Monday 31 July 2023

ADP India celebrates 24 years of Excellence in India

~ Over 3,800 associates in Hyderabad assemble to celebrate the company’s 24th Anniversary in India~

Hyderabad, 31 July 2023 - ADP India, a leading provider of Human Resources Management Software & Services, has celebrated its 24th Company Anniversary with great enthusiasm and jubilation at HICC, Hyderabad. The commemorative event witnessed an exceptional gathering of over 3,800 ADP associates, who were joined by Senior Leaders from across global ADP locations to celebrate the company’s remarkable journey and unceasing growth over the years. As part of the festivities, which boasted of the theme of “Lead to Win: Embrace the Future,” ADP organized various cultural and immersive activities including live musical performances, dance sequences, and entertaining acts that kept everyone engrossed and enthused throughout the day.

In 1999, 102 associates have established operations in India, and 24 years later, ADP has tremendously grown, boasting a family of over 11,000 associates. ADP enjoys a great satisfaction quotient with each of its associates and clients alike. As a build-up to the event, ADP India held massive celebrations much in prior at their office. The activities included digital games, bicycle bots, spot running, office decorations, selfie booths and more based on their digital theme to build excitement amongst the associates.

Overjoyed with the gathering, Mr. Vijay Vemulapalli, General Manager and Managing Director, ADP Pvt. Ltd. said, “These are the 24 years that have been shaped by ADPeers, our people whose innovative spirit and pursuit of progress has led to our continued success in both Technology and Services spaces. We want this milestone to become a tangible experience – a celebration of ADP, our people, and our values. Thus, we spared no effort in ensuring that every associate felt appreciated and valued for their contributions to ADP's growth! As we celebrate this milestone, we are more committed than before to ‘Lead to Win’ and to nurture a supportive, inclusive, and progressive working environment for our ADP Family. We are excited about the journey ahead and remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive business success.”

The evening was witness to futuristic and bots-themed dance performances by ADP’s associates and a melodic musical medley by ADP Studio, the company’s music group. Another highlight of the evening was a performance by the talented children, who are a cherished part of ADP India CSR program, TARANG. Furthermore, various teams highlighted their high impact tech projects. The Project Showcasing was one-of-a kind demonstration of associates dressed in unique costumes, engaging the visitors with insights on their innovative ADP projects.

About ADP

ADP is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing and human capital management technology and solutions. Leveraging 73+ years of experience, ADP offers the widest range of HR, payroll, tax, and benefits administration solutions for more than one million clients in 140 countries. ADP Private Limited is one of the largest operations hubs spread across the cities of Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai with 11,000+ associates. ADP operations in India provides a complete range of product development services, technical support services, and solution center services that involve back-office operations covering both voice and non-voice processes. The organization’s key focus is to deliver world class service, build and preserve a highly engaged culture, and provide an inclusive work environment.


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Raiez A. Khan's Be-Rozzgaar- A Moving Anthem of Ambition, Purpose, Passion and Resilience launches on TM Music’s Audio Only

July 31:  TM Music’s Audio Only is pleased to announce the release of a new song, Be-Rozzgaar, by the talented artiste Raiez A. Khan. The song, which marks the beginning of Khan's musical journey, is now available on all major music platforms.

Be-Rozzgaar, which translates to "unemployed", is a unique piece that explores the early stages of an individual's career, particularly those starting on entrepreneurial or artistic paths. It encapsulates the experience of those who face skepticism and doubt from others at the outset of their journey.

The song is a narrative that delves into the theme of personal determination and the courage to follow one's own path, despite societal and closed ones expectations. It reflects the modern-day struggle where societal pressures often conflict with personal aspirations. It serves as a reminder that pursuing one's dreams often comes with its own set of challenges.

Raiez A. Khan, the artist behindBe-Rozzgaar, has not only sung but also written and composed this song. His unique perspective and lyrical prowess are evident in this composition, making it a much-anticipated addition to his musical collection.

"Life's journey is indeed a funny and unpredictable tale, filled with the voices of others trying to guide us as we grow. But in the end, it's about having faith and courage in ourselves, even when those same voices may advise otherwise. Be-Rozzgaar is a tribute to all the self-confident souls patiently awaiting their moment to shine, undeterred by the naysayers who claim it's time to rest. It's a celebration of those who stay true to their path, regardless of external opinions. As an artist, I draw inspiration from such resilient spirits, and through my music, I hope to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and persevere on their own extraordinary journey." expressed  Raiez A. Khan

Sharing his thoughts on the tune, Rohit Sobti, Co-Founder, TM Music said,  "Raiez is a Woke Artiste who creates music which is voice/feeling of lot of people . He has lived and improved on this song for many years along with his band Badmast. At TM Music, we are committed to promoting talented artists like Raiez A. Khan, who bring a fresh perspective and genuine emotions to their work. Be-Rozzgaar is an exceptional song that captures the essence of perseverance and self-belief. We are thrilled to have Raiez as part of the TM Music family and look forward to supporting him as he continues to create meaningful music that inspires and connects with people on a deeper level."

CSM drivers displayed exceptional performance at NRC 2023 securing wins in INRC 3, JIRNC and Women’s categories

Coimbatore, July 31, 2023 – Chetan Shivram Motorsports (CSM), the adrenaline-fueled force of rallying enthusiasts, is basking in the glory of a spectacular outing, showcasing their prowess and determination in the motorsport arena at the National Rally Championship 2023, in Coimbatore which (popularly called Rally of Coimbatore) was held on July 28 and 30, 2023. The team demonstrated exceptional skill and spirit, capturing an impressive haul of 6 trophies across various categories. With unparalleled performances, they proved their mettle, with two phenomenal wins in the INRC 3 and JIRNC categories by the dynamic duo of Jahaan Singh Gill and co-driver Suraj Prasad.
The much-anticipated event, featuring a fierce lineup of competitors from different car categories, witnessed Jahaan Singh Gill and Suraj Prasad conquer the INRC 3 and JIRNC categories, respectively. Their audacious performance was nothing short of inspiring, overcoming challenging odds and even outshining cars from higher categories to secure the 6th overall position.
In a display of unyielding grit and finesse, Ruthuparna Vivek, along with co-driver Athreya Kousgi, emerged victorious in the fiercely contested INRC 4 category. Their synergy and skill on the tracks were truly exemplary.
Further adding to the laurels, Nikeetaa Takkale and her co-driver Venu Rameshkumar delivered an outstanding performance, clinching the second spot in the Women’s category and securing a commendable third position in JINRC. Jayanth Somanathan with codriver R Rajashekar secured second place in the Gypsy challenge.
Team CSM would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to Vamcy Merla for the unwavering support and mentorship provided to the team. Vamcy Merla's encouragement and dedication have been instrumental in nurturing the talents of young motorsport enthusiasts, enabling them to chase their dreams with conviction and passion.
The team's success would not have been possible without the collective effort, determination, and teamwork displayed by all members. Team CSM remains committed to promoting motorsport and inspiring the next generation of racers.
"We are thrilled with the exceptional performance of Team CSM in this outing. Their triumph is a testament to their unwavering dedication and passion for motorsport. We are immensely proud of their achievements and look forward to witnessing their continued success in the future," said Vamcy Merla, expressing his delight in the team's accomplishments.
As the dust settles on this unforgettable rally event, Team CSM stands tall, holding their heads high with pride. They have proven that the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie combined with skill and determination can conquer even the toughest challenges on the racetrack.

"Nothing Phone (2) Launch: TVA.Group's Masterful Touch Ensures a Stellar Success of Flipkart's Nothing Phone (2)Launch"

28th July 2023, Mumbai: An outstanding campaign for the exclusive launch of Nothing Phone (2) on Flipkart has resulted in an incredible 200 million+ impressions. The promotional event featured a grand unboxing of the innovative device and was marked by the participation of celebrated personalities from across the country. In a strategic masterstroke, TVA.Group, curated a groundbreaking product launch campaign for the much-anticipated release of the Nothing Phone (2), exclusively on Flipkart. 

The campaign was inspired by iconic cities across India and boasted a lineup of luminaries like Shruti Hasan, Saba Azad, Arjun Kapoor, Vijay Verma, Babil Khan, KING, and Yash Dasgupta. Over 50 celebs and creators joined hands to unbox the phone at 2 PM on 14th July across 30+ cities, contributing to a momentous launch, one of the biggest unboxings in the country, and the campaign's monumental success.

"Nothing Phone (2)," a distinctive Android smartphone that debuted in the market earlier this month. The device boasts remarkable specifications that have garnered considerable attention. Notably, it has demonstrated superior performance by outpacing even the esteemed iPhone 14 Plus in a rigorous speed test. The combination of its cutting-edge features and impressive results in real-world comparisons position the Nothing Phone (2) as a compelling option for discerning smartphone users seeking a premium experience.

The grand launch of the Nothing Phone (2) in partnership with Flipkart marks an exciting milestone in the world of smartphones. With its transparent design, powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, and UI/UX innovations, the Nothing Phone (2) is set to captivate tech enthusiasts and redefine the smartphone experience.

Experiencing a sense of relief and accomplishment after a triumphant campaign, Tarika Gulabani, co-founder of TVA.Group,(, joyfully expressed, “After the incredible success of NOTHING Phone (1) launch mounted by TVA last year, this year our collaboration with Flipkart for this revolutionary launch has been a source of immense pride for, and we eagerly anticipate the prospect of engaging in further exciting endeavors with Flipkart.”

About TVA.Group

TVA.Group is a top-notch Indian marketing firm that provides comprehensive services across Marketing and Communication, Talent, and Production verticals. With esteemed clients like Flipkart, Myntra, Zivame, Cult, Virgio, Lee, Cleartrip, and others, TVA expanded its capabilities in 2022 by constructing advanced studios on a sprawling 20,000-square-foot campus in Mumbai, optimizing delivery times, economies of scale, and operational efficiency.

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Gurgaon-based Parindey Storytellers win honours at the 12th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival

New Delhi, 31st July 2023: Short films Entrapment and Raju’s conflict, two films which were directed by Gurgaon Based filmmakers, Parindey Storytellers, win big at the 12th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival. Entrapment won the award for Best Background score while Raju’s Conflict won Honourable Jury Mention.

This is after they also won big at the 13th Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival 2023. The two short films were directed by Prakhar Gautam and produced under the banner of Parindey Storytellers.

Entrapment is the story of a lonely woman who lives in a concocted reality of a family she never had and an idea she has lived with for years to kill her loneliness. The story of the film was conceived by Harrdeep who also played the lead role in the film. The film was shot on a shoestring budget with a small crew and has already one other honours including the Best Editing award at the 10th Noida International Film Festival.  

Hardeep who has acted in various TV shows and films said “The making of entrapment was a very emotional experience for me as the topic was very close to my heart. My father who left us two years ago due to covid was the inspiration for this story. The film is about loneliness and social entrapment that almost every woman faces at some time or the other. This feeling can get so overwhelming at times that the mind starts concocting things as a defense mechanism”.

Raju’s Conflict is set in pre-independent India and the film depicts the dilemma of Raju, a simpleton in a small village in pre-independent India. Raju is from a family of patriots who have sacrificed their lives for the country. His Brother was recently killed by the English rulers for being a Revolutionary. The dilemma he faces here is a choice between killing for an ideology or not killing for humanity…

Anmol Bhayana who played the role of Raju said “Had a fantastic time working on this film. We all went to a village to shoot this one and it was extremely cold. It has come out really well and everyone is liking it which makes us happy and grateful”

Sucheta who has also acted in many major ads said - The making of this movie reaffirmed my belief that if a story resonates strongly with your thoughts and ideals, you will put in all your effort to make it believable to others. Camera work, acting, editing, and all other aspects that make a film loveable fall into place. That has been my personal learning from working with this film.

About Prakhar, Anil, another actor said - His vision as a director and his interest as a historian seeing those two aspects come alive into the camera and on the screen. 

Ayush an actor in the film said Raju's Conflict talks about the different conflicts we have in our personal life. It was a fabulous life experience, acting in the movie and learning new perspectives about the shoot

Jashan who was also an associate director in the film said - I feel lucky to have worked with Parindey both in front of and behind the camera. Entrapment and Raju's Conflict are two starkly different films but the one thing that is common between the projects is the effort put in by Prakhar and his team that has brought about phenomenal success.

It was a great experience working in Raju's conflict with Prakhar's team as we share one vision whenever we do something we always try to provide something new to the audience and more importantly to you yourself also. As for my character Zamindar, it's a layered one that I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the help of Prakhar and which I have not done before also. Felt blessed to be part of such a project and team thankyou and keep rocking said Sarat Bothra.

STAIRS Foundation Appoints Dr. Sunil Purohit to Spearhead Physical Education and Sports Science Division

New Delhi, July 31, 2023: : The Society for Transformation, Inclusion, and Recognition through Sports (STAIRS), headquartered in New Delhi, India, proudly announces the appointment of Dr Sunil Purohit as the National Head of the esteemed Physical Education and Sports Science Division. This significant development underscores STAIRS Foundation’s commitment to promoting sports excellence and nurturing young talent, aligning with the United Nations’ vision for inclusive and empowering opportunities for youth worldwide.

In his new capacity as National Head, Dr Purohit assumes a critical role in shaping the future of sports education, research initiatives, and coach training at STAIRS Foundation. Leveraging his profound expertise and dedication to excellence, Dr Purohit’s leadership will undoubtedly foster the growth and potential of athletes and coaches associated with the organisation, contributing to sustainable development in the realm of sports.

Welcoming Dr Purohit, Shri Siddhartha Upadhyay, President of STAIRS Foundation and Former Governing Council Member of Sports Authority of India, expressed, “The arrival of Dr Sunil Purohit marks a momentous occasion for STAIRS Foundation. His unwavering passion for sports and deep-rooted expertise in sports science will strengthen our organisation’s impact, advancing a brighter future for aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts nationwide.”

“I am truly honoured and exhilarated to be a part of the STAIRS Foundation, an institution that shares my unwavering zeal for sports and empowering the next generation of athletes,” expressed Dr Sunil Purohit. “I eagerly look forward to collaborating with STAIRS in fostering a brighter future for sports education and innovation, leaving a positive impact on the lives of countless young talents.”

Dr Sunil Purohit is a distinguished Assistant Professor at the School of Sports Science, Central University Rajasthan, where he has made profound contributions to sports education. With an impressive 14-year tenure as the Former Junior Scientific Officer at the Sports Authority of India, Dr Purohit has played an instrumental role in shaping the sports landscape in the country.

Recognised for his outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to sports science, Dr Purohit received the prestigious PODIUM International Scholarship, which allowed him to participate in the Pre-London Olympics ICSEMIS Conference, further enriching his expertise and global perspective.

About STAIRS Foundation:

STAIRS Foundation is a Delhi-based, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth and children in India. In alignment with the United Nations’ principles of equality and inclusivity, STAIRS is committed to providing opportunities to young Indians, enabling them to lead a life of dignity and contributing to sustainable development goals. Since its inception in 2000, STAIRS has nurtured and encouraged talented athletes from diverse backgrounds, offering them avenues to unlock their inherent potential and pursue fulfilling careers in sports. Additionally, STAIRS conducts educational and health programs, ensuring a healthy life of dignity for all, regardless of caste, creed, or gender. STAIRS operates more than 400 centres across seven states in India, transforming lives through the power of sports.

World must embrace ancient Indian traditions of nature conservation, says Shri Kalraj Mishra, Hon'ble Governor, Rajasthan, as C20 Summit concludes in Jaipur

Mumbai / July 31, 2023: The three-day Final Summit of Civil20 (C20), an official Engagement Group of G20, concluded at Jaipur with presentation of the C20 Communique, a grassroots survey and policy recommendations developed by its 16 Working Groups. These important documents were presented to the G20 Secretariat and representatives of G20 Brazil at the Summit.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Chair, C20 India, also officially handed over the leadership of C20 to Brazil after successful conclusion of C20 India. More than 800 delegates were present at the event, including civil society organizations from around the globe, distinguished experts from renowned institutions, and G20 officials.

Prominent dignitaries attended the valedictory function including Shri Kalraj Mishra, Hon'ble Governor, Rajasthan; Smt. Vasundhara Raje, Vice President, BJP; Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Chair, C20; Shri Vijay Nambiar, Sherpa C20 India; Sri M, Core Committee Member, C20; Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri, Troika, C20 & Vice Chairman, Mata Amritanandamayi Math; Shri Athayde Motta, Executive Director, Abong; and Élisabeth Moreno, ex-Minister Delegate in France for Equality Between Women & Men, Diversity & Equal Opportunities.

Said Shri Kalraj Mishra, Hon'ble Governor, Rajasthan: “As we focus on the needs of economic and social development, it is also necessary to pay attention to environmental conservation. As the world makes efforts to tackle the challenges of climate change, we need to look back at Indian culture which has a tradition of worshiping trees and connecting them with the divine. We have to embrace our ancient traditions of nature conservation and promoting awareness about these for future development. This work should be carried out on a large scale.”

Shri Kalraj Mishra added: “Niti Aayog and the United Nations are working on a framework for continuous development and cooperation in India. It is important that our foundation for this is based on four strategic pillars of People, Prosperity, Planet and Participation. These pillars are interconnected and focus on six result areas: Health & Wellbeing; Nutrition & Food Security; Quality Education; Economic Development & Decent Work; Environmental Sustainability, Climate & Resilience; and Empowerment of People, Communities, & Institutions. It is necessary to advance these foundations and targeted outcomes under Civil-20.”

Shri Kalraj Mishra said: “Civil society organisations can play a huge role in shaping India’s development plans and policies according to the aspirations of the common people. They can help bridge the gap between large-scale initiatives and their practical implementation for the benefit of the people and reducing inequality. There is still much to be done in addressing the challenges of gender inequality, continuous development, climate change and environmental balance. We must work on integrating our rich cultural traditions related to environmental conservation into modern practices. We must learn from our traditions of tree worship and nature conservation. We must connect the modern generation with the traditions of love and care for animals within the framework of environmental balance. We have to focus on involving the younger generation in the development of skills and values that align with Indian culture.”

Smt. Vasundhara Raje, Vice President, BJP and ex-Chief Minister of Rajasthan, said: "The COVID pandemic was a testament to both the unpreparedness of nation states and the resilience of humanity. Together, governments, civil society, and science successfully combated the disease and vaccinated majority of the adult population. The spirit of cooperative federalism flourished. However, amidst all our triumphs, we must heed the warning from Mother Nature, as our relentless pursuit of physical comfort is leading to reckless depletion of natural wealth. Our thirst for energy poses a grave threat to the very planet that sustains us.”

She added, “At this moment in history, we face challenges of our own making and must accept collective responsibility. All cultures and nations must unite to reduce demands on scarce resources, prioritize reuse, and embrace recycling to avert the dire future of oblivion. As representatives of civil society, we must lead the charge in advocating sustainable practices, conservation, and renewable energy. We must ensure that extreme climates do not disproportionately harm the most vulnerable among us. To achieve ecological and financial justice, we must engage in inclusive development processes that uphold principles of gender equality. Collaboration between governments and civil society is essential to effectively address these critical issues."

Said Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri, Troika, C20 & Vice Chairman, Mata Amritanandamayi Math: “Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi served as our sole inspiration and guiding light for the remarkable success of C20 in India. This was possible only because of her divine leadership and guidance. As we draw the final curtains on the C20 final summit, we thank all the people and organizations whose unwavering commitment and collective support made this possible. A special word of thanks to civil society organizations for their commitment for promoting social justice, human rights, and sustainable development. Together, as global community, we have taken a step forward in building a more equitable, sustainable and compassionate world as we leave this C20 Summit with new ideas and renewed determination. But let us remember that our work has only just begun.”

The 16 Working Groups of C20 have proposed a wide array of policy recommendations on each of their thematic areas. They have also come up with specific examples of successful work that has already been done by civil society organizations in each area of focus which could be replicated elsewhere in the world

The Civil20 Summit serves as a platform for experts, advocates, and policymakers to convene, fostering idea exchange and presenting actionable policy recommendations to the G20. It concentrates on critical global issues to shape and influence policies that advance sustainable development, inclusivity, and a better future for all.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, is the Chair of C20.

3i Infotech Deepens Strategic Investments in Cloud-First and Edge-Ready Products

Strong new Order booked for Q1 FY24 was at Rs 60 crore TCV

Mumbai, July 31, 2023 – 3i Infotech Limited (BSE532628NSE3IINFOTECH), a leading digital transformation and technology solutions provider company, today announced its consolidated financial results for the Q1FY24 ended June 30th, 2023.

The company's transformation strategy focuses on building new capabilities and competencies to accelerate penetration and revenue mix change around the globe with improving margins across the business. 3i Infotech is committed to creating highly customized, country-specific business models that will deliver significant value at the right price. The company will also be leveraging its NuRe Bharat Network to capitalize on advertising potential by connecting with prepaid segments and providing visibility and business opportunities to medium and small enterprises throughout India's vast and diverse regions. This initiative will be undertaken while monetizing operations to deliver profitable results. Further to its traditional BFSI focus, 3i Infotech will also target mid-tier companies in the Telecom Media Entertainment (TME), manufacturing, and healthcare verticals.

The company reported consolidated revenue of Rs 194.4 crore in Q1FY24 with a growth of 8.5% YoY and 2.1% QoQ; Gross margin of 16.5% with a growth of 5.5% YoY and 0.5% sequential QoQ. During the quarter the company has added 38 new contracts from existing & new customers. The company has strong visibility of deals which will supplement the new wins for the year. Utilizing its innovative products and technologically powered platforms, 3i Infotech’s revenue mix is shifting from classic enterprises to next-generation businesses. 

Commenting on the Q1 FY24 results, Mr. Thompson P. Gnanam, Managing Director and Global CEO, of 3i Infotech Limited said, “We are pleased to report revenue growth of 8.5% year on year, driven by a consistent effort to establish new services under the NuRe brand and to expand into new locations and sectors. We have made significant investments in new business models with the purpose of being future-ready, and we aim to monetize and develop our strategic investments in the cloud-first, digital inside cognitive-powered, and edge-ready products by establish new services under the NuRe brand and to expand into new locations and sectors.

Our NuRe Bharat Network (RailTel Project) is commercial ready. Despite an impact on our profitability due to the pre-operating cost & minimum guarantee payments in Q1, we are excited on the prospects of the same as there is a large order funnel building steadily.”

Key Business Announcements

  • Awarded contract by Bajaj Electricals for specialized managed infrastructure services, cloud management, database management, and IT application support with a contract value of Rs. 18.7 crore over 5 years, plus one-time roll out service fees costs of roughly Rs. 60 lakh
  • Won Managed Services Deal of Rs. 42.6 crore from a Leading Indian Pvt Bank, spread across 2 years
  • NuRe FutureTech signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SRM Valliammai Engineering College in Chennai to establish an AI (artificial intelligence) lab within the institute’s campus.
  • Awarded a contract from IOCL for managed services of Rs. 16.3 crore to 3i Infotech

Other Business Highlights

  • In Q1 FY24, Application-Automation-Analytics (AAA) was one of the highest revenue contributors with Rs 128.2 crore followed by IMS revenues of Rs 31.4 crore
  • Q1 FY24 Revenues for the US region was Rs 85.4 crore a growth of 3.7% YoY, followed by revenue from India region was at Rs 81.5 crore a growth of 37.8% YoY
  • From a vertical standpoint, Banking & Financial Services (BFSI) is a major contributor in total revenue with a 34.1% revenue share while Information Technology has a 27.9% revenue share in Q1 FY24
  • CloudFirst reported revenues of Rs 6.8 crore with a GM of 29.2%; an increase in the revenue by 186% YoY & 59% QoQ
  • Digital IMS (DIMS) has grown with revenue of Rs 31.4 crore with a GM of 16.3%, an increase in the revenue by 5.7 % QoQ and 25.6% YoY
  • 38 logos added by the existing and new customers in Q1 FY24 primarily from Oil & Energy, BFS
  • New contracts from existing North America BFS clients worth USD 2.4Mn TCV added in Cognitive computing, customer experience transformation and digital infrastructure management

Key Highlights of the Consolidated Financial Performance

  • The quarter ended June 30th, 2023
  • Operating Revenue was Rs 194.4 crore, up by 2.1% QoQ and 8.5%YoY
  • Operating EBITDA (before RailTel MG costs) was Rs 1.3 crore which is up by Rs 8.2 crore QoQ and Rs 7.5 crore YoY

About 3i Infotech Limited

3i Infotech Limited incorporated in 1993 and headquartered in Mumbai, India, provides information technology services and software solutions. Since its inception the company has 25+ years of experience in delivering business value to its clients across multiple industry verticals. 3i Infotech has emerged as a leading name in propelling the current wave of digital transformation initiatives, with deep domain

expertise across BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Government sectors. 

It operates through three key segments, (i) Enterprise Services (includes ADMS, ISMS, Testing, Classic BPS, MVS etc.), (ii) Professional Services (includes Human Capital Mgt. Services) and (iii) Digital Business Services (includes IT & Digital Consulting, Application-Automation-Analytics (AAA), Digital Infrastructure Management Services (Digital IMS), CloudFirst, Oracle COE, Global Command Centre (GCC), Cyber SOC,  Digital BPS, Cognitive Computing Services, 5G Lab as Service, Private 5G, IoT, Cyber Security Services, Secured Access Service Edge (SASE), AgriTech, Telecom Media Entertainment (TME), Edge Computing,  Edge Analytics, NuRe Campus, FutureTech etc.).

The Company has over 6000+ employees and over 500+ clients across the globe.

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Burma Burma Launches A New Menu

        Delicious Small Plates, Hearty Mains, Refreshing Coolers & Nostalgia-laced ice creams

        inspired by its varied geographies, bustling markets, diverse cultures, and family recipes

        Offering a contemporary take on traditional Burmese cuisine


All India, June 2023: Burma Burma, presents many delicious reasons for you to experience an incredible array of Burmese specialties at its restaurants in Delhi NCR (Saket, Noida & Cyber Hub Gurugram), Mumbai, Bengaluru (Indiranagar & Brigade Road) and Kolkata.  Light, flavourful yet immensely satisfying - dining at Burma Burma this season promises to be an exciting discovery of Burmese cuisine with the all-new selection of delicious small plates, refreshing salads, hearty mains, chilled bubble teas, and nostalgia-laced plated desserts and ice creams. Borne out of a recent research trip led by Co-founder Ankit Gupta and Chef Ansab, Head Chef Burma Burma, to Mandalay and Shan in Burma earlier this year, the new small plates present a contemporary take on the dishes borrowed and replicated from Burma’s street food, as well as tribal and heirloom recipes passed down through generations.  Bringing robust flavours and intriguing dishes from the streets and homes of Burma to your table - Burma Burma celebrates the culture, taste, and cooking styles of this fascinating and largely unexplored country with this new selection of dishes and drinks. The new offering promises to transport you to the streets of Yangon with each bite! Blending the best of traditional Burmese recipes with fresh ingredients and unique flavours, the latest menu presents small plates like Crunchy Shiitake Fingers, Taro and Tempeh Pan-Seared Bao and Soba Noodles with Tea Leaf Pesto, hearty mains such as Mandalay Noodle Bowl and Smoked Chilli Rice Bowl and plated desserts including Street Style Burmese Falooda, Saffron and Samuza Cheesecake and a selection of artisanal ice creams including Pineapple Energee, Dark Chocolate & Olive Oil, Avocado & Honey, Honeycomb & Sweetcorn and Durian Fruit.  Burma Burma, a one-of-its-kind specialty Burmese cuisine restaurant and tea house, is known not just for its distinct, flavourful cuisine but also its fine selection of thirst-quenching coolers, mocktails and bubble teas and recently launched artisanal, small batch nostalgia-inspired ice creams.

On their recent visit to Burma, the culinary team met Aunty Pey Pey, who could turn any ingredient into a delightfully refreshing salad. Taking inspiration from her guava salad, Burma Burma’s Aunty Pey Pey’s Guava Salad comprises medium-ripe guava tossed in roasted chilli and crunchy peanuts and served with guava and Sriracha shards, a perfect start to a summer meal. Burmese cuisine is characterised by sour, spicy and robust flavours combined with distinct textures and unique pantry staples. The new small plates offering is inspired by the varied geographies, bustling markets, diverse cultures and family recipes in Burma and a contemporary take on some of the most memorable flavours tasted by the team on their many research visits over the years. These small plates showcase indigenous Burmese ingredients, typical of local household cooking like Bandel cheese, Balachaung peppers and Laphet, that are sourced from Burma. The Crunchy Shiitake Fingers is a textural delight of crusted meaty, shiitake mushroom served with a creamy cashew and smoked Bandel cheese dip. The crisp outer layer on the mushrooms takes its inspiration from the semolina and hemp seed coating used in Sanwi - a popular Burmese sweet. If comfort could be packed into a bowl, it would have to be the Soba Noodles with Tea Leaf Pesto; Earthy and unctuous soba noodles tossed with the signature Burmese tea leaf dressing - laphet (fermented and pickled tea leaves) and a sunflower seed pesto, finished with smoked Bandel cheese. The umami flavoured King Oyster Mushrooms, in the Trumpet Mushroom Steak, are grilled to perfection with a chilli kaffir lime dressing; served with crisp morning glory and puffed black rice. Edamame and Broad Bean Hummus, a smooth, airy broad bean and edamame puree topped with the spicy Burmese balachaung stuffed peppers, come with local tea-shop style Burmese naan. A new addition to the signature baos is the pillowy soft and light Taro and Tempeh Pan-Seared Bao, stuffed with slow-cooked tempeh, taro, and tofu, pan-seared and served with charred peppers.

Burma Burma’s versatile Malar Sauce brings a unique hot and tangy addition to the main course offering - the Stir-Fried Tofu & Vegetables In Malar Sauce features silken tofu and fresh vegetables braised in this signature sauce. Diners have the option of enjoying it as a Stir Fry or a Rice Bowl.  Mandalay Noodle Bowl, a hearty Udon noodle bowl with coconut curry, charred bok choy and tofu, topped with crunchy shiitake is a comfort bowl of homely goodness.  A Burmese meal is seldom complete without a rice plate - the Smoked Chilli Rice Bowl with aromatic jasmine rice is wok tossed in smoked chilli sauce with seasonal greens and topped with crackers. 

This weather calls for a tall glass of chilled Iced Tea! Integral to Burmese life, tea is not just savoured as a drink but eaten too and no celebration is complete without it. The beverage program at Burma Burma stays true to its roots with a Burmese Tea Room that offers an extensive selection of Artisanal Iced Tea Blends and Coolers. The newest tea concoctions include, Lemon & Lime, a strong cold brew Lemon Tea with citrusy notes of lime, and Spiced Apricot, a tasteful amalgamation of smoked oolong kombucha, roasted red chilli and local Burmese pickled apricots. The mocktail selection, pairs perfectly with our food offering from the diverse geographies of Burma. More Iced Teas for you to enjoy with your summer meal - Scarlet is made with hibiscus cold brew, grapefruit, ginger ale, and honey, while Paloma, with a sweet and spicy kick, uses pineapple, grapefruit, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, lemongrass, kaffir lime and chilli.

The newly launched lemonades are perfect summer thirst-quenchers: take your pick from Lemon Splash to Berry Blush with pickled raspberries or the Peru Lemonade with Sichuan pepper.  Bubble Tea, an Asian delicacy, has gained immense popularity in many South Asian countries, Burma included. And the much-loved Bubble Teas at Burma Burma are any-time favourites, and the new additions made with freshly brewed teas, laced with sweet, chewy tapioca pearls include Brown Sugar Bubble Tea and Avocado Bubble Tea. Other crowd favourites on offer are Nutella Bubble Tea, Lotus Biscoff Bubble Tea and Chocolate Bubble Tea and unique flavours like Matcha Bubble Tea and Yuzu Bubble Tea.

Remember your childhood, hot summer afternoons, walking out of school, playing on the fields, and then walking around looking for a cold, thirst-quenching cooler, or an indulgent scoop of ice-cream? Burma Burma's new creamy, delectable Pineapple Energee brings back the joy of enjoying a bottle of Energee on a hot summer day but in an ice cream. Remember munching hungrily on a corn-on-the-cob? At Burma Burma it is creatively reimagined as a frozen treat and plated as the Honeycomb & Sweet Corn Ice cream with sweet corn kernels and bits of salted caramel popcorn topped with crunchy honeycomb. Inspired by childhood flavours and classic ingredients with a touch of nostalgia, the new artisanal ice creams launched this summer are fresh, creamy, and downright delicious and come in unique and unusual ingredient combinations. Served in-restaurant and plated imaginatively - the Avocado Ice cream is topped with honey caviar and coconut fumes while the forbidden Asian Durian fruit with its unique and distinct flavour is whipped into one-of-a-kind handmade ice cream. Indulgent dark chocolate churned into a smooth ice cream with olive oil drizzled over makes our Dark Chocolate & Olive Oil ice cream. If you love a classic cheesecake, then the Caramelised White Chocolate and Cheese ice cream with hints of raspberry gel and vanilla streusel will hit the spot. Offering the most delicious Ice Creams in a variety of flavours, Burma Burma's offering is made in-house, in small bathers, with the best quality ingredients and is available for both dine-in as plated desserts and for delivery.

Also on the menu is a selection of International desserts, co-curated by Bangalore-based Chef Vinesh Johny, that are influenced by traditional Burmese sweetmeats and global favourites. Marrying classic flavours with contemporary flair, the Saffron and Samuza Cheesecake is a baked saffron cheesecake, topped with pistachio creme, flaky honey Samuza and a scoop of mango sorbet. Rangoon Baked Milk, that perfect ‘not too sweet’ dessert is made with house-baked milk, vanilla whipped ganache, raspberry gel, fried brioche, and a generous sprinkle of almond nougatine. A fresh take on a classic black forest pastry, our Black Forest dessert encompasses a candied almond mouse, vanilla froyo and balsamic cherry sorbet garnished with smoked cherries and dark chocolate.

Rich in heritage and abundant in authentic flavours, the award-winning Burmese restaurant offers the country’s authentic culinary traditions with contemporary flair along with the finest selection of dishes and artisanal teas, served in a space designed with traditional Burmese accents and modern touches. A gathering place to celebrate the wholesome cuisine of Burma.  Burma Burma’s new menu is now available at all Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Rooms in Delhi NCR (Noida & Cyber Hub Gurugram), Mumbai, Bengaluru (Indiranagar & Brigade Road), and Kolkata and for home delivery via Swiggy and Zomato.



Founded in 2014 by childhood friends, Chirag Chhajer & Ankit Gupta, Burma Burma (Hunger Pangs Pvt. Ltd.) currently owns seven restaurants across Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Kolkata. The concept hails from Gupta's Burmese roots. His mother and her family who were brought up in Myanmar had a great influence, expanding his food platter with heady flavours of Burmese cuisine. The brand is an amalgamation of the two biggest forces in Ankit’s life, his father’s lineage of restaurateurs and the treasured family recipes from his mother’s heritage. Armed with the concept and design he approached his friend Chirag Chhajer, a food enthusiast, and an avid traveller to bring Burmese food to Indian tables. But Burma Burma is more than a restaurant. It is a wholesome and innovative dining experience and a holistic experience Burma in terms of food, culture, and happiness.


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