Friday 29 December 2023

ASDC National Automobile Olympiad: Fostering Future Leaders for the Industry

·         ASDC Automobile Olympiad Cultivates Next-Gen Leaders for India's Automotive Future

·         3-Candidates Emerge as the Winners of Olympiad in Three Different Categories

Ghaziabad/New Delhi, 29 Dec 2023: The second edition of the ASDC National Automobile Olympiad, organised by Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC), concluded successfully in collaboration with CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education, and NPOCA - the National Program on Career Awareness on 29 December 2023. The final event ceremony took place in AKG Engineering College, Ghaziabad. This competition aimed to ignite the interest of school students in the automotive industry, providing them with fundamental to advanced knowledge. Ravindra Pal Singh, Joint Secretary (Skill Education), CBSE, graced the occasion as the chief guest.

This Olympiad witnessed the participation of many students from grades 6 to 12 across India. In Group-1 (classes 6 to 8), Saketh Sandeep emerged as the winner, with first runner-up Hiral Sharma and second runner-up Ishan Snehi. In Group-2 (classes 9 and 10), Rudra Raju secured the first position, and Divyajyoti Senapati and Mayank Kumar Rai secured the second and third positions respectively. For Group-3 (classes 11 and 12), Souhardya Roy secured the first position in this category, while Anuj Bhattacharya and Ayushman Saho won the second and third positions respectively.

Ravindra Pal Singh, Joint Secretary (Skill Education), CBSE said, “The automobile Olympiad nurtures young talent and stokes passion for the sector amongst students. By fostering skills and interest in automotive careers from a young age, it helps build a pipeline of skilled professionals over the long term. Industry-academia initiatives like this are vital for advancing the sector.

He added, "The automobile industry is rapidly evolving with new technologies and innovations. Investing in continuous skilling and upskilling of the workforce is crucial to keep pace with the changing landscape. A skilled talent pool that stays ahead of the curve will drive the industry's competitiveness and success in the future."

Vinkesh Gulati, Vice President, ASDC, stated, "The Indian economy is growing, and the automotive sector will be the backbone of our nation. The automotive industry is the future, offering immense opportunities to acquire new skills, work with cutting-edge technology, and contribute to India's growth story. Pursuing automotive careers empowers our youth to drive change on the road ahead."

ASDC, as India's first sector skills council, has consistently focused on upskilling students in the automotive industry. Mr. Gulati, added, "By nurturing the energy and enthusiasm of our youth, fostering innovation, and encouraging careers in engineering and technology, we can develop as a nation. If you learn how to learn, you can achieve anything. Keep discovering what you want to do and make the future bright."

Arindam Lahiri, CEO, ASDC, emphasized the significance of the Automobile Olympiad and ASDC's role in enhancing youth skills. He stated, "We are closely working with CBSE to raise awareness among the next generation through this Olympiad about job opportunities, future prospects, economic growth, and the environmental impact of the automobile industry. This competition, being predominantly theoretical, aims to elucidate the fundamental concepts of the industry and the importance of the automobile sector."

All first-place winners jointly expressed their gratitude to ASDC for providing a platform for students to showcase their knowledge and skills in the automotive industry. "We are thankful for the opportunity to participate in the ASDC National Automobile Olympiad and to secure first place at the national level. We would like to thank ASDC for their dedication to upskilling students in the automotive industry," they said collectively.

Chicco’s TrolleyMe Stroller: A Revolutionary Blend of Comfort and Convenience Fold it, Roll it, Stroll with ease!

Chicco, a global leader in baby products, proudly introduces the TrolleyMe Stroller, a cutting-edge solution designed to redefine the way parents experience on-the-go parenting. This innovative stroller seamlessly combines safety features, versatility, and unmatched comfort to create a one-of-a-kind travel companion for both parents and their little ones.

Unique Trolley Functionality:

The true hallmark of the TrolleyMe Stroller is its innovative trolley functionality. With an extractable handle, this stroller transforms into a portable trolley, offering unmatched convenience for parents on the move. This feature allows for easy transportation of the stroller when not in use, making it a game-changer for those who are always on the go.

Full-Size Rain Cover for Ultimate Protection:

One of the standout features of the TrolleyMe Stroller is its full-size rain cover, ensuring the safety of your child against rain, sunlight, snow, and dust. Chicco recognizes the unpredictable nature of weather, and this thoughtful inclusion provides parents with peace of mind, allowing them to hover through various weather conditions without compromising on their child's comfort and well-being.

Adjustable Backrest and Extra-Long Lie-Down Space:

Chicco understands that a comfortable child is a happy child. The TrolleyMe Stroller boasts an adjustable backrest and an extra-long space in the lie-down position, measuring an impressive 85 cm in width. This not only provides optimum comfort for your child but also caters to their changing needs as they grow.

Well-Cushioned Seats and Canopy with Window Mesh:

Comfort is at the forefront of the TrolleyMe Stroller's design. The well-cushioned seats ensure a cozy experience for your little one, making every journey enjoyable. The canopy, equipped with a window mesh, facilitates easy and constant eye contact with your child. This thoughtful design element fosters a sense of connection, ensuring that you can keep a watchful eye on your precious cargo at all times.

Safety First with Bumper Bar:

Safety is non-negotiable, and the TrolleyMe Stroller excels in this aspect. The bumper bar not only adds to the stroller's aesthetics but also serves a crucial role in ensuring your child's safety. The frontal opening allows for easy access and placement, providing a secure environment for your little one.

Chicco's TrolleyMe Stroller is a revolutionary parenting companion that adapts to the dynamic needs of modern families. Chicco continues to set the standard for juvenile products, and the TrolleyMe Stroller stands as an ode to their emphasis to innovation, safety, and unparalleled comfort.

As a parent, Chicco's TrolleyMe comes across as a pivot where convenience meets cutting-edge design for the ultimate parenting experience.


Merino Unleashes a Wave of Innovation and Elegance at FOAID 2023

Elevating Design Horizons with Cutting-Edge Laminates and Inspiring Collaborations

Merino, a key player in high-pressure decorative laminates in India, left a lasting impression at the much-anticipated FOAID 2023 in Delhi recently. Merino's booth wasn't just a display; it was a journey into the future of design, filled with innovation and sophistication.

The spotlight was on Merino FABWood, India's First Health-Friendly Super Strong (HFSS) Chipboard, a marvel crafted from pure eucalyptus wood. Using 3D chip bonding technology and Industry 4.0 German tech, it guarantees top-notch quality, unmatched strength, and sustainability. FABWood, with low VOC emissions and a smooth surface, is a blend of creativity, well-being, and eco-friendliness, capturing everyone's attention.

Merino Imagino, the digital laminate, took center stage, turning imagination into reality. In this era of advanced technology, these laminates offer a creative way to enhance your space with stylish designs. Thanks to digital printing, you get complete artistic freedom, along with durability and easy maintenance. It's not just decor; it's a sustainable upgrade for your home.

Merino showcased some impressive stuff at the event! They had this beautiful Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) that's super durable—great for homes and businesses. It can handle lots of traffic and moisture, plus it's easy to maintain and resistant to bacteria and fungi. They also featured Luvih, a neat matte surface that doesn't show fingerprints! But that's not all! Merino Armour, known for being tough exterior wall cladding, and Hanex, with surfaces that offer endless design possibilities, showed off how versatile Merino is for modern Indian interiors. Bringing eco-friendly luxury into play, Merino Ecoclick caught attention with its low VOC luxury vinyl flooring solutions. Meister surfaces, featuring premium panels enhanced with a PU+ acrylic coating, also made a statement. This varied display highlighted how Merino plays a crucial role in shaping the look of modern Indian interiors.

In a special role as the sponsor for ARCHITECTURE IDEAS, Merino went beyond supporting a design competition; it played a part in fostering emerging architects. Over an exciting period, young firms took part in a spirited contest, showcasing their innovative ideas and designs. The competition ended, celebrating the participants' creative excellence and the industry's dedication to nurturing emerging talent.

Reflecting on FOAID 2023, Mr. Manoj Lohia, Director of Merino Industries Ltd., shared his excitement, “The Merino booth wasn't just about products; it was a source of inspiration for revered architects and designers. Sponsoring ARCHITECTURE IDEAS propelled the innovative works of young architects into the spotlight. The positive response reaffirms Merino's unwavering commitment to constant innovation, playing a pivotal role in propelling the industry forward.”

The two-day event was more than just displaying innovative products; it was a captivating journey. Attendees didn't just observe spaces; they actively immersed themselves, guided by knowledgeable experts. This hands-on experience ignited curiosity, sparked interest, and could have turned them into future design enthusiasts. The event served as a dynamic platform for Merino to engage with the emerging generation of architects and designers, providing a firsthand glimpse into their passion and dedication to shaping the future of design. It wasn't merely an expo; it was a thrilling exploration of design realms together!

About Merino Industries Ltd.

Merino is a versatile manufacturer and marketer of Interiors Solutions with a wide collection of products for homes, offices, commercial and public areas. Sustainability is at the core of Merino's strategy as they incorporate practices to minimize wastage and conserve water during production. Merino Group has come a long way since the launch of plywood in 1974 and subsequently with the launch of the high pressure laminates in 1981. Today Merino Group has a beautifully strong presence in over 80 countries with an annual turnover of over 245 million USD with diverse business interests that expand from Interior Architectural products to Information Technology to Food & Agro products. The Group has achieved the current leadership position by following its vision to compete at global level and has adapted the international technology while maintaining Indian ethos.

Sahitya Kala Parishad's Annual Thumri Festival Strikes a Harmonious Chord in Delhi

3 day Thumri Festival Concluded. Requesting you to consider for your esteemed publication.

Sahitya Kala Parishad's Annual Thumri Festival Strikes a Harmonious Chord in Delhi
Thumri Festival Leaves an Artistic Imprint on Delhi’s cultural landscape
New Delhi, 28th December 2023: The music of Thumri and Dadra resonated through the Kamani Auditorium as Sahitya Kala Parishad, Department of Art, Culture, and Language, Delhi Government hosted the annual Thumri Festival from 26th to 28th December 2023.  The festival, a three-day musical adventure, featured the best performers of Thumri, enthralling the crowd with performances that combined creativity and tradition.
Day One: A Symphony of Tradition and Creativity
The inaugural day commenced with the ethereal notes of Smt. Padmaja Chakraborty, who skillfully intertwined the audience with the cultural richness of Thumri and Dadra. Her sublime fusion of tradition and innovation showcased enchanting renditions, starting with Thumri's 'Pardesi Balam, Preet Kiye Chala Jaaye' in Raga Mishra, Kafi-Pilu, and Jat Taal. The mesmerizing evening continued with the soulful renditions of Padma Shri recipient, Dr. Soma Ghosh, from Banaras Gharana. She presented ‘Piya Ke Avan Ki Aas,’ ‘Aiso Nithur Mora Shyam Na Aaye,’ ‘Holi Khele Nahi Jaane,’ ‘Aare Rama Rimjhim Barse Paniya’ in Mishra Pilu Thumri, Khamaj Thumri, Raga Khafi, and Kajri Geet.  She continued her performance with a Tappa- ‘Virade Janiya’ in Raag Kafi and concluded it with a Dadra- Humri Atariya Pe Aao'. The first day concluded with the captivating voice of Vidushi Ashwini Bhide Deshpande, representing the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana. She presented Bandish in Raag Des, followed by Nirguniya Bhajan in Taal Dadra. As the evening continued, she sang two Dadras in Raag Chandrakauns and in Deepachandi Taal, respectively.
Day Two: Spellbinding Renditions and Musical Heritage
Pandit Vishwanath took center stage on day two, presenting soulful Thumris and poignant Dadras, leaving the audience captivated. Vidushi Shruti Sadolikar-Katkar followed, weaving an enchanting musical aura with her soulful performance presenting compositions like Kafi, Dadra, Pilu, capturing the essence of Thumri with finesse and grace. The dynamic duo of Padmabhushan Pt. Sajan Misra and Shri Swaransh Mishra brought the curtains down on day two, showcasing the rich heritage of Benaras Gharana, performing Thumris in Mishra Khamaj in Dipchandi Taal, Mishra Tilang in Jat Taal, and Bhairavi in Addha Taal.
Day Three: A Grand Finale with Legends
The festival's final day witnessed the vibrant vocal of Sushri Pooja Goswami who started her presentation with a traditional thumri ‘Nadia bairan bhai’ in Raag Des, followed by a Bandish ki thumri by Wajid Ali Shah ‘Mohan rasiya aaye bagiya’ and concluded with a Dadra ‘Kanha ne anguri maror dayi re.’ The evening continued with the distinct flair of Sushri Sucheta Ganguly. She started off with a Thumri in Misra Khamaj – ‘Kare matware manharlino shyam’ then a Chaiti in Raga Misra Pahari – ‘Chait mas bolele Koyelia.’ This was followed by a Dadra in Raag Mishra Kausikdhwani – ‘Shayam tohe najaria lagjayegi’ and ended her performance with Mishra Shivranjani – ‘Pat rakho na rakho.’ The legendary Pandit Ajay Pohankar concluded the festival with a grand flourish. He sang Thumries such as 'Bagon main pade zhoole,' 'Naina more taras gaye,' and 'Babul mora' and many other in Ragas Khamaj and Kafi. The unique point of this recital was that he was collaborating with his son famous Indian classical Keyboardist Shri Abhijit Pohankar who is the only Indian to play classical music on a keyboard, thus bringing a new flavour to this genre. The father son duo since last 2 decades have created a new audience all across the world for a liking for their albums like ‘Piya bawari’
The soul-stirring tunes of Thumri and Dadra were honoured during the Sahitya Kala Parishad's Thumri Festival, which left an enduring impression on Delhi's cultural landscape. This three-day annual celebration ensured Thumri's continuous resonance in the hearts of music lovers across generations.

Tembo Global Industries Achieves Unprecedented 150% Profit Surge and Expands Global Footprint Across Key Markets

The Executive Director of Tembo Global Industries Limited in the 13th Annual General Meeting welcomes the Shareholder and invitees. He addresses the Shareholders and prospective investors invited in the Annual meeting some of the company achievements in 2022-23 and prospective growth in the future.

Highlights: -

#1 Turnover Growth:

               The company has report an average of 43% quarter-on-quarter increase in turnover. Annual turnover for 2021-22 was 173 cr and in 2022-23 we have closed at 250 cr, and for the current year i.e 2023-24 after just 2 quarters The company has crossed 189 cr, surpassing own targets set and exceeding industry benchmarks.

#2 Profitability:

               The positive momentum of company turnover growth has translated into an equally impressive 28% increase in net profits compared to the previous year and in the current year 2023-24 the company has managed to achieve an average of 150% increase in profits compared to 2022-23 quarter 1 and quarter 2.

               The company is now expanding our global footprint through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, with new office setups in Maldives, Houston [USA], Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Egypt.

               The company has taken a forward engineering approach and started taking EPC i.e engineering procurement and commissioning projects internationally and in India which has opened up new horizons and has fuelled our exponential growth.

Disclosure orders in hand

(EPC        Order

book)-                Client name


Order in hand/ pipeline

Order value

Allotment date


Fuel          Farm system installation testing            & commissioning


Rs 30.00 Cr.



Material supply order


Rs 2.50 Cr.

July 2023



Order-in- pipeline (L1)

Rs 30.00 Cr.

Yet      to      be awarded


Water      supply pipeline installation, testing            & commissioning


Rs 10.00 Cr.


ITC                 –

Welcome hotels, Colombo

HVAC           &

Electrical Package installation testing            & commissioning


Rs 10.00 Cr.


To meet the demands the company has expanded its factory footprint by a staggering 13,000 square meters along with an investment of 15 to 20 crores in new automatic machinery, which will not only boost efficiency but also unlock new possibilities for innovation. With this, the production capacity will be increased by a remarkable 400%

The company is setting up offices across India, in new markets, and forging stronger connections with the customers nationwide.

The company is venturing into exciting new product lines, each as a testament for the commitment of diversification and market leadership. To capture the sizeable market share company has customised its product like DFMA, seismic pipe support systems, acoustics, and fasteners as detailed below: -

- to capture a sizeable share of the booming market with customized DFMA solutions, targeting sectors like automotive, electronics, building and infra.

- As Seismic Pipe Support Systems, valued at approximately $2.3 billion globally, this niche market offers immense potential as infrastructure development continues to accelerate. The company has designed seismic support systems to protect vital pipelines from earthquakes and other natural disasters, and is already attracting major clients in the energy and construction sectors.

 - As Acoustics has a global market size exceeding $25 billion, the acoustics segment presents a golden opportunity. The company is entering this space with innovative soundproofing solutions and noise control technologies, catering to both residential and commercial needs. This move leverages the company expertise in material science and engineering, promising substantial returns.

- As Fasteners has, though seemingly modest, the global fastener market boasts a staggering $85 billion valuation. The company is strategically entering this high-volume, high-growth segment with specialized fasteners catering to specific industries like aerospace and marine and with the commitment to quality and precision the company will definitely outstand from the competition, ensuring a strong foothold in this lucrative market.

The Director concluded with the note of thanks and ensured the shareholder about the company growth with the company strategy of each new product addition in the product line; the company will unlock new revenue streams, attract diverse talent, and solidify the position as a leader in the manufacturing landscape.

Thursday 28 December 2023

Cinematic marvels and cultural wonders align: Zee 24 TAAS' 'Leaders' special telecast promises a visual feast this weekend

Get ready for an extraordinary television experience as Zee 24 TAAS prepares to enthral its diverse audience with a special edition of the 'Leaders' show. Mark your calendars for the broadcast on 30th December 2023, Saturday, at 9 pm and on 31st December, Sunday, at 12:30 pm. This special episode shines a spotlight on individuals from various spheres who epitomize leadership through their profound connection to Indian art and culture.

The extraordinary 'Leaders' show promises a deep exploration into the lives of individuals dedicated to championing and safeguarding India's rich and diverse art and culture. These multifaceted personalities stand as beacons, inspiring the upcoming generation and contributing to the kaleidoscope of diversity that defines India. The show unfolds the expansive panorama of India's cultural legacy, spanning music, dance, theatre, folk traditions, performing arts, paintings, and literature.

In an exclusive dialogue, the renowned actress Madhuri Dixit Nene provides profound insights into her upcoming movie, 'Panchak,' set for release on January 5. Madhuri's interview on the 'Leaders' special program offers a rare glimpse into her perspectives on politics and unwavering commitment to the world of cinema. When asked about the possibility of entering politics, Madhuri Dixit Nene responded, "Categorically, politics is not my realm of interest. The question of entering politics often arises, particularly around election times, but it's crucial to recognize that it doesn't align with my persona. I identify as an actress; it's my craft, my passion. I've devoted my career to the art of acting, and that's where my unwavering commitment lies—continuing to explore, evolve, and contribute to the world of cinema."

Emphasizing the essence of the show's programming, Nilesh Khare, Editor-in-Chief of Zee24 TAAS, shared, "This episode of 'Leaders' epitomizes our commitment to showcasing the vibrant tapestry of India's cultural heritage. It goes beyond the surface, delving deep into the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to preserving and promoting our rich artistic legacy."

Dr. Shriram Nene, Producer, also offered his insightful perspective, stating, "I chose to come to India because I believe there is a significant demand for healthcare in the country. In the next ten years, India has the potential to become a global economic leader, creating more opportunities here than in other countries. RnM Moving Pictures initially focused on producing Marathi films, but we plan to expand into producing content in Hindi and English as well."

This captivating episode has been meticulously curated not only to celebrate cultural luminaries but also to offer an intimate narrative of the personal and professional journeys of these esteemed custodians of culture.

Zee Media Corporation Ltd, one of India's leading media companies, has a strong presence in the news and regional genres, with 16 news channels in seven different languages, reaching more than 528+ million viewers through its linear and digital properties.

The Pantry relaunches in Mumbai with its new wholesome menu presented in new interactive packaging and a new tagline. Redefining healthy dining, delivered to your doorstep

Mumbai - 28th December, 2023 – Craving delicious, nourishing food that doesn't compromise on flavour? Look no further than The Pantry. With a new tagline - Guilt-Free Goodness, the brand is offering a diverse range of wholesome dishes that redefine healthy eating.

The new packaging design of The Pantry aims to highlight its USP: Guilt-Free Goodness, by engaging with customers in a unique manner. The aim is to demystify healthy eating interestingly, using puzzles, mazes and quizzes. After solving the puzzles and mazes that form part of the new packaging one learns more about the values of The Pantry, and gains knowledge on well-being in a manner that’s easy and fun. All this is set on a background that features natural elements in pastel shades, to give you truly unique packaging that is calming and enlightening at the very same time.

The Pantry is one of the youngest in the booming healthy online food delivery market.

The story behind this culinary gem dates back to 2012 when it was founded as one of the pioneering establishments - a first in its category. Co-founders Pankil Shah and Sumit Gambhir had achieved great success with their iconic restaurant-bar Woodside Inn known for its burgers, and they then embarked on a mission to create a health-conscious brand The Pantry. Their vision was to revolutionise how we perceive wholesome food by infusing it with unparalleled excitement and flavour and shatter the misconception that clean eating equals bland and uninspiring meals.

Pankil Shah states, "The pandemic underscored a rising trend of individuals seeking both health and taste, as evidenced by the steady stream of orders. The Pantry aptly addresses this shift, offering a range of dishes that are both wholesome and delectable, catering to the evolving preferences of mindful eaters."

The menu boasts an array of vegan, keto-friendly, and gluten-free options that tantalise the palate. The Vegan menu showcases creativity and taste, with offerings like the Vegan Delight Pizza where cashew cheese, avocado, and red pepper puree come together in a mouthwatering dance of flavours and Zucchini Pad Thai dressed in incredible Thai peanut goodness! Catering to gluten-conscious individuals, they present an array of gluten-free wonders. The Flower Power Pizza and the Gluten-Free Strawberry Cheesecake are here to redefine what gluten-free can be. No bland bites – just pure taste excitement. For those embracing a keto lifestyle, The Keto Cottage and Keto Pesto Gnocchi are nothing short of revelations. They showcase that low-carb can still be high in flavour, with ingredients that dance harmoniously on your palate. So whether you're vegan, gluten-conscious, or keto enthusiast, this menu is a festival of flavours that'll make your taste buds jump with joy!

The founders' successful track record, particularly their enduring legacy with Woodside Inn, has bestowed upon the brand a rock-solid foundation of trust and quality. This foundation is fortified by their unwavering commitment to using fresh, locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients from esteemed vendors, including Red Woods Organic Farms, Saldana Farms, Ishika Farms, Taru Naturals, Purebrot, Rise Up (Panchgani), and Himalayan Honey, ensuring that each dish is a burst of freshness and taste. 

Operating through Zomato and Swiggy, they cater to enthusiasts across Mumbai, ensuring that health-conscious individuals citywide can indulge in its offerings.

About The Pantry – Guilt-Free Goodness: The Pantry – Guilt-Free Goodness is a revolutionary player in the healthy online food delivery market. With a focus on bringing together health and flavour, The Pantry offers a diverse menu of dishes that redefine clean eating. Founded by Pankil Shah of Neighbourhood Hospitality and Sumit Gambhir, co-founder of Woodside Inn, The Pantry is a culinary haven for those seeking guilt-free goodness delivered with a smile.


VitrA's Innovative Sensor Hygiene Faucets - The Root Collection

VitrA, a pioneer in bathroom solutions, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation in the realm of hygiene and design – the Root Collection of sensor faucets. This cutting-edge series combines functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal, making it the ideal choice for any bathroom design concept.

The Root Collection stands out with its diverse range of forms and sizes, meticulously crafted to seamlessly complement various bathroom styles. Engineered by the Design Team at VitrA, these faucets boast motion-activated technology, offering a truly hands-free and convenient hygiene experience.

Designed with a focus on public spaces where maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance, the sensor functionality of VitrA's Root faucets is pivotal in minimizing the potential transmission of pathogens and contamination. The faucets are programmed to stop water flow automatically when users step away from the sensor, not just prioritizing safety but also contributing to water conservation.

VitrA's commitment to user well-being extends beyond sensor technology. The Root Collection includes thermostatic bathroom mixers that maintain a constant water temperature without the need for manual adjustments. This guarantees a comfortable and safe user experience, as the mixers swiftly disconnect hot water when cold water is cut off, preventing any potential harm to users. Whether connected to the mains or operated by batteries, VitrA's Root mixers prioritize safety with waterproof cables, ensuring secure and reliable usage. The collection exemplifies VitrA's dedication to innovation, sustainability, and user-centric design.

Elevate your bathroom experience with VitrA's Root Collection, where cutting-edge technology meets timeless design, setting a new standard for sensor hygiene faucets.


Saya Group Leases Space to Cinepolis; Opens 5-Screen Multiplex with Combined Seating Capacity of 1850+ in Its Iconic Malls

Saya Group, a renowned name in the real estate sector known for its unwavering commitment to quality, announces the opening of cutting-edge 5-screen multiplexes in its two high-end flagship commercial projects – Saya Status and Saya South X with seating capacities of over 950 and 900, respectively in partnership with global multiplex giant Cinepolis.

Saya Status, India's tallest mall, spans an impressive 1.4 million square feet and is situated next to the Noida-Greater Expressway, close to ultra-luxury neighbourhoods. Saya Status has been designed to emerge as an architectural marvel and is slated for possession in early 2025. Meanwhile, Saya South X in Greater Noida West is nearing completion, and possession will be offered soon. It is located in a thriving neighbourhood of over 5 lakh high-net-worth residents. Saya South X will emerge as the retail epicentre of the region.

Saya Group is close to completing the construction of another iconic mall, Saya Piazza, strategically located to serve over 50,000 families.

"We are delighted to welcome Cinepolis to our malls. This partnership aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing our patrons with unparalleled shopping and entertainment experiences. The inclusion of Cinepolis multiplexes will undoubtedly enhance the commercial potential of both Saya Status and Saya South X," says Vikas Bhasin, CMD, Saya Group, expressing his enthusiasm about the collaboration.

With an impressive track record of delivering 5.37 million square feet of residential spaces, Saya Group continues to exemplify its commitment to uncompromising quality and timely project delivery. This collaboration with Cinepolis is a testament to Saya Group's dedication to creating holistic spaces catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Unleashing Excellence: Tamannaah Bhatia's Game-Changing OTT Premiere Unravelled in 2023!

Tamannaah Bhatia has established herself not only as a prominent pan-India actress but also as the OTT queen of content. In the year 2023, she appeared in three different projects, portraying a wide range of characters.  
Lavanya Singh in Jee Karda: In the urban romantic drama series "Jee Karda," Tamannaah Bhatia skillfully embodies the character of Lavanya Singh. Lavanya, a young woman on a journey of self-discovery, grapples with the nuances of marriage. As one of the strongest members of the seven childhood friends, she exudes ambition and composure. Tamannaah's portrayal of Lavanya is both captivating and adept, effortlessly unravelling the character's intricacies.
Shanti in Lust Stories 2:  Tamannaah Bhatia plays Shanti Chawhan, Vijay's ex-wife who has been missing for a decade in Sujoy Ghosh's segment of Lust Stories 2. Shanti, described as a woman with enchanting eyes, a fair complexion, and an impeccable physique, becomes a focal point in the story. Tamannaah's portrayal of Shanti is not only captivating, but she also expertly gives a nuanced touch of mystery to the character. Despite Shanti's lack of reciprocity, Vijay yearns for a relationship with her.
Inspector Anya Swaroop: Tamannaah Bhatia plays the role of Inspector Anya Swaroop in the gritty murder mystery series Aakhri Sach. Anya is a determined police officer who investigates a perplexing case where 11 family members have tragically died together. Tamannaah’s portrayal of Anya is captivating and brings out the character’s complexities with ease.
Revelling in widespread acclaim for her diverse roles on OTT platforms throughout the year, 2023 stands out as one of Tamannaah's most rewarding years. With 2024 approaching, Tamannaah will captivate audiences alongside John Abraham in Nikkhil Advani's Hindi film Vedaa, and will play the lead role in the Tamil film, "Aranamanai 4." Fans are eagerly anticipating these releases and expecting nothing less than mesmerising performances from the exceptionally talented actress.

Privé Theatre to feature Rajeev Siddhartha starrer ‘Love’ this holiday season

A love story between an innovator and a robot, this is the theme of Rajeev Siddhartha starrer teleplay ‘Love’. The show will be a part of the property Privé Theatre that gives the viewers a chance to watch the best theatre screenplays from the comfort of their homes. The property runs a new play each Friday at 7 pm which is repeated until next Thursday. Love will run on &PrivéHD from 29th December to 4th January.

In a futuristic setting, this captivating science fiction play revolves around the life of an innovator with a brilliant mind, who brings to life a remarkable robot through the power of artificial intelligence. Unexpectedly, he finds himself entangled in a peculiar love story with his creation. The irony lies in the fact that he initially designed the robot to deceive his mother into thinking he had found love and was ready for marriage, hoping to escape her constant nagging. However, destiny or the forces of science had a different path in store for him. Watch this engaging and comical story only on &PrivéHD.

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IIBF Joins Forces with FPSB India to Advance Financial Planning Education in the Country; CAIIB qualified professionals of IIBF directly qualify for FPSB® Integrated Financial Planning module via Challenge Pathway to achieve CFP Certification

-         FPSB India-IIBF MoU to bring significant benefits to aspiring financial planning professionals in India from the Banking, Financial sector.

-         Both organizations to promote education, professionalism, and ethical standards in the financial planning ecosystem in India

Mumbai, December 28th– The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF), the professional body for the banking and finance sector in India, has entered a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with FPSB India, the Indian subsidiary of Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., the global standards-setting body for the financial planning profession and owner of the international CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification program, to enhance the educational and professional opportunities for aspiring financial planners in India and give impetus to professional financial planning advisory in India.


Under this significant partnership, candidates who have successfully acquired the CAIIB qualification from IIBF will be exempted from passing the first three modules of CFP Certification and become eligible to enrol in FPSB India’s Integrated Financial Planning module through the Challenge Pathway. To qualify for this pathway, candidates must also have a valid three-year experience in banking and financial services. FPSB India offers the globally recognized CFP® certification, which represents excellence in financial planning through rigorous competency and ethical standards. It is home to over 2,500 CFP professionals in India and part of a global network of organizations representing more than 213,000 CFP professionals worldwide.


Mr Krishan Mishra, CEO, FPSB India, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, "This MoU is a pivotal moment in the financial services sector of India. It brings together two esteemed institutions, FPSB India and IIBF, with the common goal of promoting professionalism and excellence in financial planning. The exemption for CAIIB candidates is a testament to our commitment to recognizing and facilitating the career growth of skilled individuals."


In addition to the exemption provision, FPSB India will extend special discount on the total course fees, examination fees, and other applicable fees to eligible CAIIB candidates who apply for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification under the Challenge pathway.


Mr Biswa Ketan Das, CEO, IIBF, shared his perspective on the partnership, saying, "IIBF is proud to collaborate with FPSB India to offer a seamless pathway for CAIIB qualified professionals to embark on a rewarding journey in financial planning. This strategic partnership reflects our commitment to fostering excellence in banking and finance education."


Furthermore, FPSB India and IIBF are set to enhance their collaboration by organizing joint seminars, webinars, and conferences on various subjects related to Financial Planning and other relevant topics. The FPSB India-IIBF MoU is poised to bring significant benefits to the financial services industry and aspiring financial professionals in India. It aligns with the mission of both organizations to promote education, professionalism, and ethical standards in the financial planning domain.


About FPSB India:

FPSB India is the leading financial planning body in India and is dedicated to establishing, upholding, and promoting professional standards in financial planning throughout India.


FPSB India offers the globally recognized CFP certification, which represents excellence in financial planning through rigorous competency and ethical standards. It is home to over 2,500 CFP professionals in India and part of a global network of organizations representing more than 213,000 CFP professionals worldwide.


FPSB India is the Indian subsidiary of Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB Ltd.), the global standards-setting body for the financial planning profession and owner of the international CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification program.


FPSB Ltd. owns the CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and the   outside the United States. FPSB Ltd. licenses these marks to FPSB Institute India Pvt. Ltd to administer CFP certification in India. For more information, visit


About IIBF:

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) is a professional body for the banking and finance sector in India. Established in 1928, IIBF is working with a mission to develop professionally qualified and competent bankers and finance professionals. It offers various education and training programs to cater to the needs of banking and finance professionals in India.