Tuesday 30 April 2024

Thrilling Twist: Mumbai's Juice Vendor Crafts 'Vash' Juice, a Homage to the Hit Movie!

The most talked about superhit movie, Vash, has garnered appreciation from the audiences and the critics equally. Launched on ShemarooMe, the film caught the attention of the fans of the thriller genre with its spine-chilling narrative, suspense, and unexpected twists.
Driven by his love for the movie and a desire to share his passion with others, the passionate fan, Bunty, a popular juice vendor in Mumbai has introduced an exciting new addition to its menu – the ‘Vash’ juice. Inspired by the blockbuster movie ‘Vash’, this one-of-a-kind concoction is a homage to the Gujarati masterpiece, which perfectly captures the essence of the film. The juice served in a spooky style will transport patrons into the thrilling world of ‘Vash’.
Speaking about this special gesture Janki Bodiwala expresses her gratitude. She says,"A few days ago, while strolling through social media, I stumbled upon this special Vash-themed Juice. I was surprised and overwhelmed to see the impact of the film on the viewers. The love and appreciation we receive inspire and motivate us to work harder and bring the best of entertainment to the audience.”
Through this unique beverage, Bunty, founder of Bunty Juice Centre has crafted a tribute that celebrates the magic and excitement of the film. It is the reflection of his love for the movie.
Vash brings a fresh perspective to the horror genre, blending psychological thriller elements with supernatural intrigue to create a truly immersive cinematic experience. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Krishnadev Yagnik, Vash, boasts a stellar cast, including Janki Bodiwala, Hiten Kumar, Niilam Panchal and Hitu Kanodia. With its digital launch on ShemarooMe the movie is now available to a wider audience.

Luxury Italian Salon LUCA PIATTELLI Makes Grand Debut in Delhi with a Launch Gala

  • Mr. Luca Piattelli, alongside Ms. Antonietta Baccanari, Trade Commissioner / Director of the Trade Promotion Office of the Italian Embassy in New Delhi and Ms. Eliana Zappalà, Deputy Trade Commissioner of The Trade Promotion Office of the Italian Embassy in New Delhi, honoured the occasion with their presence.

New Delhi, 30th April 2024 - LUCA PIATTELLI, the Italian luxury salon brand, marked its grand launch in the heart of Delhi with an elegant gala event at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel on Saturday, April 27th, 2024.
The evening was attended by Mr. Luca Piattelli himself along with Ms. Antonietta Baccanari, (Trade Commissioner / Director of the Trade Promotion Office of the Italian Embassy in New Delhi) and Eliana Zappalà (Deputy Trade Commissioner of The Trade Promotion Office of the Italian Embassy in New Delhi) and who graciously honoured the occasion. Distinguished embassy bureaucrats also joined the celebration, adding to its significance.
The launch party marked the inauguration of LUCA PIATTELLI's first flagship store in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, India, bringing a touch of Italian luxury and sophistication to the capital city's beauty and wellness scene.
Commenting on his venture into India, Luca Piattelli shared his excitement, expressing: "We are deeply honoured by the gracious presence of Ms. Antonietta Baccanari and Ms. Eliana Zappalà at our launch event. As we embark on this exciting journey in India, we are filled with gratitude and enthusiasm. We look forward to forging new connections, creating unforgettable experiences, and contributing to the beautiful landscape of this vibrant nation. Here's to a promising beginning and a future filled with greatness."

The luxury salon offers a comprehensive range of hair and beauty services, coupled with an academy to nurture aspiring talent in the industry. LUCA PIATTELLI sets itself apart with its unique offerings, including an in-house café, personalized pick-up and drop services in Mercedes Maybach within a 7km radius, and a team of senior Italian hairstylists renowned for their expertise and creativity.
The launch extravaganza showcases LUCA PIATTELLI's steadfast commitment to redefining luxury in the beauty industry, seamlessly blending Italian finesse with Indian hospitality to curate an unparalleled experience for its patrons.

16 Mixology Mavericks: Who Will Be Crowned India's World Class Champion?

Diageo Reserve World Class Announces India's 16 Finalists gearing up for the title of World Class India Bartender of the Year 2024

April 30th, India: The world of cocktails in India is undergoing a dynamic transformation, captivating enthusiasts worldwide with its unique fusion of flavours, cutting-edge techniques, and the infusion of indigenous ingredients. The 15th edition of Diageo Reserve World Class, the largest and most prestigious global bartending competition, has announced the top 16 bartenders in India. These talented bartenders will compete for the highly sought-after championship at the national finals in Gurugram later this June.

The Top 16 visionary mixologists, handpicked from a nationwide pool of talent hail from a different corner of India, weaving their unique stories into their liquid masterpieces. They represent the pinnacle of Indian mixology, and their run up to the World Class India Finale will solidify India's position as a global cocktail powerhouse.

The finalists were evaluated based on their professional skills, which included a deep knowledge of spirits, innovative mixology techniques, captivating cocktail presentations, and the ability to tell a story through their liquid creations. Throughout the competition, these talented individuals will be using a range of premium Diageo Reserve brands, including The Singleton, Johnnie Walker, Don Julio, Tanqueray No. TEN, Talisker, and Ketel One Vodka, to craft exhilarating elixirs. 

Prathmesh Mishra, Chief Commercial Officer, Diageo India says "At Diageo Reserve, we're proud to provide a platform where India's finest bartending talent can shine. Through World Class, we are dedicated to nurturing creativity, fostering innovation, and empowering bartenders to reach new heights. By spotlighting bartenders and the craft of mixology, we aim to create and inspire elevated drink experiences that lead people to drink better."

Beyond the competition, Diageo Reserve World Class is a breeding ground for exceptional talent. It's a platform that celebrates the vibrant Indian bartending community and their unwavering dedication to the art of the perfect drink. Since its inception, World Class has empowered and mentored over 400,000 bartenders worldwide, fostering innovation and shaping the future of cocktails.

Stay tuned for further updates on the journey of World Class India! 

Here are the top 16 India Finalists of Diageo Reserve World Class India 2024:


1.       Ganesh Boyinipally, Aidu, Hyderabad 

2.       Raj Kumar, Sundays, Chennai 

3.       Anshul Tiwari, The Bagh, The Forest Resort, Amritsar 

4.       Kumar Mongalam, Koyo Koyo, Hyatt Centric, Chandigarh 

5.       Santanu Chanda, Home by PVR, Delhi 

6.       Gracy Chourey, Copitas, Four Seasons Hotel, Bangalore 

7.       Alemchizung Jamir, Cosie, Pune 

8.       Deepak Pelne, Murphies, Pune 

9.       Siddhesh Palande, Perch wine and coffee bar, Mumbai 

10.   Hemanshu Badola, Molecule Air Bar, Noida 

11.   Aayushi Singh, Muro, Bangalore 

12.   Abhishek Mukherjee, Little Bit Sober, Kolkata 

13.   Saish Bagkar, Isabella's Tapas Bar, Goa 

14.   Arnold Hou, Room One, Goa 

15.   Rajneesh Barthwal, Loya, Taj Palace, Delhi 

16.   Nischal Suman, O Pedro, Mumbai 


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SEBI advocates regularization of Fractional Ownership Platforms: Market float to the tune of INR 4,500 billion available through complete listing of strata office assets by 2026

·       Currently, over 200 million sq ft of Grade A office stock, 28% of total office stock accounts for strata sold form of fractional ownership

·       SEBI push pivotal in enhancing liquidity of INR 40 billion of real estate asset under fractional ownership platforms

·       FOPs upon listing, will witness democratization of ownership; unitholders base may witness 20x growth in next 4-5 years

Gurugram, 30 April 2024: With Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) formulating detailed guidelines for Small and Medium REITs (SM-REITs), a large number of erstwhile unregistered Fractional Ownership Platforms (FOPs) for real estate assets are expected to get listed as SM REITs. This will effectively have the potential to regularize underlying real estate assets to the tune of over INR 40 billion in the near to midterm. With an effective regulatory framework in place, the liquidity of assets under fractional ownership is likely to get enhanced and can command significant traction in equity markets.

It is worthwhile to iterate that fractional ownership of real estate assets can be broadly in form of two modes – either through direct ownership by developers (Strata sale model in case of commercial realty and web-based Fractional Ownership Platforms) or through the stock markets (REITs and SM REITs). While direct ownership enables developers to tap multiple asset buyers at a larger level, FOPs and SM REITs facilitates the eventual ownership by small scale investors at the retail level. Interestingly, even though residential, warehousing, agro-farms and retail assets come under the anvil of various web-based platforms, the current FOP universe is dominated by commercial office spaces.

The recent SEBI guidelines will be beneficial in regulating the fractional ownership market and increase retail participation. FOPs will ultimately find it prudent to list as SM REITs and gain access to granular level of funding. From an asset owner perspective, an eventual listing will lead to increase in fair value of assets, democratisation of ownership and reduction in transaction costs during exit.

“SM REITs will not only foster retail investors’ interest in the real estate sector but will ensure investment portfolio diversification in a regulated environment. Aspects like reduction in minimum investment amount, mandatory manager holding period, and 95% presence of income generating assets will make SM REITs more endearing to the informed investor. Interestingly, the number of unitholders for the three office REITs in India have shown an annual growth of 60-80% since listing. On similar lines, SM REITs have a potential to witness an increase in ownership base by up to 20 times in the next 4-5 years. Altogether, Indian realty sector will witness fractional ownership being established as a promising alternative investment avenue in the coming years.” said Badal Yagnik, Chief Executive Officer, Colliers India.

Fractional ownership in CRE: Strata sale Grade A office stock to cross 260 million sq ft by 2026, translating into a valuation of around INR 4,500 billion

Strata sale form of fractional ownership is mostly prevalent in office buildings. As of March 2024, office market in top six cities of the country hold over 200 million sq. ft of Grade A strata sale stock, constituting 28% of total Grade A office stock. Mumbai followed by Delhi NCR are the leading cities in terms of quantum and strata penetration. 40-50% of their respective overall office stock is strata sold.

City-wise strata sold stock and penetration as of March 2024


Strata Sold Stock (in million sq ft)

Strata Penetration (%)




Delhi NCR















Pan India



Source: Colliers

Data pertains to Grade A office buildings

Strata penetration refers to strata sold stock as % of overall Grade A office stock of respective city

Of the ~200 million sq ft of Grade A properties under the Strata sale model, it is estimated that only 10-20% office assets are currently being offered by FOPs that are accessible to the retail investor. A vast majority of commercial asset developers are yet to fully tap the potential investment coming in from small scale retail investor. Colliers predicts that strata stock in top six cities in India will swell to 260-270 million sq ft in next two years, with an estimated market value of around INR 4,500 billion. As SM REITs will gain more popularity, the share of commercial assets accessible to the retail investor will also increase in the future. Fractional ownership of commercial real estate is set for a boost and the SEBI’s veil is likely to accentuate the transition of existing FOPs, especially ones within the office segment into SM REITs in the future.

Fractional ownership activity varies across cities, to pick up significant pace albeit by varying magnitudes

Interestingly, in Delhi NCR, strata sale is the most popular form of fractional ownership of office assets wherein developers offer office floors or even entire buildings to multiple owners. With about 55 million sq ft of office strata sold stock, the region accounts for the second highest share across the top six cities. However, web-based FOP activity is quite low in the region and very few office buildings have been put up for retail investment by major FOP operators. However, with a regulatory framework in place, the region holds huge potential for offering fractional ownership of office assets through web-based FOPs/SM REIT and attract retail investments in the next few years.

City-wise Fractional ownership activity (as of March 2024)

City/Fractional ownership channel

Web-based platform activity*

Strata sale activity

REIT activity









Delhi NCR
















Source: Colliers

Data pertains to Grade A office buildings

*The above activity matrix covers only Grade A commercial office assets

Note: High Activity: Above 20%; Medium Activity: Between 10-20%; Low Activity: Below 10% (Current activity is percentage share of each city in area managed by respective fractional ownership channel)

“Within the fractional ownership ecosystem, commercial real estate segment holds significant growth potential.  Grade A strata sale stock is likely to rise from the current levels of around 200 million sq ft to over 260 million sq ft by 2026. Correspondingly, the market value of strata sale Grade A commercial developments is poised to reach ~INR 4,000 - 4,500 billion in next three years from the existing ~ INR 2,500 - 3,000 billion level. Furthermore, higher quantum of commercial office assets is likely to be listed as SM REITs to tap the full market potential while enhancing tradability of erstwhile closely held assets. This has the potential to be a win-win situation for leading commercial developers and retail investors targeting comparatively higher, stable and assured real estate returns” said Vimal Nadar, Senior Director & Head of Research, Colliers India.

Regulated fractional ownership of real estate to expand beyond commercial real estate

A well-regulated market of fractional ownership will attract a larger number of investors across various asset classes. SM REITs will attract a larger number of investors for co-ownership of prime commercial offices, thus bringing in more funds to manage and upgrade office assets as per international standards. In the residential segment, post covid-19, there is an increased investor preference of owning villas and luxury apartments as second homes in the popular tourist destinations. In the coming years, premium residential properties in the major offbeat destinations like Alibaug, Lonavala, Goa, Kodagu, Rishikesh and Shimla, is likely to see rising demand. Fractional ownership market is also likely to diversify in other alternative asset classes like industrial & warehousing, data centres, retail, student housing and healthcare in the years to come.

Dia Mirza to Grace The Ramp at Bombay Times Fashion Week For Chaulaz’s Heritage Jewellery

-Celebrating New Line of Femininity with Grace-

Mumbai, India, 2024- 

The fashion and jewelry world is set to sparkle as Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery, the premium Ahmedabad-based jewelry brand introduces its latest ‘DEVI’ Collection at the Bombay Times Fashion Week. The event will be further illuminated by Bollywood icon Dia Mirza, who will grace the runway as the showstopper. This much-anticipated unveiling will occur at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, on May 4th, 2024 from 6:00 PM onwards.

The ‘DEVI’ Collection is an artistic tribute to the power and grace of femininity, masterfully blending traditional 'shringar' with the mighty 'shakti'. Each piece in the collection celebrates the essence of womanhood, combining beauty and resilience in a way that honors the challenges and triumphs faced by women everywhere. Dia Mirza, known for her timeless elegance and powerful screen presence, will make the perfect paradigm to grace this impressive collection. 

Chaula Patel, founder of Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery, shared her enthusiasm about the showcase, “We are honored to be a part of Bombay Times Fashion Week and to present our ‘DEVI’ Collection alongside the phenomenal Dia Mirza. This collection is our ode to the enduring spirit of women across generations, reflecting our commitment to crafting pieces that are as meaningful as the beautiful feminine strength. This signifies our dedication to reviving and reinterpreting India's rich heritage for today’s women and women across time for the unwavering role they play in other’s lives and society.”

Renowned for its dedication and impeccable craftsmanship, Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery breathes life into every artwork design with its antique gold and heritage motifs to create pieces that are both timeless and elegant. Their dedication to preserving tradition aligns seamlessly with Bombay Times Fashion Week's theme of Indian design brilliance. The brand invites fashion enthusiasts and the media to witness this dazzling showcase and experience the splendor of handcrafted jewelry that echoes the stories of the past. 

For more information, please visit:  https://www.instagram.com/chaulazheritagejewellery/

About Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery:

Chaulaz Heritage Jewelry is an Ahmedabad-based jewelry brand that specializes in antique gold and heritage artwork designs, adding a modern touch to it. It majorly provides purchases through its official Instagram store. The brand is known for its commitment to preserving cultural heritage through exquisite craftsmanship. With a focus on quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, Chaulaz Heritage Jewelry creates timeless pieces that tell stories and celebrate the rich traditions of jewelry-making.

5-Star safe Kushaq and Slavia become even safer with MY24 updates

·  Six airbags as standard across the range for both the Kushaq and Slavia

·  Provides further impetus to already strong safety credentials

·  Škoda Auto India has always offered a fully safe, 5-star rated, crash-tested fleet

·  New updates ensures six airbags are available from the base variants

·  Stays on product action path after segment-first electric seats introduced late last year

·  Follows introduction of Superb and announcement of all-new compact SUV

Mumbai, April 30, 2024 – After setting safety benchmarks with the Kushaq SUV in October 2022 and the Slavia sedan in April 2023, Škoda Auto India continues blazing the safety trail with the introduction of six airbags as standard across all variants of the Kushaq and Slavia. The introduction is part of the company’s MY24 updates for its landmark made-for-India, ready-for-the-world India 2.0 product portfolio. 

Speaking on the upgrades, Petr Janeba, Brand Director, Škoda Auto India, said: “Safety has always been intrinsic to the Škoda DNA. We were the first brand to score a full 5-stars for adults and children under the Global NCAP tests. Our emphasis on safety embodies our Human Touch approach, and underscores our focus on being a family brand. We always offered frontal airbags in our base variants and six in our higher variants, each as safe as the other. As part of our MY24 updates we now offer six airbags across all variants of the Kushaq and Slavia. We are always listening to our customers and shall continue to provide relevant upgrades and significant product actions within our product portfolio and our variant line-up.”

MY24 star additions

Škoda Auto India, in a significant move, have now introduced six airbags as standard across the line-up of both the Kushaq and Slavia. The Kushaq starts with the Active variant, going upto the Ambition, topping at the Style with variants like the Monte Carlo and the Elegance Edition forming the upper rung of the variant mix of the SUV. The Slavia also begins with the Active, progressing to the Ambition and the Style with the Style Edition and Elegance Edition at the top ensuring immense value for customers across the spectrum. Both cars continue with the proven, powerful and efficient 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI engine options with a choice of a six-speed manual, six-speed automatic and seven-speed DSG for transmission duties

Continuous updates

The enhancements to the Kushaq’s and Slavia’s MY24 range are a further addition to updates already introduced by the company in Q4 2023. It is when the top-of-the-line variants in both cars saw the introduction of all-new features like electric seats for the driver and co-driver, which is a  segment-first, and an illuminated footwell area. The centre of the dash saw the familiar 25.4 cm infotainment screen with Škoda Play Apps. The system links wirelessly with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. While this full-fledged infotainment system was available in the Style and above, recent updates have seen the company introduce them even in the mid-level Ambition trims furthering the value proposition for customers.

These upgrades further Škoda Auto India’s 2024 product actions with the announcement of the all-new compact SUV to make its world debut in India in 2025 and the re-introduction of the Superb in limited numbers to meet continued demand for the luxury sedan among fans and customers.

Made in India, for the world

The Kushaq, introduced in July 2021, and the Slavia, introduced in March 2022, are based on the made-for-India, ready-for-the-world MQB-A0-IN platform and are being exported to other right-hand drive and GCC countries. They had both earned a full 5-stars in the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) for adults and children – the Kushaq in October 2022 and the Slavia in April 2023. The MQB-A0-IN was the first made-in-India platform to have achieved dual 5-stars, that too under Global NCAP’s newer and more stringent test protocols.

The latest introduction of six airbags as standard across the range furthers the safety quotient in the proven and tested India 2.0 cars. With the full 5-stars under Global NCAP for the Kushaq and Slavia, and the same score under Euro NCAP for the Kodiaq 4x4, and the recently introduced Superb luxury sedan, Škoda Auto India continues with its tradition of offering a 100% fleet of crash-tested cars rated 5-stars for adults and children in the Indian market.

Marking The Gold: RITES completes glorious 50 years


Gurugram, April 30, 2024: RITES Limited, a leading engineering consultancy firm in India, celebrated its milestone 50th anniversary on Friday. The month-long Foundation Day celebrations, ‘Marking The Gold’, that were carried across worksites culminated with a cultural evening at Shikhar, RITES’ Corporate Office, Gurugram.

Members of RITES’ cultural team ‘Sankalp’ present RITES Anthem at the 50th anniversary celebrations

On the occasion, Chairman & Management Director Mr. Rahul Mithal launched RITES’ coffee table book – Atulya, a compilation tracing the organisation’s illustrious journey of becoming ‘The Infrastructure People’. Also, it marked the unveiling of ‘RITES Dharohar’, a novel initiative to treasure the organisation’s legacy and encapsulate the essence of its core values—Integrity, Professionalism and Excellence.


Addressing the gathering and paying gratitude to the founding fathers, Mr. Mithal said, “From pioneering projects to fostering sustainable practices, RITES’ five-decade journey has been characterized by Resilience, Innovation, Transformation, Efficiency, and Sustainability. Surging ahead, leveraging our expertise we will continue playing a meaningful role in sustainable infrastructure development.”


Established in 1974, RITES has built a distinguished reputation for its comprehensive engineering and consultancy services across sectors. It was recently granted the coveted Navratna status, making it to the elite group of CPSEs. Listed in 2018, RITES is also among the top 500 listed companies in the country.