enter other territories such as UAE and South America. All their products follow the vision of positively impacting humanity.  

Just Human contains two specialized compounds that work together at a nano level. One compound has 70% Ethanol, as recommended by the CDC and WHO, which kills germs and viruses instantly. The other compound, an antimicrobial, forms a bionic shield made of non-toxic molecules that bind to your hand and provide a protective coating. This molecule has been nano-engineered to bind and pierces the cell walls of any micro-organism, thereby instantly killing it. Once the sanitizer dries, SPARS bind to the surface of the hand, providing a layer of active protection that, as lab testing shows, lasts for 24 hours.

According to Roshini Sanah Jaiswal, CEO of Swanrose Inc said: “After many years - I have found my purpose with Swanrose – It combines my interests in science and technology with my desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Just Human 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer is precisely that -Smart Science designed beautifully”

Life can now be much easier with Just Human sanitizers while they work all day to keep your hands super protected and virus-free, for 24 Hours.

Bollywood’s most loved cop returns in a brand new avatar in Dabangg – The Animated Series, a rib-tickling entertainer for all ages on Disney+ Hotstar VIP


~ Dabangg star Salman Khan’s iconic character makes a grand comeback in a series which is the latest addition to an extensive collection of kids titles ~

~ Produced by Cosmos-Maya and Arbaaz Khan Productions, the first 8 episodes of the family entertainer are Now Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar VIP ~ 

Watch the trailer here -

Watch the title track here -

Mumbai, 31st May 2021: Superstar actor Salman Khan’s iconic character Chulbul Pandey is making an exciting return in a brand-new avatar with Dabangg - The Animated Series on Disney+ Hotstar VIP. An adaptation and reimagination of the blockbuster Bollywood franchise, the action-comedy series chronicles the day-to-day life of Police Officer Chulbul Pandey, who stands in the face of evil to keep the city safe. He is joined by his younger brother Makkhi, who, new to the police force, attempts to emulate his older brother in every sticky situation. It is a rib-tickling entertainer that can be enjoyed by kids and all fans of the franchise. So, get set to be Dabangg and welcome the most loved police officer back in an all-new animated version.

The first 8 episodes of Season 1 are Now Streaming exclusively in HindiTamil and Telugu on Disney+ Hotstar VIP, with new episodes set to be released regularly. Produced by Cosmos-Maya and Arbaaz Khan ProductionsDabangg - The Animated Series marks the latest addition in an extensive collection of kids’ content that ranges from all-time favorites like Toy Story, Doraemon, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sound of Music to contemporary superhits including Selfie With Bajrangi, Chacha Chaudhary and Sofia the First. To ensure a safe, entertaining, and controlled experience, parents can navigate through the platform’s unique kids-safe mode to access age-appropriate content.

Speaking about Chulbul Pandey’s return in an animated avatar, actor Salman Khan said, “Chulbul Pandey is a very special character for me because of the love that audiences have showered on him, and the movie, for over 10 years. I couldn’t be happier that Chulbul, Makkhi and Rajjo are returning in animated avatars to entertain the children of our country. I cannot wait to binge-watch all episodes of Dabangg - The Animated Series with my nieces and nephews while at home. Animation has opened up yet another dimension for this character and I'm thrilled Cosmos-Maya did that. I hope that all children, along with their families, take time out and enjoy watching this together.”

Producer Arbaaz Khan said, “Dabangg, for me, goes beyond just a film or a franchise; and to see it coming to life in an all new format is overwhelming and we were on board with the idea, the moment we met Team Cosmos-Maya. They have revolutionized Indian animation & I couldn't have asked for a better animation studio partner for our Dabangg. The thought behind creating Chulbul Pandey was to make him a household favorite, and the biggest and most humbling compliment comes from all the love that this character has received from children. Kids are the toughest crowd and critics because they speak from their heart and getting a thumbs up on Dabangg - The Animated Series from them would be one of my greatest achievements. I’m happy to have collaborated with Disney+ Hotstar VIP to bring kids and their parents all episodes of this fun and entertaining series that they can watch at their convenience, from the safety of their homes.”

Disney+ Hotstar spokesperson said, “Dabangg is an exceptional addition to the library of kids content on Disney+ Hotstar VIP, which offers parents the crucial control of managing what their children are watching, through the kids-safe mode. Audiences of all ages love Salman Khan, and we’re delighted to be bringing his iconic character and movie in a form that can be enjoyed by kids and their families. Time spent indoors can be made entertaining with this latest series along with engaging offerings like the new season of the popular show, Selfie With Bajrangi, successful Disney titles and much more. We have had a wonderful collaboration with Cosmos-Maya and are happy to further build this with a Blockbuster Bollywood franchise reimagined in a creative yet entertaining manner.”

Anish Mehta, CEO of Cosmos-Maya said “Dabangg is a landmark IP launch for us at Cosmos-Maya as we mark our 10th year of original Indian IP creation. We are privileged to have such an iconic franchise which fits in the Cosmos-Maya formula of 'familiarity with novelty'. We couldn't have asked for a bigger & better character for our 20th show, than my personal favourite, the cult icon Chulbul Pandey who has been immortalized by Salman Khan, while working beside Arbaaz Khan and a fabulous platform partner like Disney+ Hotstar VIP."

Disney+ Hotstar VIP offers an unmatched entertainment experience to users with the world’s best stories and LIVE sporting action coming together on one platform. With an annual subscription of Disney+ Hotstar VIP viewers can enjoy mega blockbuster films that will directly release on the platform like the upcoming Bhuj: The Pride of India along with existing movies The Big Bull, Laxmii, Lootcase and more, the best of global movies and shows dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu including Super Heroes (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Avengers: Endgame), best animation films (Frozen 2, The Lion King), kids favourite characters (Mickey Mouse, Doraemon), exclusive Hotstar Specials shows in seven languages like the recently launched November Story, hugely popular Out of Love (S1 & S2) Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, 1962: The War In the Hills, Special Ops, Aarya, The Legend of HanumanOK Computer, LIVE sporting action and much more!

About Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar (erstwhile Hotstar) is one of India’s largest premium streaming platforms that has changed the way Indians watch their entertainment - from their favourite TV shows and movies to sporting extravaganzas. With the widest range of content in India, Disney+ Hotstar offers more than 100,000 hours of TV Shows and Movies in 8 languages, regional and national News, and coverage of every major global sporting event, including the IPL. Disney+ Hotstar Premium has a large selection of Disney+ Originals, latest American shows, blockbuster Hollywood movies and award-winning content from International studios; whereas with Disney+ Hotstar VIP, users get access to Disney content in local languages, exclusive new content from the Hotstar Specials label, access to STAR network serials before television, and the latest and best of live sporting action. In its earlier avatar, the Hotstar mobile app has notched 400 Mn+ downloads, making it one of the most in-demand apps in India and also secured top spots on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. The app’s success reflects its highly evolved video streaming technology as well as the quality of experience across devices and platforms.

LANXESS increases dividend also in times of the Coronavirus pandemic

·         Proposed dividend of EUR 1.00 – 5 percent more than in the previous year

·         Full year 2020 closed with robust results

·         Guidance for fiscal year 2021 raised

·         Portfolio restructuring driven forward – 2021 focused on growth

·         Board of Management compensation to include sustainability components

Cologne, May 31, 2021 – LANXESS Chairman of the Board of Management Matthias Zachert started this year's virtual Annual Stockholders' Meeting of the specialty chemicals company with a positive message: “LANXESS is on course and has come through the Corona crisis very well!”

Just a week ago, the Group raised its guidance for the full year 2021: EBITDA pre exceptionals is now expected to be between EUR 950 million and EUR 1 billion. LANXESS closed 2020 robustly despite the Coronavirus pandemic. EBITDA pre exceptionals came in at EUR 862 million, only 15.4 percent below the prior-year figure of EUR 1.019 billion. The EBITDA margin pre exceptionals reached 14.1 percent, close to the best figure of 15.0 percent reached in the previous year. Zachert: “This shows that we are now reaping the fruits of the Group restructuring carried out over the last several years in the areas where it counts most. We have become considerably more resilient and far less vulnerable to economic fluctuations than before.”

Dividend raised again

At EUR 6.104 billion, Group sales in 2020 were 10.3 percent below the prior-year figure of EUR 6.802 billion. Group income from continuing operations increased significantly to EUR 908 million, compared with EUR 240 million in the previous year. This was due to the proceeds from the sale of LANXESS’ stake in chemical park operator Currenta.

“We defied the past fiscal year's challenging conditions with resolve and inner strength, and thus achieved a result we can all be proud of. As a matter of course, such a result should also be reflected in our dividend," said Matthias Zachert. The Board of Management and the Supervisory Board proposed a dividend of EUR 1.00 per share to the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting. This is around 5 percent more than in the previous year. In total, this corresponds to a total dividend payout of around EUR 86 million.

Zachert once again thanked the LANXESS team, “who did everything humanly possible to keep our businesses going. It has been proven once again that our employees truly live our slogan ‘Energizing Chemistry’, and this makes me immensely proud.”

Portfolio restructuring driven forward – focus on growth

LANXESS took key strategic steps in 2020. With the sales of the membrane and chrome chemicals businesses, as well as the announced sale of the leather chemicals business and the exit from chrome ore production, the Group systematically divested areas that no longer fit into the strategic focus on specialty chemicals.

The year 2021 then began in the spirit of growth with three acquisitions in the Consumer Protection segment. Zachert: “Consumer Protection is a segment with a future! It is for precisely this reason that we expanded this area further with strategic purchases right at the beginning of this year." With the acquisitions of biocide manufacturers INTACE and Theseo, two of the transactions have already been completed. Zachert described the planned acquisition of US-based company Emerald Kalama Chemical – the second largest in the company's history – as “a major milestone in the development of Consumer Protection”. LANXESS expects the transaction to be completed in the second half of the year following regulatory approvals.

Board of Management compensation linked to sustainability targets

In 2020, LANXESS also completed a significant stage on the road to climate neutrality. The specialty chemicals company built a nitrous oxide reduction plant in Antwerp, Belgium, which came on stream at the beginning of 2021. This will enable LANXESS to reduce its emissions by 150,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents per year. A further 300,000 metric tons are to be added annually when the second expansion stage comes on stream in 2023. Zachert once again emphasized: “We are serious about sustainability.”

This is underlined by agenda item 6 of the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting, in which shareholders vote on the new compensation system for the Management Board. Since the beginning of the year, around one-third of the variable compensation of the Board of Management has been linked to the company’s sustainability performance. Specifically, the company's performance in the areas of climate protection and occupational health and safety will be factored into the system for 2021.

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 6.1 billion in 2020. The company currently has about 14,200 employees in 33 countries. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics. LANXESS is listed in the leading sustainability indices Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World and Europe) and FTSE4Good.

Forward-Looking Statements

This company release contains certain forward-looking statements, including assumptions, opinions, expectations and views of the company or cited from third party sources. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could cause the actual results, financial position, development or performance of LANXESS AG to differ materially from the estimations expressed or implied herein. LANXESS AG does not guarantee that the assumptions underlying such forward-looking statements are free from errors, nor does it accept any responsibility for the future accuracy of the opinions expressed in this presentation or the actual occurrence of the forecast developments. No representation or warranty (expressed or implied) is made as to, and no reliance should be placed on, any information, estimates, targets and opinions contained herein, and no liability whatsoever is accepted as to any errors, omissions or misstatements contained herein, and accordingly, no representative of LANXESS AG or any of its affiliated companies or any of such person's officers, directors or employees accepts any liability whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the use of this document.

Information for editors:

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Temporary sales hit expected in May’21 automobile sales, double-digit decline expected across segments against May’19 figures: Emkay Global Financial Services

According to Automobiles report from Emkay Global Financial Services, May’21 volumes are likely to be hit by the second Covid-19 wave and lockdowns across states. In comparison to May’19, May’21 volumes are expected to witness a double-digit decline across segments. As volumes are not comparable yoy due to the low base last year, Emkay has weighed them against May’19 numbers. Tractors/PVs should see a lower decline in comparison with 2Ws/ CVs. Emkay Global Financial Services expects a swift recovery in volumes from Q2FY22 due to easing of lockdowns and pent-up demand.

Agricultural field activities have not witnessed any obstruction/ problems due to the second wave. However, despite being considered as an essential category, Tractor volumes should be subdued on account of the severe impact of the pandemic in rural areas. Two-year CAGR for domestic volume is likely to be -21% for ESC and -23% for MM.

PV industry volumes are expected to be in the slow lane, despite healthy order-book across most OEMs. Two-year CAGR for domestic volume is estimated to be -4% for TTMT, -31% for MM and -49% for MSIL.

2W industry volumes should be weak. Two-year CAGR for domestic volume is expected to be -43% for EIM-RE, -51% for BJAUT, -54% for TVSL and -58% for HMCL.

CV industry volumes should be under pressure due to lower freight availability, resulting in the postponement of purchase orders by transporters. Two-year CAGR for domestic volumes is likely to be -55% for MM, -59% for AL, -60% for EIM-VECV and -61% for TTMT.

Emkay Global Financial Services positive view on the Automobile sector is underpinned by expectations of a strong cyclical upturn, which is expected to last at least three years. Top picks among OEMs are TTMT (TP: Rs410), AL (TP: Rs155), MSIL (TP: Rs8,500) and EIM (TP: Rs3,180).                                 

In Ancillaries, top picks are BHFC (TP: Rs760) and APTY (TP: Rs290).

“Read something new or learn a new skill in your free time,” urges Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’s Manoj Chandila

Ever since its first episode, Zee TV’s show - Teri Meri Ikk Jindri has been successful in entertaining the masses through its unique love story of two starkly different personalitiesMahi (Amandeep Sidhu) and Jogi (Adhvik Mahajan).  While the emotional union of both these individuals was immensely loved by the audience recently, the intriguing twists brought in by Pappuji (Manoj Chandila) has kept the audience hooked. In fact, Manoj has been striving hard to ensure that viewers get to witness the best version of his character, however, during his spare time, the actor prefers to keep his mind occupied by reading books.

While reading came to Manoj much later in life, the actor has grown to become an avid reader, and is often seeing reading between shooting breaks on the sets of Teri Meri Ikk Jindri. With his reading interests varying across the fiction, non-fiction, and spirituality genre, Manoj finds it nearly impossible to put a book down without completing it. Talking about how he inculcated the habit of reading Manoj said, “I initially began reading fiction books, Chetan Bhagat’s work in particular. Soon, after reading most of his titles, I began reading Khaled Hosseini’s books and became a big fan of his work, ‘The Kite Runner’ especially. While it was a tad bit serious, it was definitely a book I just couldn’t put down."

While suggesting some must-read books, the actor mentioned, "I became an avid reader after I graduated to reading non-fiction books which truly caught my interest.  In fact,  the three titles that I believe are a must read within this space are Daniel Kahneman’s ‘Thinking Fast and slow’, Robert Green’s Mastery and ‘The Laws Human Nature’ by the same name. All the three books are brilliantly written and include thoughtful concepts about the way the human mind works and on dealing with life scenarios. I have also developed a keen interest for spiritual books in the last few months. The first book that I read was ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda which was indeed an eye opener after which I also read the Bhagvad Gita. Currently, I have ordered another book in this genre which is ‘Karma’ by Sadhguru and while I haven’t got around to reading it, I am confident it will be a wonderful read. I suggest all avid-readers to read these five pieces of art.

In light of the current COVID scenarios and lockdown that has left many people tensed and worried, Manoj believes that inculcating a habit of reading can work wonders in keeping one’s mind calm and composed. In fact, the actor has a very important message to share with all his fans and viewers. As Manoj mentions, “There is a term called mental diet where one must be mindful as to what they watch or imbibe into their lives. To do so, one must always be out there seeking knowledge, be it in form of listening, watching or even reading. I believe that one should always utilize the extra time in hand to know or learn something new. Don’t just be accustomed to feeling bored. Read a book or read something new or learn a new skill in your free time because when you may actually want to utilize that skill, you may not have the time to learn it.

We definitely can’t agree more with Manoj and while you work towards learning new skills, don’t forget to watch the new twists and turns that are set to arrive in Mahi’s life especially now that she has chosen to compete against her sister in the Ms. Amritsar contest.

To know more tune intoTeri Meri Ikk Jindri every Monday to Friday at 8pm only on Zee TV