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Invitation to Visit ITME Africa & Middle East 30th Nov – 2nd Dec 2023 @ Nairobi, Kenya

Invitation to Visit ITME Africa & Middle East
30th Nov – 2nd December 2023,
Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya


It is our pleasure to invite you to visit the 2nd edition ITME Africa & Middle East 2023, from 30th Nov – 2nd December 2023 at Kenyatta International Convention Centre , Nairobi, Kenya. This unique and exclusive business event with the theme “Prosperity through Textile Technology & Engineering” is a gateway to emerging Textile Industry of African continent & Middle East. 

To register click https://ems.india-itme.com/#/visitorregistration/1
(Kindly do not re-register if already registered)

Thank you & Regards,

Seema Srivastava
Executive Director
India ITME Society


Virgin Music Group combines two respected global indie brands, Virgin Music and Ingrooves Music Group as part of growth strategy


Mumbai, 31st October: Virgin Music Group, the world's leading partner to independent music companies and entrepreneurs, announces a significant milestone in its journey by naming a newly appointed global leadership team. 

As part of a global reorganization, Virgin Music Group integrates Ingrooves' industry-leading global platform and patented marketing with Virgin Music, one of the world's most iconic independent music brands, to offer independent artists and labels a full suite of global services, providing expertise that is unparalleled in the music industry. The company has already begun to integrate operations among the teams in 32 countries around the world, a process that will proceed over the coming months.

As the global independent music division of UMG, Virgin Music Group is expanding as a stand-alone organization, now under common Virgin branding, working within a proprietary global system that includes a unified infrastructure, platform, product suite, and team.

Here are the key points of this announcement:

Global Reorganization: Virgin Music Group will now be organized into five key regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and Emerging Markets. Each region will have dedicated leaders responsible for driving our presence and influence in their respective areas. Our centralized global leadership team will focus on maximizing the impact of marketing, commercial, and operational initiatives worldwide.

Brand Transition: Virgin Music (Label & Artist Services) and Ingrooves will now be known as Virgin Music Group, aligning our global branding and services. This transition will take place over the coming months.

Operational Integration: The company has already begun the process of integrating some operations, a transformation that will continue over the coming months.

Web and Social Transition: Our websites and social media accounts, including VirginMusic.com and Ingrooves.com, will evolve into Virgin Music Group branding. As a first step, both websites will temporarily redirect to VirginMusic.com.

Enhanced Global Solutions: The reorganization of Virgin Music Group provides independent labels and artists with broader, more flexible, and improved global solutions.

This reorganization builds on Universal Music Group's (UMG) investment in creating successful long-term relationships with leading independent labels and artists worldwide.


  • Jacqueline Saturn is President of Virgin Music Group North America and EVP of Global Artist Relations.
  • Thomas Lorain and Nick Roden, co-presidents of Virgin Music Group Europe
  • Victor Gonzales, President of Virgin Music Group Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula
  • Nathan McLay, Managing Director of Virgin Music Group Australia & New Zealand
  • Michael Roe, Managing Director of Virgin Music Group Africa, Middle East, and Asia (AMEA),
  • Jay Blomquist, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jeremy Kramer, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing
  • Joy Larocca, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Liz Morentin, Senior Vice President of Global Communications and Brand Strategy
  • Matt Sawin, Head of Global Product Strategy and Operations
  • Nina Rabe-Cairns, Head of Global Growth Strategy
  • Zack Gershen, Executive Vice President of Global Commercial and Digital Strategy

All members of the global leadership team will report directly to Virgin Music Group Co-CEOs JT Myers and Nat Pastor.

This exciting development signifies Virgin Music Group's commitment to delivering enhanced music services on a global scale. We look forward to an even more dynamic and successful future, standing strong as a dedicated partner to independent music companies and artists worldwide.

Pepe Jeans London Collaborates with GoKwik to Broaden Cash-on-Delivery Reach Across India and Reduce Return Expenses

Mumbai/Gurgaon, October 31, 2023: Pepe Jeans London, the iconic denim brand celebrated for its modern and stylish fashion selections, has formed a strategic partnership with GoKwik, a prominent eCommerce platform. Together, they aim to enhance Pepe Jeans' online presence in India by extending Cash-on-Delivery (COD) services securely and embarking upon the issue of Return to Origin (RTO) rates. Utilizing GoKwik's extensive network intelligence with over 100 million shoppers, Pepe Jeans aims to diminish non-deliverable COD orders and fortify its position in the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape.

GoKwik is set to assist Pepe Jeans London in expanding its digital presence by extending Cash-on-Delivery (COD) services to a broader range of postal codes. This expansion will harness GoKwik's network-driven intelligence to curtail the incidence of Return to Origin (RTO). RTO occurs when COD orders are annulled during transit, leading to increased logistical expenses, inventory blockages, and potential product damage, all of which can impact the brand's overall profitability.

Speaking on the partnership Mr Manish Kapoor, CEO & MD, Pepe Jeans India, said, "The Indian eCommerce sector holds significant promise and displays substantial potential in the years ahead. Cash on delivery is a distinct preference for the majority of Indian consumers, and this preference brings with it the intricate issue of RTO." He further explained, "Our collaboration with GoKwik will further expand our ability to offer Cash-on-Delivery services in remote regions of India. Utilizing their advanced intelligence solutions, we aspire to broaden our presence among various consumer demographics, ultimately enhancing our Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and mitigating the challenges linked with COD orders."

Cash-on-Delivery (COD) enjoys widespread popularity in India and is a crucial payment method for ensuring long-term business expansion. Nevertheless, a significant challenge arises, as more than 30% of COD orders are returned to the warehouse during shipment, resulting in profit leakage for brands. In certain scenarios, such as for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, this return rate can skyrocket to as high as 60%, with the fashion category being the most affected.

GoKwik is renowned for its comprehensive data-backed intelligence solutions that analyse shopper behaviour patterns across 200+ parameters. It then ranks shoppers under different risk buckets based on their probability of returning orders before delivery, and then places controlled interventions to safely expand COD serviceability while keeping a check on the RTO rate. Through these unique solutions, GoKwik has helped several brands save over INR 130 Cr of RTO losses. 

"We are constantly committed to building solutions that help eCommerce brands grow at a high speed yet sustainable pace," stated Chirag Taneja, Co-Founder & CEO of GoKwik. "Pepe Jeans have a legacy that is now continuing in the digital space. Through our data-backed intelligence, we aim to unlock their COD GMV by deepening their COD penetration while also minimising their return losses. Look forward to seeing them grow at a phenomenal rate with us" Chirag continued. 

The collaboration between Pepe Jeans and GoKwik underlines their joint dedication to utilizing technological advancements and their deep industry knowledge to push the boundaries of online retail. Their mission is to address the requirements of Indian shoppers and establish a smooth, hassle-free shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts throughout the country.

About GoKwik

GoKwik is a data & technology-led enabler, building a full-stack solution suite for eCommerce and D2C brands to help them unlock business growth. Embarked on a mission to democratise the shopping experience, GoKwik enables eCommerce brands to deliver superlative customer experience across the shopping funnel thereby boosting conversion rates and revenue growth. 

It also solves other critical pain points of the industry such as COD RTO (Return to Origin) and helps brands manage the RTO problem while offering COD as a payment channel.

With its recent addition of a third product: KwikChat, GoKwik is solving for low ROIs on marketing campaigns through 30+ Whatsapp use cases such as abandoned cart recovery, click to WhatsApp ad campaigns & headless checkout. 1 in 3 shoppers is already shopping on the GoKwik network which has helped 500+ brands scale their businesses with higher GMV realisation & profit margins.

It is helmed by Chirag Taneja (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer), Vivek Bajpai (Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer), and Ankush Talwar (Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist). GoKwik is backed by investors such as Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners India, RTP Global & Think Investments. 

GoKwik's team has deep knowledge in the space of eCommerce with people having previous experience in Flipkart, Razorpay, Swiggy, Myntra, Nykaa, and more. Link - https://www.gokwik.co/

Club Mahindra launches Discover India NFTs.

A limited-edition series of AI-generated fusion art

Mumbai 31st October 2023: Club Mahindra, the leading brand of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, launches its first-ever, limited-edition series of NFTs, offering a unique opportunity to discover India through digital art. The collection comprises of 25 AI-generated digital artworks inspired by the iconic paintings by global maestros. The series is a fusion art that celebrates the beauty of some of India’s incredible destinations and the spectacular masterpieces by legendary artists.

The NFT offering from Club Mahindra unveils an incredible opportunity for art aficionados, holiday enthusiasts, and art collectors to own a piece of exclusive virtual art, showcasing awe-inspiring images of Club Mahindra resorts. Club Mahindra has partnered with TreasurePACK to host these utility-led NFTs minted on Polygon POS, offering a diverse range of resort images in MP4 and GIF files.

Through these fusion artworks, Club Mahindra transports you into a realm where artistry intertwines with the serene landscapes of the resorts. In a stroke of creative brilliance, the pictures of select resorts have undergone a remarkable transformation, seamlessly merging with the iconic works of art by maestros such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Edvard Munch, Katsushika Hokusai, and Rabindranath Tagore. These meticulously edited images form a harmonious blend, capturing the essence of the resorts' natural beauty and infusing them with the distinctive styles of these legendary artists.

Each picture tells a story of its own, showcasing the timeless charm and allure reminiscent of the iconic paintings they are inspired by. Just as the brushstrokes of these masterpieces are eternally unique, so do the Club Mahindra resorts, each possess an unrivalled charm and character. Through this captivating fusion of art and nature, Club Mahindra paints a vivid portrait, evoking a sense of exclusivity and reminding us that, like these extraordinary paintings, these resorts are truly one-of-a-kind treasures awaiting to be discovered.

Mr. Pratik Mazumder, Chief Marketing Officer, Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd, stated, "As Digital collectibles and blockchain technology is evolving in India, NFTs are an enabler for us to offer an immersive experience to our consumers. We are thrilled to present these artistic interpretations of our resort images, blending the worlds of art and family travel. Through these stunning visuals, we aim to inspire our guests and create an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary. We believe these images will captivate the imagination and enhance the anticipation of our guests, encouraging them to embark on a truly unforgettable vacation."

As a bonus, buyers of the NFTs will receive a complimentary 2-night/3-day holiday voucher, allowing them to experience the beautiful Club Mahindra resorts first-hand. This NFT offer is open to everyone, regardless of whether they are members or non-members. This inclusive approach ensures that art enthusiasts and vacation lovers from all walks of life can avail this opportunity.

Each NFT is reasonably priced between Rs 10,000 and 12,000, making these exclusive digital creations accessible to a wide audience. The NFT offered by Club Mahindra extends across India and can be purchased by anyone. Click here: https://ngagen.com/clubmahindra

Savlon Swasth India Mission presents ‘Haath Dhona Cool Hai’



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Savlon Swasth India Mission has brought together the talented children of The Dharavi Dream Project and popular rap artist Emiway Bantai to present ‘Haath Dhona Cool Hai’ an anthem that taps into hip-hop culture to encourage hand hygiene amongst young India. In line with Savlon Swasth India’s Mission to make the message of handwashing not only informative but also engaging and appealing to the youth, Savlon Swasth India Mission maneuvers the signature Hip Hop hand rub gesture, prevalent and synonymous to rap artists worldwide, into a symbol to promote hand hygiene. The campaign ‘Haath Dhona Cool Hai’ converts this simple yet significant cultural nuance of hip hop, into a cool promotion that not only encourages youngsters to more readily adopt the ritual of hand hygiene but also helps redefine the mundane task as an engaging and cool thing to do.

Please find attached the press release and creatives for your reference.

Watch the film hereSavlon Swasth India x Emiway – HAATH DHONA COOL HAI #HandwashLegend ft. The Dharavi Dream Project.

Would be super grateful if you could feature this in your esteemed publication.

Kindly let us know if you have any queries, would be happy to help!


Groove to the cool, new rhythm of clean!

Makes washing hands the new cool with
The Dharavi Dream Project and rapper Emiway Bantai


National, October 31st, 2023: In a unique move to make washing hands more relevant and a cool thing to do with youngsters, Savlon Swasth India Mission has brought together the talented children of The Dharavi Dream Project and popular rap artist Emiway Bantai to present ‘Haath Dhona Cool Hai’ an anthem that taps into hip hop culture to encourage hand hygiene amongst young India. 

Savlon Swasth India Mission, in its first collaboration with The Dharavi Dream Project, engages and empowers their children as community change ambassadors to further establish that washing hands is a universal practice to prevent the spread of diseases. The Dharavi Dream Project After School of Hip-Hop, a non-profit organisation based in Mumbai, through various educational programmes, mentorships and community engagement, supports children living in Dharavi, Mumbai. Today, Dharavi is known for its culturally vibrant hip hop talent. The popularity of the genre grew as it became the voice of everyday life. 

In line with Savlon Swasth India’s Mission to make the message of handwashing not only informative but also engaging and appealing to the youth, Savlon Swasth India Mission maneuvers the signature Hip Hop hand rub gesture, prevalent and synonymous to rap artists worldwide, into a symbol to promote hand hygiene. The campaign ‘Haath Dhona Cool Hai’ converts this simple yet significant cultural nuance of hip hop, into a cool promotion that not only encourages youngsters to more readily adopt the ritual of hand hygiene but also helps redefine the mundane task as an engaging and cool thing to do.

Emiway Bantai, popularly known as the King of the Streets, has written and composed the Handwash Anthem for Savlon Swasth India Mission. He gained widespread recognition for his unique style and catchy lyrics. His raw, authentic style has helped build a dedicated fanbase in India.

As Savlon Swasth India Mission immerses its innovative communication in the cultural reality of the youth of today, watch and groove to Haath Dhona Cool Hai, the latest track by Emiway Bantai and The Dharavi Dream Project.

Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, stated, "Handwashing plays a pivotal role in maintaining overall health. ITC’s Savlon Swasth India Mission has been at the forefront of inculcating hand hygiene as a habit and continues to innovate with its communication and product ideas to enable this change. With the anthem Haath Dhona Coo Hai, Savlon Swasth India Mission taps into the cultural truth of the youth of today to make the simple but predominant style of the hand rub by rap stars worldwide, an interesting and relatable symbol of washing hands. It is indeed a unique idea that makes washing hands a cool ritual.”

Iconic rap star, Emiway Bantai adds"This is genius! I never thought once that the rap style of rubbing hands could mean so much more. I’m excited about this collaboration with Savlon Swasth India Mission as it has done the unthinkable and I can state with full confidence that once you have seen it you will always connect it back to washing hands. I am really glad that Savlon Swasth India Mission spotted it to broach one of the simplest yet the most important conversations on health today - hand hygiene. Watch and groove to the beat of #HandwashLegends!

The Dharavi Dream Project team, as a collective exclaims, “Hand Hygiene is a must for all age groups and across strata of society. We are glad to be a part of this project of global importance and have a platform to express our point of view with Emiway through the foot tapping rap anthem for Savlon Swasth India Mission. Haath Dhona truly cool hai!

Jhethala buys plot on Moon for Babita Ji in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

In previous episodes, Jethalal successfully cracked a significant business deal for Gada Electronics with the invaluable support of Babita Ji, despite initial conflicts over payment terms. Eventually, both parties reached a compromise on the payment schedule and formally sealed the deal.

As the storyline unfolded, audiences are in for a dramatic twist, as Mr. Vicky, makes a consequential appearance at Gada Electronics. In a jaw-dropping moment, he appears to dramatically tear apart the very cheque once intended for Jethalal. Yet, the enigma shrouding this act is unraveled when it is revealed that Mr. Vicky had a legitimate rationale for his actions, opting to execute the payment through the sophisticated channel of RTGS

After what felt like an eternity, Jethalal finally in possession of the long-awaited remuneration, sending waves of elation through his spirit. To convey his profound appreciation to Babita Ji, Jethalal turned to his confidant and dear friend, Taarak Mehta, for counsel on selecting the quintessential gift.

Following a contemplative and impassioned conversation with Taarak Mehta, Jethalal embarks on a mesmerizing journey of gift-giving that transcends the ordinary. In a display of his affection and gratitude, he has taken a step, one that is destined to leave everyone astounded.

Jethalal's gift of choice?

A piece of lunar real estate, a plot on the moon, for none other than Babita Ji.

This unprecedented and celestial gift is a testament to Jethalal's profound appreciation for the support he has received from Babita Ji.

Stay tuned to watch the episodes and to know the reaction of Babita Ji, Iyer and the Gokuldham Society!!

Unique Train Journey-Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra flags off from Mumbai

450 Participants including 70 from G20 Nations to take part in Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra

The initiative is supported by The State Bank of India

Mumbai,28th October,2023: Embarking on a mission to spread the message of the G20 Summit and aligning with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's vision of janbhagidari and inclusive growth, a groundbreaking train journey led by entrepreneurs commenced its 8000 km voyage across India today on October 28 from Mumbai and will conclude in Mumbai on 10th November. Today 450 participants, including 70 from the G20 nations will be part of the entrepreneurship train journey. The 14-day rail yatra, organized in collaboration with Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, Startup 20, and G20, aims to foster global entrepreneurship and inclusivity.

 Through the Yatra, participants will gain exposure to the international start up ecosystem, acquiring insights into inclusive practices and global networking. The focus will be on inclusive enterprise and women led development with other themes from the Delhi declaration. The journey will also focus on India’s capabilities in space, digital and sustainable growth through LIFE

The Yatra is supported by State Bank of India, the leading financial institution of the Country, that believes in transforming the country through entrepreneurship promotion.

Mr. Dinesh Khara, Chairman, SBI said“We are happy to collaborate with the Jagriti G20 Startup20 Yatra, as it resonates deeply with SBI’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship in the country and participating in Women-led developmental initiatives. This initiative mirrors our focus on creating a diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, driving economic growth and social progress.”

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the commencement of the Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra from the vibrant city of Mumbai. This 14-day journey will be a testament to the spirit of inclusive enterprise as we showcase the best of India's entrepreneurial landscape in the 16th edition of the Jagriti Yatra.
As we embark on this unique and transformative odyssey, we are proud to carry the key messages of the G20 Delhi Declaration."- said Shashank Mani, Founder Jagriti Yatra and Jagriti Enterprise Center – Purvanchal,”

The mission of the Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra is to take the Delhi Declaration across the nation before passing on the baton to Brazil, which will be assuming the G20 Presidency at the end of November. The Yatra will promote the 5 pillars of the Delhi Declaration which include Inclusive Growth, Green Development, Technological Transformation and Digital Public Infrastructure, Women Empowerment and Culture as a transformative driver.
These key tenets of the Delhi Declaration will be amplified through 7 mega events as part of the Jagriti G20 Startup G20 Yatra. These mega events are planned in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Varanasi, Deoria, Delhi (two events), and Gandhinagar with senior leaders gracing these events.

Shri Sivasubramanian Ramann, CMD, SIDBI said “This Yatra is being supported by SIDBI as a ‘Green Partner’, being the Development Financial Institution (DFI) of the country serving the MSME Sector, which believes in transforming the Nation through entrepreneurship and amplifying sustainability. SIDBI has prioritized digitization and greening the enterprise ecosystem. By supporting this train journey, SIDBI intends to promote “Green Culture” and “Sustainability” among Youths and Startups including G20 participants”. In order to seed green innovation ideas among Green Yatra participants, we have instituted a Green competition. We look forward to scalable, and sustainable green ideas/solutions which would be supported with seed money

 At the conclusion of the Yatra, the baton will be passed on to Brazil by taking water from the rivers of India, and the Ganga to Brazil. Brazil is planning an Amazon Yatra as part of the Startup 20 efforts in the country, along the lines of the Jagriti Yatra

Natural and sustainable protection with Neolone BioG Preservative from LANXESS

·           Naturally derived preservative for the personal care industry

·           Neolone BioG Preservative joins the Scopeblue sustainability range

Mumbai, October 31, 2023 – The specialty chemicals company LANXESS is marketing yet another product that meets the criteria of its “Scopeblue” sustainability brand. Neolone BioG Preservative was approved for use in cosmetic and personal care products in accordance with the COSMOS standard and fulfills the ISO 16128 definition of a naturally derived ingredient

Neolone BioG Preservative from LANXESS meets the stringent requirements of the “Scopeblue” sustainability brand because it has a sustainable raw material content of more than 50 percent. “Scopeblue” products are climate-friendly and help to support the circular economy. This provides customers in downstream industries with a range of tangible sustainability benefits. Products marketed under the “Scopeblue” brand contain a significant proportion of raw materials certified as sustainable and/or have a much smaller carbon footprint than their conventional counterparts. According to Annex V of the European Cosmetics Products Regulation, Neolone BioG Preservative is approved as a preservative for cosmetics and contains neither animal-based ingredients nor derivatives thereof.

Efficient preservative effect with Neolone BioG Preservative

Neolone BioG Preservative offers great performance and demonstrates outstanding broad-spectrum activity against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, yeasts and molds. The preservative is stable in a pH range of 3 to 6. It is readily biodegradable and, when used at the recommended use levels, non-sensitizing and non-irritating.

Neolone BioG Preservative for sustainable skin- and hair care

Finding eco-friendly and effective preservatives remains one of the great challenges of the personal care industry. The Neolone BioG Preservative offers a solution based on the highly effective preservative ethyl lauroyl arginate HCl (LAE). LAE is derived from natural ingredients such as sugar beet and non-GMO corn and can be used for leave-on and rinse-off cosmetic products such as creams, face masks, cleansers, hair conditioners and wet wipes.

“Thanks to our microbiological knowhow and global network of R&D centers, we offer our customers safe, high-quality, effective and sustainable preservatives. We support our customers not only in finding the right dosages and possible preservation combinations, but also provide formulation guidance,” says Vivien Konetzky, Global Product Manager Home & Personal Care in the Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit at LANXESS. 

Sustainable preservatives for responsible cosmetics

With Neolone BioG Preservative, LANXESS is offering a pioneering and sustainable solution for the personal care industry that meets not only strict environmental requirements but also the demand among customers for sustainable products.

“We are observing a clear trend toward natural solutions. More and more customers want natural ingredients, and we’re meeting this demand. Fortunately, we have a wide range of preservatives such as Neolone BioG Preservative as well as natural extracts in the development phase in order to optimally meet the needs of the personal care industry,” says Anneliese Bischof, who heads the CARE business line at MPP.

REHAU’s ‘Carpenter Meet’ program aims at upskilling the furniture industry

~REHAU is training more than 2,000 carpenters in the first phase of its nationwide program of upskilling the community of carpenters~

New Delhi: REHAU, a leading manufacturer of polymer-based solutions, is aiming to train 2,000+ carpenters under its ‘Carpenter Meet’ program this year. The brand is working to reach carpenters from around 80 cities nationwide within the next six months. With presence across 2500+ retailers pan India, this stride reflects the brand's commitment to ensure its carpenter partners are geared to deliver the highest level of quality to the end customers.

Over 70% of the Indian furniture market by value is still unorganized. To make any significant difference in the market, it is imperative to work with the carpenters, who reach the end customer and significantly impact their decision making and quality of the products. Also, to get your latest developments to the end customer, gearing up the carpenters with right information and tools is crucial. With this program, REHAU aims to educate the carpenters on Edgeband, which not only improves the aesthetics of the end product and improves the life of furniture but also helps enhance the productivity of carpenters. Furthermore, RAUKANTEX UPVC Edgeband offers colors that match those of all the leading laminate manufacturers in India and is available in a wide variety of sizes. REHAU will also cover how their range of products addresses the latest trends in product applications, best practices in the industry and will help build the necessary expertise for delivering on those.

Explaining, why REHAU established the program to enhance the skills of the carpenters, Ms. Bhavana Bindra, MD, REHAU SOA, said, "Carpenters are the backbone of the furniture industry and a major driving force throughout the sector's whole value chain. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing and refining their capabilities, REHAU is orchestrating specialized gatherings throughout India. REHAU’s Carpenters Meet serves as a platform dedicated to fortifying their insights into emerging trends and product applications, empowering their growth and fostering competitiveness within the market. Concurrently, the event acquaints them with REHAU’s comprehensive offerings, consolidating the brand's status as a 'one-stop solution' within the furniture sector. As REHAU commemorates 25 years in India, our trajectory of growth is intrinsically linked to the advancement of the individuals who constitute the driving force of the furniture industry.”

The carpenter communities are introduced to REHAU products like Edgeband, Polymaster Adhesives, Masking Tape, Roller Shutters, and Plinth systems at the meet. The products are already popular in the domestic market, and this platform will be used by REHAU to train the partners on applications and USPs. For example, the Edgeband range with variety of color and size options also offers a wide variety of textures and patterns while being available in various roll sizes. REHAU's Polymaster adhesive comes with an integrated nozzle opening for the ease of dispensing and reducing wastages. The carpenters will also be trained on other products that are essential to their daily operations, such as REHAU Masking tapes that offer excellent adhesion with application to practically to any furniture surface effortlessly while leaving no residue upon removing them. In the end, enabling the partners offer appropriate products and applications is the key to customer satisfaction. 

Introducing Luvih, the luxurious laminate surfaces from Merino

Signature surface solutions for premium spaces

India’s leading manufacturer of high-pressured decorative laminates, Merino Laminates has recently introduced its premium surface solution, Luvih in the Indian market. Etched in time, Luvih, in Sanskrit literally means ‘beauty’. Resonating with its name, Luvih promises fascinating elements that serve as an inspiration for beautiful interiors. The Luvih catalogue stimulates the vivacious elements of nature through its Zeroprint, Bloc, StarDust, Flex OneTone and Edge.

Luvih Surfaces by Merino are designed to resist scratches while remaining aesthetically appealing for years to come.  Engineered with the Finguard Feature, these surfaces are highly resistant to fingerprints and oily smudges. Luvih are proven surfaces that have high impact resistance, high abrasion resistance and high chemical resistance as per SEFA 8.1. The product also comes with premium features such as antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it safe for food contact. The range of products from Luvih offer minimal reflection towards light, thereby making it an extremely matt surface. The soft and gentle premium touch adds an irresistible charm to any décor.

The Luvih Range

Zero Print - These premium surfaces are available in Solid, Stone and Wood Grains patterns and are designed with Finguard, an innovative feature that offers fingerprint resistance. These surfaces ensure a satin smooth finish protected for a lifetime and are suited for horizontal usage in both residential and commercial decor. Zero Print is available in the market in 1.2 mm size and is suitable for high traffic areas where product durability is paramount. The range is further available in Solid, Stone and Wood patterns having 30+ color options. 

StarDust – Resonating with the sparkle of a night sky, these ultra-elegant surfaces are embellished with glitters, granules and stones for a premium and luxurious finish. Stardust is sure to add a touch of panache to premium spaces. The StarDust surfaces are available in 1.2mm size and have three design options to choose from such as Milky Mosaic, Coal Glimmer and Anchor Mosaic.

OneTone - Onetone series comes in a unique combination of high-quality decorative laminates and homogenous solid color core. The uniformity in color of the core and the top makes it an ideal choice for shelfs, cabinets, tabletops, countertops and more. The consistent look lets the beauty of solid colors flow seamlessly and no dark edge. The product is available in 1.2 mm size and has two shades of white – Tulip White and Ivory White.

Bloc - Bloc is an all in one surface that offers an haute matte premium finish. Engineered from kraft and decorative paper, further strengthened and finished with electron beam cured acrylic layer, they can be directly used on surfaces without any strengthening support. The Bloc is available in 3-12 mm sizes and has six variants under the range. The product can be uniquely used as vases to ramp up the look of any interior spaces.

Flex - Flexible in nature, the product is specially designed for nonlinear surfaces. These bendable surfaces seamlessly blend with any design requirements for a perfect finish.

Edge (premium edgebands) - Redefining seamlessness, Edge offers an exceptional edge to edge finish for furniture. These unified surfaces not only offer a smooth continuous look but will also transform a home and a commercial space with amazing grace. The edgebands are available in 23mm x 1.3mm & 35mm x 1.3mm size.

The Luvih Surfaces has been certified with the Greenguard Gold assuring a sustainable quotient of the product. With Luvih, Merino wants to offer international quality surface laminates to Indian homes at a very competitive price.

Merino has redefined the concept of imagination for good. While the world has confined the boundaries of laminates, it is all out to explore what these excellent pieces can do. Laminates are fondly known as surface decor elements and, Merino has added life to the same with its striking concepts and awe-inspiring patterns.

About Merino Industries Ltd.

Merino is a versatile manufacturer and marketer of Interiors Solutions with a wide collection of products for homes, offices, commercial and public areas. Sustainability is at the core of Merino's strategy as they incorporate practices to minimize wastage and conserve water during production. Merino Group has come a long way since the launch of plywood in 1974 and subsequently with the launch of the high pressure laminates in 1981. Today Merino Group has a beautifully strong presence in over 80 countries with an annual turnover of over 245 million USD with diverse business interests that expand from Interior Architectural products to Information Technology to Food & Agro products. The Group has achieved the current leadership position by following its vision to compete at global level and has adapted the international technology while maintaining Indian ethos.

Danfoss & ISHRAE to recognize India’s Most Energy Efficient & Sustainable Commercial Building Projects through ACREX HOF


October 31, 2023Chennai:  Danfoss, an industry leader in energy efficiency and climate technologies and ISHRAE conducted the flagship ‘ACREX Hall of Fame Spotlight’ at ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad in presence of Chandrasekar N S, National President, ISHRAE, Madhur Sehgal, Head- Danfoss Climate Solutions, nominees across various industries and Danfoss & ISHRAE representatives.

Danfoss and ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) instituted the ACREX Hall of Fame (HOF) to identify & recognize iconic green commercial building projects in India that have set global standards in energy efficiency and sustainability. The aim is also to further encourage the Indian infrastructure industry to utilize these inspiring best practices towards engineering tomorrow’s India. The ACREX Hall of Fame Spotlight event is a build up for the Grand finale on Feb 16, 2024, at IEML, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.

The nomination process for 2024 HOF participation has started and registrations are on, through Spotlight events as well as online promotions and referrals. The entries will go for an initial scrutiny and shortlisting by the ISHRAE technical Committee. The final selection of the inductee to the Hall of Fame is done by a strong cross-functional jury consisting of eminent personalities from the field of HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning& Refrigeration), Government, Architecture, and the Building Industry. ACREX HOF link is now open for nominations in commercial buildings sectors, across the length and breadth of the country.

Chandrasekar N S, Immediate Past President- ISHRAE said“The ACREX Hall of Fame (HoF) instituted by ISHRAE and Danfoss has set a high benchmark in recognizing the iconic green buildings of India based on energy performance in different verticals like HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning& Refrigeration), water & natural lighting, vertical transportation, plumbing, external façade and many more. The best part of assessment is that the operational energy performance standards are considered throughout the entire life cycle cost of the capex. This is the true index of sustainability and energy efficiency of the infrastructure.”

Recently, Telangana government signed largest district cooling project in Asia which is now seen as a model for prioritizing cooling as a key action area through cool roof policies and energy-efficient district cooling. As India is witnessing rapid growth in the infrastructure sector, adoption of energy efficiency principle along with reduction in energy intensity in infrastructure sector will be the key for India’s overall reduction of GHG emissions. The central govt. has shown a strong resolve and pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 45% from 2010 by 2030 to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070.

Ravichandran Purushothaman, President- Danfoss India Region said, “Buildings sector represents 40 per cent of energy demand and is one of the major contributors of CO2 emissions. Given that, 2/3rd of India is yet to be built, this is an area for immediate action, investment, and policies to promote short and long-term energy security given India’s commitment to Net Zero transition. We in Danfoss India believe that ACREX Hall of fame should serve as a source of inspiration and provide guiding principles and insights in making the future infrastructure projects in India more energy efficient and greener.”

Since its launch in 2016, ACREX India’s popularity has grown and have seen participation of renowned infrastructure establishments of India. In the earlier editions, ITC Windsor, Bengaluru, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport- Mumbai, Infosys EC-53 Building- Bengaluru Campus, ITC Grand Chola Hotel, Chennai and ISB, Mohali Campus are the iconic buildings that were inducted into the ACREX Hall of Fame in the past.