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I&B Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar invites suggestions for certification of online content

IFFI 2019 will be very special; the theme of IFFI 2019 is Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat: I&B Minister on Golden Jubilee edition of IFFI
New Logo and Certificate Design of CBFC Unveiled

The Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting and Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Shri Prakash Javadekar today unveiled the new logo and certificate design of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The launch was done at a special interaction between the film industry of India and board members of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), organized by CBFC in Mumbai today. Ekta Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Sanjay Khan, Satish Kaushik, Madhur Bhandarkar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Boney Kapoor, Ramesh Sippy, Anupama Chopra, Subhash Ghai, Sudhir Mishra, Atul Kasbekar, Vidya Balan, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Prahlad Kakkar, Kiran Shantaram and Kunal Kohli were among the film fraternity present, apart from Secretary, I&B, Shri Amit Khare and Chairman, CBFC, Shri Prasoon Joshi.
Addressing the film industry and CBFC board members, the Chief Guest and I&B Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar said that the introduction of QR code in the new certificate design is in sync with the changed digital world. He said it will bring in greater transparency and provide richer information to filmmakers. He congratulated CBFC for the effectiveness with which it has been discharging its functions.
Shri Javadekar added: “When cable television and later DTH was introduced, people never imagined that prices of TV channels can be so low, but it will soon happen after the order of TRAI. These days, due to social media, with just one or two shows, it becomes clear whether a film will succeed or not.”
Noting the importance of entertainment in modern life, the Minister made an appeal to all TV producers to use technology so that visually impaired people can understand the films better: “Such technology can be used at a cost of 1 or 2 lakh rupees per film. Similarly, private news channels should also try to bring out at least one bulletin per week for deaf people”.
Speaking about the upcoming golden jubilee edition of International Film Festival of India, the Minister said: “IFFI this year will be very special. The theme of IFFI 2019 is Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat. The opening and closing ceremonies will reflect this theme. I appeal to all to come and attend it. As our Prime Minister said, film is industry too; we are trying to have Film Business Summit, which will look into the business aspect of films. Film Bazaar is planned to be organized in Mumbai, which will look into business promotion, technology diffusion and export promotion”.
Shri Javadekar informed that the Government is changing the Cinematograph Act, in order to curb piracy: “We earlier tried to protect the rights of artists by changing Copyright Act, now we are changing the Cinematograph Act so that piracy can be curbed”. He also invited suggestions and recommendations from audience and other stakeholders regarding certification of online content.
Commenting on the new design, the Chairman, CBFC said: “I believe design should reflect the contemporary digital world and leverage the ease that technology has brought in our work processes. The design change is not cosmetic; it is extremely functional and underlines CBFC’s positive value-added approach.”
In his talk, the Chairman highlighted various initiatives taken by CBFC during the last few years, for the benefit of the industry. He said that the Board has been playing an active and positive role in taking forward the issues of the film industry. The Board has brought in greater transparency and smoother processes. Filmmakers can find any detail about any film on tehw website of CBFC today, he said. AWBI (Animal Welfare Board of India) issues have been simplified. He added that the dialogic and consultative approach has resulted in a more collaborative process. He said that if we are anchored in collective human good, there is no way we will not be able to find solutions through a dialogic approach. He was extremely appreciative of his Board members who have been instrumental in taking this forward. The board comprises Narendra Kohli, Vidya Balan, Waman Kendre, Vivek Agnihotri, Gautami Tadimalla, T. S. Nagabharana, Vani Tripathi Tikoo, Naresh Chander Lal, Neil Herbert Nongkynrih, Jeevitha Rajasekhar, Ramesh Patange and Mihir Bhuta.
Speaking about the evolution of art, the Chairman said that historically, art used to be participative and built on the idea of cocreation. However, condescension entered into the field later, with the performer being active and the audience passive. Shri Joshi said that technology has now introduced a new reality of active performer and active audience, giving voice to the people. He said that when art goes out, the intent of the artist is sometimes not understood, due to different vantage points of people; this necessitates some extra effort to make oneself understood. Talking about culture, Shri Joshi said that cultural symbols such as language are a part of the collective subconscious and that their choice can only be decided collectively. He also said that trust between audience and creative people is paramount; if trust in artists is lost, it will have a harmful effect on our world. There can only be dialogue, not diktat, when it comes to cultural expression, this is the approach that has been adopted at CBFC, the Chairman said. He said that it is important to listen to the murmurs of the society, to be sensitive to the disadvantaged. Shri Joshi highlighted the need to educate citizens about the meaning of various film ratings.   
The new design is futuristic in its approach and in sync with the new digital world. It is also interactive in its design sensibility: by scanning the QR code, more information on the certificate can be obtained online. Shri Prasoon Joshi himself has conceptualised the new look. The design has been done by designer Shri Rohit Devgun, with technical support from NSDL.
On the occasion, the Regional Officer, CBFC Mumbai, Shri Tushar Karmakar presented an overview of the recent activities, initiatives and achievements of the organization. Shri Karmakar highlighted E-Cinepramaan, the online film certification system of CBFC, an initiative launched by the then I&B Minister in March 2017, to promote transparency and ease of doing business. Frequently meeting the industry at different forums and creating opportunities for the film fraternity and the government representatives to meet and interact is also a step in this direction. The RO stated that the approach of the Board has led to improved mutual understanding & appreciation by the film fraternity.

Spotted Celebrities Candice Pinto, Anchal Kumar, Naved Jaffrey, Kanchi Kaul at the launch of Poco Loco Tapas Bar & Café, Khar (West)

 Mumbai, 30th August, 2019:  Offering the best of traditional Spanish dishes with a twist and a molecular bar to beat others, Sobremesa Hospitality Pvt Ltd hosted the launch party of Loco Poco Tapas Bar and Café in Khar (West) on Friday, 30th August 2019.
The star studded night saw the who's who of tinsel town hosted by the co-owners – Dilip Datwani, Megha Datwani and Rohit Datwani.  Celebrities spotted were Candice Pinto, Anchal Kumar, Naved Jaffrey, Kanchi Kaul, Rajev Paul and more were present. 
Poco Loco offers a selection of dishes curated keeping in mind the taste of the Indian clientele while also bringing various flavours from Latin America with a focus on Mexican and Spanish dishes. The chemistry lab designed bar space serves cocktails named after elements from the periodic table. The experimental and molecular cocktails are created using molecular chemicals and creation of new flavours using chemistry and science in food and drinks. Are you ready to have some pHun!

जीव झाला येडापिसा आणि घाडगे & सून मालिकेमध्ये गणरायाचे आगमन !

मुंबई ३० ऑगस्ट, २०१९ : महाराष्ट्राचे आराध्य दैवत गणरायाच्या आगमनाची चाहूल सगळीकडे लागली आहे. मंगलमय वातावरणात विघ्नहर्ताचे आगमन होत आहे...गणपती बाप्पा मोरया’च्या जयघोषात घरोघरी आणि सार्वजनिक मंडळात गणपतीची प्रतिष्ठापना करण्यात आली आहे. कलर्स मराठीवरील जीव झाला येडापिसा आणि घाडगे & सून मालिकेमध्ये गणपती बाप्पाचे आगमन मोठ्या धूमधडाक्यात होणार आहे.  विघ्नहर्त्याच्या आगमनाने सिध्दी - शिवा आणि अमृता- अक्षय त्यांच्या आयुष्यातील विघ्न देखील बाप्पाने दूर करावीत हीच मनोकामना बाप्पा चरणी मागणार आहेत ...
जीव झाला येडापिसा मालिकेमध्ये शिवा – सिध्दीच्या लग्नानंतर बाप्पाचे मोठ्या जल्लोषात लष्करेंच्या घरामध्ये आगमन होणार आहे... ढोल ताश्याच्या गजरामध्ये सोनी आणि शिवा यांनी बाप्पासी स्थापना करणार आहेत...  सिध्दी, काकू आणि सोनी यांनी खास मोदक बनवले आहेत... घरामध्ये स्पर्धा होणार आहे आता ही स्पर्धा कसली असणार? आरतीचा मान कोणाला मिळणार ? हे कळेलच. तेंव्हा नक्की बघा जीव झाला येडापिसा सोम ते शनि रात्री ८.०० वा. आपल्या कलर्स मराठीवर.
घाडगे & सून मालिकेमध्ये घाडगे सदनमध्ये बाप्पाचे आगमन मोठ्या उल्हासात झाले आहे... बाप्पाची स्थापना, पूजा निर्विघ्नपणे पार पडते...पण  माई आणि अमृता जरा चिंतेत आहेत कारण अक्षयने जे खोटे सांगितले आहे ते वसुधाने माई आणि अमृतासमोर उघड केले आहे, की कियाराचे बाबा पैसे देणार नाहीत.  यातच भर म्हणजे अमृताचे वडील त्याचे बॉस आनंद यांना घेऊन येतात आणि सगळ्यांना सांगतात अमृताचे लग्न त्याच्यासोबत ठरवले आहे. विघ्नहर्त्याच्या येण्याने हे संकट देखील दूर होईलच... पुढे काय घडेल हे कळेलच... तेंव्हा नक्की बघा घाडगे & सून सोम ते शनि रात्री ८.३० वा. आपल्या कलर्स मराठीवर.

Coconut Cha Raja, the Biggest Corporate Ganpati Celebration will embark on final journey amid colours, dhol, drums and Ganpati Bappa Moreya chants

Spearheaded by Coconut Media Box - an initiative by Rashmin Magithia ( Director )
Rashmin Magithia ( Director ) & Keyur Sheth, Ritesh lalan ( CEO ) 
4th September,2019 will observe Coconut Cha Raja's visarjan processions. In its 5th year the massive procession will start from  Kotia Nirman,New Link Rd, Andheri West, Mumbai till Juhu Circle from 4:00 pm onwards.
There will be zeal, vigour and colour as devotees will move to the beats of the dhol tasha. The sounds of the huge symbols, the lezium will overtake the sounds of the horns on the roads of Mumbai.
Asia’s largest Ganapathi visarjan will have more than 3000 artists performing live from various parts of Maharashtra & South which includes ; 1000- Puneri Dhol, 150 - Nashik Benja, 1000 - Mumbai’s famous Dahi Handi Pathak, 200 - Varied Maharashtra Folk Dancers, 10- Maha Aarti at Juhu Beach & 200- Captivating performances 
Coconut Cha Raja happens to be the only Ganpati celebration in Mumbai with a noble cause. With the theme- Pearl which which signifies purity, Coconut Cha Raja will bid farewell with an initiative #IAMYOURBAPPA  to help the people in need and fulfill any one wish which can be achieved by common people. Every person has an opportunity to fulfill 1 wish which he / she can afford. #IAMYOURBAPPA objective for this Ganesh Utsav is to achieve 5000 needy people.
While lakhs of devotees will be on the roads , security will tight to ensure the processions make its way without hassles or untoward incident.
Mumbai's biggest corporate ganpati which is #CoconutChaRaja gives  24 hrs live darshan on social media handles of #CoconutChaRaja.
Bappa ko Pranam Aur aap ko Salam an initiative to salute all the police men of Mumbai and appreciating them with token of gratitude & certificate.

Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts to host ‘Future of Tourism Summit 2019’ in Sri Lanka

To explore the theme ‘Challenges and Growth in the Face of a Crisis’ with more than 10 Globally Renowned Destination Marketers including CNN’s Richard Quest 

Recognizing the need to uplift Sri Lanka’s travel industry in the wake of 4/20 incident, Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts is set to host the third edition of the ‘Future of Tourism Summit’ (FOT 2019) on the 23rd September at Cinnamon Grand Colombo, Sri Lanka. Running under the theme ‘Challenges and Growth in the Face of a Crisis’, this year’s event will bring together top global destination experts who will share their specialist knowledge and insights on how tourism industries can implement sustainable strategies in the long-run and recover and rebuild following a variety of incidents ranging from terror attacks to natural disasters. With tourism often contributing substantially to economic growth of different nations, it is imperative that travel brands and industry professionals alike have the tools and know-how needed to respond to and recover after a period of crisis.
This year’s FOT 2019 summit will feature an exclusive line-up of speakers and in-depth talks with top destination marketers and travel industry professionals. The summit will kick-off with a special discussion with Richard Quest (CNN Correspondent and host of Quest Means Business) who will talk about the future of tourism locally and globally, followed by the keynote speaker of FOT 2019, Anita Mendiratta (Special Advisor to the Secretary General, UNWTO) who will explore the topic ‘Rising Above - Emerging Stronger Through Crisis’. The summit will have its first group talk on ‘Facing a Crisis’ with Puneet Chhatwal (Managing Director and CEO of Taj Hotels, TATA Group) and Dileep Mudadeniya (Vice President John Keells Group, Head of Brand Marketing Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts and CEO Cinnamon Life Mall) moderated by Damian Cook (CEO, E-Tourism Frontiers).
The summit will also feature Michael Yam (CEO and Managing Director of Impetus Alliance), Vesta Ratkeviciute (Sr. Regional Communications & Marketing Consultant – Southeast Asia Euromonitor International), Ashish Hemrajani (Founder and CEO, Book My Show) and Zubin Karkaria (CEO of Kuoni), who will share their insights and industry experience in handling unforeseen challenges and rebuilding business operations. The group talk will focus on hospitality best practices, implementing a winning destination campaign and a recovery marketing plan with reference to case-studies from Kenya, Bali and Taj Hotels.
An investor forum discussion will be conducted consisting of a panel of Dillip Rajakarier (CEO Minor Hotel Group), Malik Fernando (Managing Direcor, Resplendent Ceylon), Krishan Balendra (Chairman, John Keells Holdings) and Shiromal Cooray (Chairman, Jetwing Hotels) which will be moderated by Murtaza Jafferjee (CEO, JB Securities).
Commenting on the FOT Summit 2019, Dileep Mudadeniya, Vice President John Keells Holdings, Head of Brand Marketing Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts and CEO Cinnamon Life Mall stated, ‘’As pioneers of this innovative industry event, Cinnamon Hotel & Resorts constantly strive to spearhead local and regional industry growth and progress. Developing a strong recovery strategy, strengthening our ability to address a crisis and act on it effectively and taking all the vibrancy and diversity that our nation has to offer as a destination, to the world are all key priorities in the coming months. This event will provide industry professionals and those who are passionate about business, the tools, tips, insights and understanding that they need to take our tourism industry forward, keeping sustainability in mind. We are a resilient nation and a country that has the ability to unite and come together to achieve positive change. The support for Sri Lanka in the global industry has been a powerful reminder of how well-loved our country and our people are, and we are well-positioned to rise up and build up.”
Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts marked its first-ever ‘Future of Tourism’ Summit in 2015 to commemorate ‘World Tourism Day and featured global experts exploring future tourism trends. FOT 2017 was centered on the theme of ‘Technology, Innovation and Authenticity’ with 13 globally renowned speakers addressing the conference and 400 members present. Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts is a chain comprising 14 distinct hotels and resorts located in key areas across Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The brand embodies a passion for inspired living and promises holistic and enhanced experiences that are tailor-made to suit the specific interests of travelers. The Cinnamon brand focuses on delivering memorable holidays and getaways that deliver exceptional standards of service whilst showcasing the warmth and vibrancy of contemporary Sri Lankan hospitality.
Want to meet and engage with leaders in destination marketingBook your space now:

Miss India Worldwide Shree Saini on her maiden visit to India - मिस इंडिया वर्ल्डवाइड श्री सैनी का मुंबई एयरपोर्ट पर भव्य स्वागत

Earlier today, Indian-American Shree Saini — who was crowned Miss India Worldwide in 2018 — was spotted at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.  Indian-origin American Shree Saini is on her maiden visit to Mumbai. She flew in straight from New York, looking super-chic in an off-shoulder tube top and a navy blue short skirt. She completed her look with the coveted crown, as she stepped out beaming, greeting people with folded hands. For the uninitiated, Saini was crowned Miss India Worldwide in December 2018 at a pageant held in New Jersey.
For the prestigious annual beauty pageant, Saini had to compete with Indian-origin girls from as many as 17 countries. Conducted by the India Festival Committee — founded and headed by Dharmatma Saran in New York City, USA — the Miss India Worldwide pageant draws contestants from India and from among members of the Indian diaspora residing in other countries. Saini, a native of the Indian state of Punjab, moved to the United States when she was seven. She had a pacemaker implanted at the age of 12, and was told she would never be able to dance again. Ever since then, she has been advocating for heart health, emotional fitness and progressive mindset.
अमेरिका के वॉशिंगटन प्रांत की निवासी और भारतीय मूल की श्री सैनी ने 2017 में  मिस इंडिया-यूएसए खिताब जी लिया है।  न्यूजर्सी के फोर्ड्स सिटी में आयोजित समारोह में मिस इंडिया र्ल्डवाइड-2018 का किताब भी अपने नाम कर लिआ.न्यूयॉर्क स्थित इंडिया फेस्टिवल कमेटी (आईएफसी) द्वारा आयोजित इस प्रतियोगिता को प्रवासी भारतीय समुदाय की सबसे पुरानी और बड़ी सौंदर्य प्रतिस्पर्धा माना जाता है। इस सौंदर्य प्रतियोगिता में करीब 17 देशों की भारतीय सुंदरियों ने हिस्सा लिया।
श्री सैनी इस समय इंडिया के टूर पर आयी है जहा मुंबई इंटरनेशनल एयरपोर्ट पर उनका भव्य स्वागत किआ गया. मुंबई में वह अगले १० रहने वाली है इस दौरान उनको विभिन्न कार्यक्रमों में हिस्सा लेना है. क्राउन जितने के बाद श्री का यह पहला इंडिया दौरा है. 
फिलहाल 22 वर्षीय श्री को 12 साल की उम्र में डॉक्टरों ने कहा था कि पेसमेकर लगाए जाने के बाद वह कभी नृत्य नहीं कर पाएंगी। लेकिन प्रतियोगिता जीतने वाली श्री ने कहा कि आपको कभी हार नहीं माननी चाहिए।

Parineeta Sethi celebrates the Launch of PeakLife Gourmet Special edition and Cover Launch with International celebrity Chef Sarah Todd

30th August 2019, New Delhi
An evening was hosted by Parineeta Sethi to celebrate the Launch of PeakLife Gourmet special edition and the PeakLife Gourmet Awards. With the idea to promote best from the food & hospitality industry, PeakLife Gourmet Awards is the endeavour to bring the food enthusiasts, leading hospitality leaders and the right set of the audience under one roof.
Some of the esteemed personalities present at the event were H.E Daniel Chuburu, Ambassador Argentina, Sarah Todd, International Celebrity Chef, Rashmi Uday Singh, Food Critic and Author, Padamshri Shovana Narayan, Tech Guru Rajiv Makhni, Designers Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna, Anchor & Actor Nitin Arora, Entrepreneur Pooja Gogia to name a few.The event took Place at Hotel Shangri – La's New Delhi.
The awards night witnessed the launch of PeakLife Gourmet Special issue, in the presence of Celebrity Australian Chef Sarah Todd, dignitaries from the hospitality industry and leaders from the corporate world. The Gourmet Awards was graced by the presence of hoteliers, restaurant owners, hospitality entrepreneurs, Travel and Tourism Boards, Indian and International aviation industry and social influencers from the city.
The gala evening will also highlighted the concept of Macanese Food and renowned food critic, Rashmi Uday Singh, shared her experience on Macanese food and Macao as Gastronomical Destination- as declared by UNESCO.
Gourmet Awards is being organized by PeakLife- a premium lifestyle magazine.
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'युवा गणेशोत्सव' दणक्यात!!!!

गणेशोत्सव हा आनंदाचा आणि उत्साहाचा मोठा सोहळा असतो. १० दिवस आपल्या घरी असलेले बाप्पाचे वास्तव्य मनाला सुखावणारे ठरते. बाप्पाचा हा सण जवळ आलेला असतांना, सर्वजण त्याच्या स्वागताचा तयारीला लागलेले आहेत. 'झी युवा' या मराठी वाहिनीने सुद्धा युवा गणेशोत्सवाचे आयोजन करून, मालिकेच्या सेटवर हा आनंद साजरा केला.
बाप्पाच्या आगमनाची आतुरता सगळ्यांच्याच मनात असते. 'फुलपाखरू' या मालिकेच्या सेटवर यंदा बाप्पाचे आगमन झाले व गणेशोत्सवाचा माहोल सेटवर सुद्धा निर्माण झाला. गणेशाचे स्वागत करण्यासाठी 'फुलपाखरू' मालिकेची संपूर्ण टीम तर उपस्थित होतीच; शिवाय इतर मालिकेतील कलाकारांनीदेखील हजेरी लावली होती. 'ऑलमोस्ट सुफळ संपूर्ण' मालिकेतील निखिल दामले व गौरी कुलकर्णी, 'तू अशी जवळी राहा'ची मुख्य अभिनेत्री तितिक्षा तावडे हे कलाकार सुद्धा युवा गणेशोत्सवात सहभागी झाले होते. महाराष्ट्रातील संस्कृतीचा सन्मान करून, सर्व कलाकारांनी पारंपारिक वेशभूषा केलेली होती. ठाण्यातील नावाजलेले आराध्य प्रतिस्थान ढोल ताशा पथकाच्या ढोलताशांच्या गजरात नाचून व आनंद साजरा करून सर्व कलाकारांनी बाप्पाचे स्वागत केले गेले. यशोमान, तितिक्षा आणि निखिल यांनी स्वतः ढोल सुद्धा वाजवले. तितिक्षा, यशोमान आणि निखिलने लयीत ढोल वाजवत सगळ्यांची मने जिंकली. पहिल्यांदाच ढोल वाजवण्याचा अनुभव घेत, तितिक्षाने सुद्धा खूप मजा केली. घरापासून दूर राहत असलेल्या व चित्रीकरणाच्या व्यस्त कार्यक्रमामुळे घरी जाऊ न शकणाऱ्या कलाकारांना, घरातील वातावरणाचा अनुभव घेण्याची संधी, 'झी युवा'ने हा गणेशोत्सव साजरा करून दिली. सर्वांनीच या गणेशोत्सवाचा मनसोक्त आनंद लुटला.

ICAI Convocation Held at Mumbai on 31st Aug 2019

                       The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India  ICAI Convocation 2019-20
(1st Round
at Yogi Sabha Gruha, Dadar (E), Mumbai on Saturday the 31-August, 2019.
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India organized the ICAI Convocation 2019-20 (1st Round) at Yogi Sabha Gruha, Dadar (E), Mumbai on Saturday the 31-Aug-19.
Shri Arvind G Sawant, Hon’ble Union Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Chief Guest and CA. Prafulla PremsukhChhajed, Hon’ble President ICAI while congratulating the newly qualified Chartered Accountants exalted them to persistently strive for Excellence, Independence and Integrity.
CA. Durgesh Kumar Kabra, Convocation Co-ordinator for Mumbai and Vice-Chairman Board of Studies ICAI administered the professional oath to the newly qualified Chartered Accountants. CA. Dheeraj Kumar Khandelwal and CA. Shriniwas Joshi, Central Council Members addressed the members. CA. Priti Paras Savla, Chairperson WIRC introduced the Chief Guest.
Chief Guest, Shri Arvind G SawantHon’ble Union Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprisescongratulated the new successful Chartered Accountants being conferred Rank Certificates and Membership Certificates today, who have achieved this qualification  through Self Study and striving hard like the legendryEklavya who mastered great archery skills through practice in front of his assumed Guru Dronacharyas’ statute.
Today in all sectors/ industry, there is a need of Chartered Accountant. He recalled his earlier visit to the Institute function wherein Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji had recognized the important role of Chartered Accountants in the critical issue of Black money being faced by the nation. He asked important questions - Who can search this out, who can prevent this, who support government initiative to curb blackmoney? He noted that the ICAI and its Chartered Accountants play an important role in this.
He recalled the important statement of ICAI is Partner in Nation Building made by Hon’ble Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Ex-President of India.  He noted that the ICAI is making earnest efforts in this regard.
He recalled that Shri Bal Thakarey Founder of Shiv Sena believed that to build the nation, there should not be any distinction based on Caste, Creed or Religion.  He expressed happiness that the ICAI gives equal opportunity without discretion. He also noted that the daughter of an Autorickshaw driver stood first in CA examination.  The Honorable Minister requested the Institute to provide details of hardships being faced by industry and business with remedial measures to boost the economy and suggest the way forward.
Shri Arvind G Sawant, Hon’ble Union Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises,Chief Guestand CA. Prafulla PremsukhChhajed, Hon’ble President ICAI conferred Rank Certificates for CA Final Exam held in November-18 to 30 Rank holders.Over 1,000 newly qualified members enrolled from December-18 to April -19 were awardedMembership Certificates.


~ Once again commemorating one of the biggest festivals in the country, BIG FM urges listeners to adopt an eco-friendly Ganpati and lead to a better tomorrow~

Mumbai, August 31, 2019BIG FM, one of the largest radio networks in the country, is known to change perceptions that allow society to live in a healthier and better manner. For the 12th year in a row, BIG FM has brought to light the importance of celebrating festivities in an eco-friendly way through Ramky’s BIG Green Ganesha. ‘BIG Green Ganesha’ is a heartfelt initiative that promotes the use of eco-friendly Ganesh idols & its celebration with minimum environmental damage. RJ Rani, the face of Ramky’s BIG Green Ganesha initiative hosted the event, which was graced by the serene Bollywood actress Dia Mirza, Mr. Sujiv Nair from Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd and Mr. Ram Kharpuriya Director - Greenland Farms. 15 lucky contest-winning listeners were felicitated with a Tree Ganesha by the environmentally conscious Dia Mirza, at the BIG FM office
To spread awareness of using eco-friendly Ganesh idols, a two-week-long contest was held and it resulted in widespread response from listeners across Mumbai. BIG FM Mumbai associated with Tree Ganesha as they create eco-friendly idols which are made of natural soil and also melts completely after meeting water bodies as compared to non-biodegradable options that create pollution. Lending her support to the cause in Mumbai was Bollywood actress Dia Mirza, known to have been the face of many pivotal environmental campaigns across India and has worked towards the conservation of wildlife.  Ramky’s BIG Green Ganesha is also being celebrated across other cities with BIG FM Hyderabad urging people to adopt paper-mache techniques for idol creation. Listeners who opted for Green Ganesha in Hyderabad are being termed as Green Heroes.s
Showing off her mud-laden hands, the beautiful Bollywood diva, Dia Mirza said, “I am very happy to be here. Moreover, I'm extremely grateful to BIG FM for this campaign that has been raising awareness over the last 12 years. They have been one of the pioneers at spreading awareness towards an eco friendlier approach towards festivities.  For the past few years, I have been associating with beach clean ups post the Ganpati Visarjan and it's very disheartening to see the remains of the idols washed back ashore. Three years ago, Dattadri and I made one of these tree Ganeshas together and it was a beautiful feeling. The happiness you feel while doing something for the better good just elates you to a whole new level. I urge more people to opt for eco friendlier methods, for not just their Ganpati celebrations, but in their day-to-day activities as well.”
This heartfelt initiative has made a difference not only to the environment, but has also touched the life of so many people. Having won the contest, an elated female contest winner, who came to collect her Tree Ganesha at the BIG FM office said," I am extremely grateful to BIG FM for this initiative and gift. I come from a background where the Ganpati rituals, that included the idol’s installation to its immersion, are predominantly led by the men of the family. This is the very first time that I am holding Ganpatiji in my arms like this. I am absolutely elated and all I can say is a very big thank you to BIG FM.”

शिवानी सुर्वेचं बिग बॉस मराठीची विजेती ठरावी – शिवानीच्या मालिकांमधल्या नायकांची इच्छा !

बिग बॉस मराठीचे दुसरे पर्व आता अंतिम टप्प्यावर आले असताना अभिनेत्री शिवानी सुर्वेचं जिंकावी अशी शिवानीच्या सहकलाकारांची इच्छा आहे. महाराष्ट्राचा सुपरस्टार अंकुश चौधरीने नुकताच एका व्हिडीयोव्दारे आपल्या आगामी सिनेमाची नायिका शिवानी सुर्वेला  जिंकण्यासाठी ट्रिपल शुभेच्छा दिल्या होत्या. आता तिच्या हिंदी आणि मराठीतल्या सुपरडुपर हिट ठरलेल्या मालिकांच्या हिरोज् नी सुध्दा शिवानीच बिग बॉस मराठीची विजेती बनावी अशी इच्छा व्यक्त केली आहे.
शिवानी सुर्वेच्या देवयानी’ मालिकेतल सहकलाकार आणि मित्र संग्राम साळवी, ‘जाना ना दिलसे दूर’ आणि 'एक दिवाना था' या हिंदी मालिकेतला सहकलाकार आणि मित्र विक्रम सिंग चौहान ह्या दोघांनीही शिवानीला जिंकण्यासाठी शुभेच्छा दिल्या आहेत.
महाराष्ट्रभर गाजलेल्या देवयानी’ मालिकेची शिवानी सुर्वे नायिका होती. ह्या मालिकेतला तिचा नायक अभिनेता संग्राम साळवीने सोशल मीडियावर खास संदेश दिला आहे.  तो म्हणतो, “टॉप ६ सदस्यांपैकी बिग बॉसची ट्रॉफी जिंकण्यासाठी शिवानी अधिक पात्र स्पर्धक वाटते. ती बिग बॉस सीजन २ जिंकू शकेल असे मला वाटते.” संग्रामने आपल्या चाहत्यांना शिवानीसाठी भरपूर वोट करा असे आवाहन केले आहे. तो म्हणतो, “तिला इतके वोट्स करा कि ती बिग बॉस सीजन दोन जिंकलीच पाहिजे.
मराठी मालिकांच्या जगतात अधिराज्य गाजवल्यावर शिवानी हिंदी मालिका विश्वामध्ये लोकप्रिय झाली. हिंदीतली जाना ना दिलसे दूर’ या मालिकेत तिने विविधा कश्यप भूमिका साकारली होती. विविधा आणि अथर्व म्हणजेच शिवानी आणि विक्रम सिंग चौहान यांची जोडी प्रेक्षकांनी अक्षरशः उचलून धरली. विक्रम सिंग आणि शिवानी मालिकेनंतरही देखील छान मित्र आहेत. विक्रम सिंग चौहान म्हणतो, ''शिवानी सुर्वे खूप छान खेळत आहे. मला मराठी फारसं समजत नाही तरी ही मी शिवानीसाठी बिग बॉस मराठी २ चे काही एपिसोडस बघितले. माझी खूप इच्छा आहे की शिवानी सुर्वे हिच बिग बॉस २ ची विनर व्हावी.''
जाना ना दिलसे दूर’ नंतर शिवानी केवळ महाराष्ट्रात नव्हे तर देशभर लोकप्रिय झाली. सध्या तिची हि मालिका इंडोनेशियामध्ये सालेमानाचिंता नावानेदाखवली जात आहे. त्यामुळे शिवानीची लोकप्रियता जगाच्या कानाकोपऱ्यात पोचली. शिवानीला सध्या  हिंदी-मराठी सिनेसृष्टीतील कलाकारांचा प्रचंड पाठींबा मिळत आहे.

Brand Factory launches a digital IP, Brand Stock Exchange (BSE) The digital campaign is promoted by IdeateLabs

31st August 2019, Mumbai: Future Group’s retail discount chain, Brand Factory is renowned for providing 20-70% discounts on top brands. To further amplify their positioning as the discounted outlet, the brand has launched their digital IP, Brand Stock Exchange (BSE) announcing discounts in a bidding format. The online bid will be live for 24 hours and the costumers will get a chance to trade and grab products at the most discounted rates. BSE is one-of-a-kind concept that any of the fashion apparel brand has introduced so far.
BSE’s online bid will be hosted on the landing page of the brand’s website and their Facebook & Insta handle on 3rd September 2019. 12 top-notch brands will be displayed on the listing and the additional discount (over and above the in-store discounts) will keep fluctuating. The audience will have to claim their favorite brand/s at that particular discount.
Link to the page:
The campaign is launched on the digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and third-party platforms. Various influencers will talk about BSE and create hype about the promo on their Instagram handles. A tutorial video will be shared by the brand to educate the consumers and explain the concept of BSE.
Speaking about the ‘BSE’ initiative, Roch D’Souza, CMO, Brand Factory said “We are excited to unveil the BSE campaign. The idea is to bring in the greed and urgency for the offers, which instigates the consumers to pre-book on the basis of their most desired offers. For the first time, India gets a chance to decide the discount on their favorite brands. We are using multiple legs from media to Influencer campaigns for creating a buzz. The aim is not just to educate consumers about the concept but engage with them.”
Ashish Rana, Business Head, IdeateLabs said “It is a buzz-worthy campaign that we are forging for Brand Factory. The communication approach of Brand Factory is always young, quirky and smart. To carry this forward, the communication plan comprises of memes for educating the audience, giving them the feeling of FOMO and instilling greed to grab great discounts.”
About IdeateLabs ( IdeateLabs is a full-service digital marketing company. It is a fired-up group of professionals from the creative, tech and marketing worlds. While its clientele exceeds 75 well-known Indian and International names, its portfolio spans across varied business verticals. Its clientele includes renowned brands like Sterling & Wilson, AutoDesk, Hiranandani Communities, Brand Factory, Future Brands, Edelweiss Tokio, Hafele, Kalpataru, Tata Tele Business Services, Elica, Franklin Templeton to name a few. IdeateLabs specializes in taking brand challenges and turning them into opportunities that deliver tangible and valuable results. IdeateLabs has a presence across India and the Middle East.
About Brand Factory ( Brand Factory, a Future Group concept, is India’s leading chain of fashion discount stores with 99 outlets across 47 cities in India. It offers 200+ Indian and International fashion brands at 20-70% discount, 365 days a year. It also offers a diverse range of merchandise at absolutely great prices in a refreshingly enjoyable ambiance. Brand Factory stores include men’s formals, casuals, youth wear, women’s wear, sportswear, kids wear, footwear, accessories and more.