Wednesday 30 September 2020

JK Lakshmipat University launches new integrated program with St. Cloud State University to make International education available despite COVID-19

Jaipur, September 2020:  When the students’ dreams of studying in a foreign university are getting shattered because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, leading educational institute JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) has decided to collaborate with the prestigious St. Cloud State University, USA to make the students’ wishes fulfilled in the unprecedented times of COVID-19. The new curriculum, designed by both the Universities, will enable students to get a proper Engineering Management degree in five years.

Under this program, the students will pursue this degree in a 3.5+1.5 year of duration. In the first 3.5 years, the student will be studying at the JKLU campus and the remaining 1.5 years, which comprises of six months project and one year study, at St. Cloud State University. Through these programs offered at JKLU, the Indian Students do not have to appear for the TOEFL exam and will also save one year of his academic year in bagging the Masters degree. It will also enable them to save the living expenses which they would have to shell out while staying in the USA.

Founded in 1869, St. Cloud State is a leading comprehensive public university in the Upper Midwest of the United States. It delivers active and applied to learn via direct access to professors, local businesses, and industry leaders. The university has a mission to unleash ideas, imagination, purpose, and promise.

Prof. Raina feels that the collaboration and the new course have been fruitful for students, who want to have a foreign degree in their curriculum vitae. 

“If we look at the various data, the United States of America has always one of the preferred destinations for Indian students to pursue higher education. In 2019, the total number of Indian students in the US has reached a record high of 202,014, which is much higher as compared to the universities in Australia, Canada, the UK and Germany. Currently, no foreign embassy is offering visas to Indian Students as there are travel restrictions due to pandemic and the situation is likely to continue for some months. Therefore, Indian students should take benefit of the International Articulation program, which is being offered at JK Lakshmipat University to save the precious academic year,” said Dr. RL Raina.

Shoppers stop enters the festive season with a bang to encourage positive sentiment for customers during the pandemic

~Launches a multi-media campaign led by Television that celebrates the triumph and values of Goddess Durga and gives confidence to consumers during the pandemic~ 

Kolkata, Sept 30, 2020: As Unlock 5.0 begins across the country, customers are now seen visiting Shoppers Stop stores which are safe and trusted. During the pandemic, Shoppers Stop has reinvented the shopping experience by making stores safe under the WHO guidelines and also introduced App based shopping, Personal Shopper lounges, assisted shopping service in the store through digital means and a comfortable experience from home with WhatsApp shopping.

Shoppers Stop has launched its festival campaign and promotions during Durga puja, once again paying tribute to Goddess Durga and her values that are embodied and visible in the human spirit. This time, the film has a family as the protagonist who is seen celebrating Durga puja and emerging positively against a backdrop of the dark times which we all want to leave behind.

Titled ‘Ami Alo’ or ‘I Am The Light’, the film showcases, how women and their families, even in the most difficult and darkest of times, embody the characteristics of the Goddess such as one-of-a-kind (Advitiya), Powerful (Shakti), Fearless (Nirbhay), and Light (Ami Alo). All of this to show that there is hope at end of this dark period for her family. The film urges customers to step out of the darkness, stand together and bring the brilliance back into our lives. Shoppers Stop sees the festive season as a celebration of families coming together during such difficult times. The film recognises the power of the woman – as she becomes the beacon of hope and positivity for her family. It honours her uniqueness and fearlessness and focuses on her bringing light even in darkness.

Sharing her thoughts on the campaign, Uma Talreja – Customer Care Associate, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer at Shoppers Stop Ltd. said, “This year has been the most difficult year for everyone in every way. As we enter the festive season, we are reminded of the values and culture that makes us strong and that has helped us overcome bad times. Shoppers Stop has been a partner in the transformation journey of Indian consumers since its inception in 1991. This year we have brought safety, convenience, and comfort to consumers by giving them ways to enjoy shopping for Durga Puja. The film pays a tribute to the positivity and strength of the human spirit as we all want to step out of dark times and emerge victorious and bright like Maa Durga. It is time to inject the positive sentiments back into our lives and celebrate our favourite festivals once again, through safe and preferred means be it online, at stores or even on WhatsApp.”

The festival is an important shopping occasion for families and apart from being a joyous time, it is also a moment of hope and positivity for everyone. What better way than to have light, which is an integral part of the festivities, symbolise this hope, especially given the backdrop this year. The ‘Ami Alo’ (I am the Light) campaign celebrates the woman and the Goddess in her and ushers in the festival with positivity.

Shoppers Stop is running offers for its customers across multiple categories such as home décorfashion accessories, and kitchen wear in Kolkata, Durgapur, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati, Siliguri, and Ranchi. Additionally, there is a First Citizen enrolment drive through differential offering during the festive season. Customers can avail offers and discounts on bedsheets and bed in bag from Treasure/Fern, Noritake dinner set, and FOSSIL smart watch.

Their latest campaign can be seen here:




Campaign Agency Credits:

Client: Shoppers Stop Ltd.

Marketing: Uma Talreja – CCA, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, Patricia Dsouza – Manager Marketing, and Prateek Gupta – Dy. Manager Marketing

Agency: Contract Advertising, Mumbai

Creative: Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, Rahul Ghosh, Debu Purkayastha, Anwesha Praharaj, Shirish Madghe, Vishal Jadhav, Shivani Deshpande

Account Management: Ayan Chakraborty, Aparna Mandalaparthy, Tanvi Kapoor, Anish Rao

Planning: Rohit Srivastava, Dia Kirpalani, Vishal Ostwal, Nihar Pachpande

Whether you want to visit the store or shop online, Shoppers Stop has got you covered. Visit your nearest Shoppers Stop store, log on to the website, download the app available on Android and iOS, avail our WhatsApp services, Virtual Assistance, Home Services or simply talk to our Personal Shopper on +91-9004394244 between 11 AM and 7 PM, any day or visit to know more.

About Shoppers Stop Limited:

Shoppers Stop Ltd. is the nation’s leading premier retailer of fashion and beauty brands established in 1991. Spread across 84 department stores in 47 Cities, the company also operates premium home concept stores (11 Stores), 132 Specialty Beauty stores of M.A.C, Estée Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Smash box, Jo Malone and Arcelia, occupying an area of 4.5M sq. ft. Shoppers Stop is home to one of the country's longest running and most coveted loyalty program 'First Citizen'. The company’s one-of-a-kind shopping assistance service, 'Personal Shopper' is revolutionising the way Indians shop, bringing more value, comfort, and convenience to customer experiences. The brands diversified Omni channel offering spans over 500+ recognised and trusted brands across an incomparable range of products that together serve our overarching objective of delivering customer delight.

Whether you want to visit the store or shop online, Shoppers Stop has got you covered. Visit your nearest Shoppers Stop store, log on to the website, download the app available on Android and iOS, avail our WhatsApp services, Virtual Assistance, Home Services or simply talk to our Personal Shopper on +91-9004394244 between 11 AM and 7 PM, any day or visit to know more.

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Esperer Onco Nutrition (EON) Announces No More Malnutrition, a Socially Responsible Mission

30th September, 2020, Mumbai: The occurrence of malnutrition in cancer patients varies from 30% to 80%. Malnutrition and Cachexia -associated weight loss in cancer patients is understood to be initiated by the grouping of inflammation, under nutrition and cancer-brought catabolism. Mission No More Malnutrition is a noble mission to combat and arrest the crucial issue of malnutrition plaguing the cancer care process in India. EON is a bioresearch organization in Mumbai making significant contributions in the nutritional therapy space for cancer patients since 2018.

Esperer Nutrition undertakes intensive well-rounded cancer research and believes that the disease itself is somatic but the suffering and often death resulting from it is due to psychological reasons more than from the biological disease. Esperer Nutrition intends to re-inculcate faith in life and hope for life in patients. It is a mission that was envisioned when Esperer Nutrition identified the Indian market flooded with international nutritional formulas that weren’t best suited for Indian cancer patients; they were inaccessible and very expensive.  In its journey to discover its mission as cancer research organization, Esperer recognized this‘AHurdle’ of accessibility, affordability and acceptability which is arising with an increasing number of international formulas in the Indian market.

EON aims to address the problem of malnutrition by cracking the aforementioned dilemmas of accessibility, affordability and acceptability with a passion driven project. To accomplish this goal; narrowing the focus and getting more specific Esperer Nutrition is building an Indian gut specific nutritional product to combat Malnutrition. Esperer Nutrition deems it necessary for targeted nutrition to hold hands with nutritional therapy.

Keeping ‘AHurdle’ in mind Esperer Nutrition now has a mission, Mission No More MalnutritionNo more Malnutrition is a moral initiative taken up by Esperer Nutrition to reach out a lending hand to financially challenged patients and help them by co-paying for Esperer’s research based condition specific nutrition products and supplements. This would cut the cord of the vicious circle of Malnutrition and help patients recover without bearing the financial brunt. The co-payment program undertaken by Esperer Nutrition would envisage Esperer Nutrition paying for the majority amount with a minimal contribution from the patient. In cases calling in for complete financial assistance Esperer will bear the complete cost to deliver the best and desired nutrition to the patient. Esperer’s Co-Pay program can be accessed from their website by a simple form or can also be availed by calling in the customer care services with the entire start-to-end budget decision process not taking more than 48 hours with the help of an expert committee set up for the cause by Esperer Nutrition.

With NM, EON aims to make targeted nutrition easy to access and afford by the patient through as many convenient channels as possible. This mission will also ensure that the patient grasps beneficial and obtainable nutrition to deal with Malnutrition. Importantly, EON wants the patient to enjoy the product and in effect increase the resulting compliance and reduce patients succumbing to death due to malnutrition.

“Cancer care as a disease management program should keep widening its horizons from as many sighted and available areas as possible due to its large-scale effects on the patient more psychologically than somatically. We at EON grab every opportunity we can to make this deadly disease more manageable for our patients. NM is one such mission for us where we aim to save 30% of patients who could be possibly saved with efficient delivery of targeted nutrition by assisting them in bearing the financial burden”, says, Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO at Esperer Onco Nutrition (EON).

About EON

Esperer Nutrition strives to champion the role of nutritional therapies that have proven clinical & health economic value, & improve the quality of people’s lives. EON is destined to understand, treat & help prevent a range of medical conditions by leveraging nutrition and life sciences.  

Company  aims to address specific health conditions with special emphasis on Onco Nutrition &  intend to provide a 360 degree solution to global cancer portfolio right from Preventive Oncology to Cancer Disease Management using Nutraceutical as complementary therapy to stage & region specific cancer patients. 

EON aspire to become global pioneer considering Drug-Nutrient Interaction as major factor in chronic  disease management. 

&TV || &TV's Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein completes 100 episodes

इस साल की शुरुआत में लाॅन्च हुए एण्ड टीवी के ‘संतोषी मां सुनाएं व्रत कथाएं ने हाल ही में 100 एपिसोड्स पूरे करने की उपलब्धि हासिल की है। इस खास पल का जश्न मनाने के लिए शो के सभी कलाकारों एवं तकनीशियन दल के सदस्यों ने एक साथ आकर ढेर सारी मस्ती और उत्साह के साथ केक काटा। शो में संतोषी मां की भूमिका निभा रहीं ग्रेसी सिंह ने कहाश्यह देखकर मुझे खुशी होती है कि हमने 100 एपिसोड्स का आंकड़ा सफलतापूर्वक पूरा कर लिया है। तन्वीइंद्रेशसारारतन और सभी कलाकार एवं तकनीशियन दल के साथ यह सफर बहुत ही मजेदार रहा है। हम एक बड़े परिवार की तरह हैं। हम यह उम्मीद और प्रार्थना करते हैं कि दर्शक इसी तरह हम पर अपना प्यार और अपना आशीर्वाद बनाएं रखें।

इसके अलावास्वाति की भूमिका अदा कर रहीं तन्वी डोगरा ने कहाश्यह हम सभी के लिए एक बहुत बड़ा पल है। हमारे दर्शकों की प्रशंसा और उनका प्यार हमें प्रेरित करता है। मैं इस सफलता के लिए सभी दर्शकों का धन्यवाद करती हूं और आने वाले दिनों में इस तरह के खास पलों को बिताने और सफलता हासिल करने का बेसब्री से इंतजार कर रही हूं। हमारे पास आगे के लिए भरपूर ड्रामा हैजिसमें स्वाति की जैसी दिखने वाली बबली की जल्द ही एंट्री होने वाली है।श् हाल ही में शो का हिस्सा बनी ऊष्मा देवी के रूप में नजर  रहीं रतन राजपूत ने कहाश्जैसा कि आप सभी जानते हैंमेरी शो के साथ यह दूसरी पारी हैऔर मुझे मेरे प्रशंसकों से जो प्रतिक्रिया मिल रही है वह बहुत ही उत्साहजनक है। मैं सभी कलाकारों एवं तकनीशियनों को 100 एपिसोड्स सफलतापूर्वक पूरे होने की खुशी में बधाई देती हूं। हमारे पास कई रोमांचक एपिसोड्स लाइन में हैंऔर मुझे विश्वास है कि दर्शक भी यह जानने के लिए समान रूप से उत्साहित और बेचैन होंगे कि आगे क्या होगा।श्

तो देखते रहिए ‘संतोषी मां सुनाएं व्रत कथाएं रात 9 बजेहर सोमवार से शुक्रवार सिर्फ एण्ड टीवी पर।

Madhya Pradesh Tourism celebrating Paryatan Parv

More than 52,000 Students Participated in travelogue, painting and tourism quiz competitions

National, 30th September 2020: Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board on the occasion of Paryatan Parv (27th September to 30th September 2020) organised various competitions and activities in the State to promote State tourism and make people aware of the state's rich history, traditions, historical heritage, possibilities, tourism importance etc. and to enhance their tourism knowledge.

Travelogue, Painting and Online Quiz competitions in cooperation and coordination with School Education Department and State Education Centre are organized from 27th September 2020 to 30th September 2020 for State’s School Students. These competitions are based on recent World Tourism Day Theme ‘Dekho Apna Desh’. Keeping in mind recent Covid-19 pandemic situation all these Competitions are conducted online in all the 52 Districts of the State.

Over 52,000 Students participated in Online Quiz Competitions, Painting and Travelogue writing competitions, and exhibited their art and knowledge.In the painting competition Garima Rawat stood first, Aryan Rajput second and Nikhil Yadav scored 3rd Position. All the participants are awarded with certificates; Winners are awarded with Medals, Trophies and prizes by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board.

Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla, IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Department of Tourism and Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board said "Tourism does not just help bring back the happy moments in our lives. It rather plays an important role in the social, cultural, political and economic development of any country. In today's time, the first need of every country is to strengthen the economy, Madhya Pradesh tourism Board is also making its efforts to make people familiar with the State’s tourism culture and can invite more and more tourists to Madhya Pradesh."

Additional Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, Ms. Sonia Meena, IAS said “The main objective of this competition is to make students aware of the Tourism prosperity, culture and history of the state and to develop confidence in the students to participate in different completions as a team"

All the participating candidates will receive the certificate of Participation from Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board; Winners will be awarded with attractive Prizes and Certificates.

Along with this, People will be exposed to the Tourism Culture and possibilities in the State by various Experts every day from 28th to 30th September 2020 on Radio and Television through Storytelling and discussions on State’s Tourism. Also there will be online discussions of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board official’s with the Stakeholders to Promote tourism in the State.

About Madhya Pradesh Tourism:

Madhya Pradesh offers an assortment of attractions to everyone who loves to travel. It is the state with the forest area cover of approx. 77,700 sq.kms (Approx ¼ of the total land area) filled with Sal Trees & Bamboos. It has numerous wildlife hotspots with 11 National parks & 24 Wildlife sanctuaries such as Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary and Chambal Ghadiyal Sanctuary. The UNESCO World Heritage sites at Khajuraho, Bhimbetka & Sanchi are the iconic sites in the state. Madhya Pradesh has re-gained the tag of being “The Tiger State of the Country” by having maximum Tiger count (526) in the state. The roar of Tigers has increased in the dense and beautiful forests of Madhya Pradesh. 

Madhya Pradesh is not only home to two Jyotirlingas Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar. Burhanpur, Bhopal, Gwalior and Mandu are some of the beautiful architectural sites, whereas lndrasagar, Gandhi sagar, Tawa and Bargi are the spellbinding water bodies. Cultural events like Khajuraho Dance Festival, Mandu Festival, Orchha Cultural Festival, Tansen Festival are some of the annual tourism promotional festivals to attract tourists from all walks of life.

Since more than four decades Madhya Pradesh Tourism is facilitating high standard travel services for travellers visiting Central India for Tourism. Madhya Pradesh is an important state of Central India with an enormous scope for tourism, covering all types of tourism like heritage tourism, wildlife tourism, cultural tourism, pilgrimage, tribal tourism, rural tourism etc. Their sincere efforts to manifest such aspect of Central India tourism to rest of the world so that tourists can come and explore Central India tourist places, trace their history, enjoy their holidays and return with beautiful memories is the USP.

Thomas Cook India targets strong growth potential of Punjab Opens new Franchise (Gold Circle Partner Outlet) at Panchkula, Chandigarh

Mumbai, September 30, 2020: Thomas Cook (India) Ltd., India’s leading integrated travel services company has strengthened its presence in Punjab with the launch of a new Gold Circle Partner franchise outlet in Panchkula.

According to Thomas Cook India’s Holiday Readiness Report - Future of Travel post COVID-1964% respondents were keen on a domestic holiday. Given the lockdown and the pent-up demand for travel, notable travel trends witnessed in the Punjab market include a growing preference for self-drive holidays, workations, staycations and also affordable luxury breaks. The survey also revealed that 36% respondents showed preference for an international holiday. Short haul destinations saw strong interest (41%) and with the reopening of India’s borders, destinations such as Dubai and Maldives have witnessed growing interest from the Punjab market. In addition, favourites such as Europe (France, Switzerland, UK, etc.) and USA are also witnessing growing number of enquiries.  

The new Gold Circle Partner outlet in  Panchkula offers consumers end-to-end travel solutions with a bouquet of travel and travel related financial services, including: International & Domestic Holidays (Group Tours, Personalised holidays, Cruises, etc.), Value Added Services like Travel Insurance; Visa Services, etc. To build consumer confidence in travel, the outlet will also offer Thomas Cook India’s Assured Program in partnership with Apollo Clinics and end-to-end COVID-negative certification services.

Mr. Rajeev Kale, President & Country Head – Holidays, MICE, Visa, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. said, “The Punjab market has always been a strong growth driver for Thomas Cook India and in order to further leverage this growth potential, we have selected a key catchment of sector 5, Panchkula, Chandigarh for our new Gold Circle Partner franchise outlet. The locality is among the leading business hubs and an upcoming residential locality offering us a diversity of retail consumers- across families, working professionals, millenials, students, and B-Leisure.”

He added, “The well-being of our customers is our number one priority and given the current situation, every outlet including our new addition to the Thomas Cook India family, has been fumigated and sanitised professionally as per WHO/ICMR health & safety protocols. Our teams are ready to service customers after undergoing a detailed training programme on health protocols with online health assessments.

Our Assured Program in partnership with Apollo Clinics ensures meticulous health & safety protocols across every touch-point and to further assist our customers, we have tied up with ICMR accredited labs to offer seamless end-to-end COVID-negative certification services with contactless facilitation – across India. Our Safe Holiday Helpline is yet another meaningful consumer initiative - a free service to support customers in safe holiday planning.

Gold Circle Partner Mr. Bijender Gahlyan, is a travel and tourism industry veteran and his expertise in the industry along with his extensive network will assist Thomas Cook India to further strengthen its presence in this growing market.

Contact Details

Thomas Cook (India) Ltd., SCO 140, First Floor, MDC, Sector - 5, Panchkula – 134112

Ph: +919915771992

Promising Online Marketplace for the Grooming and Wellness Space in India

Mumbai - 30th September 2020: A new online platform Wellnessta is set to revolutionize the Indian grooming, fitness, and wellness sector through market integration. Set to launch on October 2nd, 2020, Wellnessta is a SaaS and marketplace platform that will serve as an online arcade for buyers and sellers of grooming, fitness, and wellness services such as Salon, Spas, Gym, Fitness, Ayurvedic massages, Yoga, Meditation, and Naturopathy.

Based in Mumbai, Founder, Mr. Sanjeev Singhai, spearheading the Wellnessta platform said, “I have been looking forward to the launch of Wellnessta with great zeal. Working closely with my team to get this unorganized market organized and the entire process of working out the market entry, business plan, operations, and launch has been overwhelming. I feel that the grooming, fitness, and wellness space in India has been extremely fragmented reflecting extremely skewed prices and a lack of choices. The grooming, fitness, and wellness space need a marketplace and Wellnessta will create that by giving mutually lucrative opportunities for the buyer and seller of these services”.

Wellnessta will aid service providers and users with multiple opportunities to engage in B2B, B2C in a SaaS format. It will help enhance business efficiency and give better control of business metrics to the service provider while allowing the service provider to hone the best deals and bargains for its customers. Wellnessta will be an inexpensive cloud software and online platform which will partner even the smallest service provider by giving them access to the online marketplace, also helping them modernize their business.

“Most small businesses offering grooming, fitness, and wellness services are independent entrepreneurs operating from their shops with little or no tools to grow their business or generate repeats client. Wellnessta will step in for such businesses and the Wellnessta software will help with appointment management, expense account & inventory management, payroll management, coupon management, multi-outlet management, multi-user admin, and telephone customer support to empower them to manage and grow their online and offline business. Customers, on the other hand, are looking for good deals in locations accessible to them and Wellnessta will close this supply-gap through better accessibility, transparent pricing for wellness, fitness, and grooming services.  Explaining economics, “it aims to increase the supply of services to regulate price points, while demand already exists”, Singhai added.

About Wellnessta: is revolutionizing the Personal Grooming, Fitness, and Wellness industry by providing affordable cloud software and market-place platform to the smallest of the service providers and giving them access to an online presence and helping modernize their business. Wellnessta's service providers’ software offers Appointment Management, Expense Account & Inventory Management, and Payroll Management, Coupon Management, and Telephone Customer Support to empower them to manage and grow their online and offline business. WellnessTA, which means "Wellness To All," sums our motive to provide the best product to our business partners and consumers, offering seamless experience through Web, Android App, and Apple App.

Mr. Sanjeev Singhai, the founder at Wellnessta is an avant-gardist. He is an administrator, creator, and a brilliant conceptualizer in the advertising industry in India. He has been the mastermind behind creating a niche in the advertising space of India through Brand Power and Medifacts TV advertising formats. He has created, directed, and produced 200+ TV advertisements and thousands of digital videos in the last 13 years. An added feather to his cap is his expertise in building and transforming companies through more than three decades of qualified corporate experience.

Aster DM Healthcare wins “Excellence in Telemedicine/ Digital Health” award at FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards 2020

New Delhi, 30th Sept 2020: Aster DM Healthcare has bagged “Excellence in Tele-Medicine/ Digital Health” award at FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards 2020 for its initiatives during the Covid 19 pandemic. The award category was introduced this year in the backdrop of the COVID 19 pandemic and recognised the efforts of the industry in ensuring the delivery of quality healthcare to the patients.

An initiative by Aster DM Healthcare, ‘Aster Covid-19 Tele triage’, a 24/7 helpline facility, serviced the worried & symptomatic patients to reach out for professional help. The hospital also introduced ‘Aster Covid Self- assessment tool’ which helped in self-evaluation and seek assistance from the nearest health centre. These platforms by Aster DM healthcare assisted those in need to get professional medical advice on both prevention and management of Covid-19.

Later, Aster also provided ‘Aster eConsult’ (an online video consultation platform) accessible through an App and browser for helping patients to seek medical advice from the comfort of their home. Aster provided tele-consultation to more than 25,000 patients during April- June, 2020 with nearly 50% of the e-Consult free during this period through its strong 500+ doctors across specialities.

Speaking on the achievement, Dr Harish Pillai, CEO- Aster India, said, “The award is a testament to our efforts in leveraging technology and introducing innovative techniques to provide excellent quality healthcare to our patients. We have always been at the forefront of patient care and remain committed to provide affordable, accessible quality care to our patients.

About Aster DM Healthcare Limited

Aster DM Healthcare Limited is one of the largest private healthcare service providers operating in multiple GCC states and is an emerging healthcare player in India. With an inherent emphasis on clinical excellence, we are one of the few entities in the world with a strong presence across primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary healthcare through our hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. We have over 20,000 plus dedicated employees across the geographies that we are present in, delivering a simple yet strong promise to our different stakeholders: “We’ll treat you well.” We reach out to all economic segments in the GCC states through our differentiated healthcare services across the “Aster”, “Medcare” and “Access” brands.

तीन tigaada, काम bigaada with Hotstar Specials presents Bahut Hua Sammaan – a laugh riot that holds a mirror to today’s society

~ This shudh-desi comedy movie features talented actors Sanjay Mishra, Ram Kapoor, Raghav Juyal, Abhishek Chauhan, Nidhi Singh and Namit Das ~

~ With dabanng characters, quirky dialogues and a powerful message, Bahut Hua Sammaan is set to launch on Disney+ Hotstar VIP on 2nd October 2020 ~

Mumbai, 30th September 2020: When two engineering students and part-time con men decide to rob a bank in the quaint town of Varanasi – a series of unfortunate events unfold! Hotstar Specials is set to take you on a laugh riot with movie Bahut Hua Sammaan – a satire that sheds light on the struggles of today’s youth and scams that have affected the society; but with a pinch of salt and a truckload of humour. Starring Sanjay Mishra, Raghav Juyal, Abhishek Chauhan, Ram Kapoor, Nidhi Singh and Namit Das, the movie features dabanng characters and quirky one-liners that bring alive the charm of heartland India. Produced by Yoodlee Films - the film production studio from Saregama, Bahut Hua Sammaan has been directed by Ashish Shukla and is set to launch on Disney+ Hotstar VIP on 2nd October 2020.

Bahut Hua Sammaan is the story of Bony and Fundoo who agree to rob a bank since they are unable to find a job after failing their final year of engineering. Guided by an odd old man fondly known as Bakch*d Baba, their masterplan goes totally awry as they realize that the bank has already been robbed and they have been arrested for it. In an attempt to clear their name, they soon fight off assassins, seasoned robbers, elite politicians and religious gurus; all the while unravelling a larger scam. Riddled with humour, the narrative challenges a myriad societal issue faced by today’s youth.

Actor Sanjay Mishra said, “A satire at its core, Bahut Hua Sammaan is a humorous take on the perils of unemployment and also touches upon issues faced by the youth today. The most intriguing part of this movie is the character of Bakch*d Baba; it is one of the most exceptional characters that I’ve played – the way he talks, and his mannerisms are all too real. People are guaranteed a good laugh!”

Dancer and actor Raghav Juyal added, “It’s a funny movie that revolves around two students and con-men who are trying to make easy money but end up finding themselves in a situation that unravels political scams. Even though the movie is addressing a serious issue, there is not a single dull moment. Every character is out-of-this-world yet fits into this story wonderfully well.”

Actor Ram Kapoor said, “Doing movies is always fun, especially one that holds a mirror to today’s societal issues but in a way that makes you want to laugh out loud. In Bahut Hua Sammaan, people will see me in a new avatar of an assassin; it’s not everyday that you get a chance to play a role that is so different from something you’ve done before:


Small time con artists and not-so-good students Bony and Fundoo fail to grab a job offer at the end of their engineering program since they have not been able to secure a passing grade. This failure coupled with insults from the principal of their college, the boys see a bleak future and more importantly a loss of their reputation among their peers. They see a ray of hope in whacked out old man fondly called Bakchod Baba who has devised a masterplan to rob a bank in their campus. As an unfortunate series of comedic events unfold, Bony and Fundoo soon find themselves in the centre of an investigation headed by dabanng female cop Bobby Tiwari. They must now work towards clearing their name and getting out of a scam that impacts their lives.

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Catch the madness unfold in Hotstar Specials presents Bahut Hua Sammaan on 2nd October 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar VIP

NephroPlus announces ‘Guests Got Talent’ Season 3 for Dialysis Patients

National, 30th September, 2020: NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis network that is focused at redefining dialysis care, announces the ‘Call for Entries’ to the third season of their flagship program ‘Guests Got Talent’ Season 3. The entry for this unique contest started on 23rd September and will run for a month, identifying the unique talent of people who are undergoing Dialysis. The ‘Guests Got Talent’ contest aims to explore the creativity and provide an opportunity for dialysis patients to showcase their skill and capabilities.

Dialysis patients with zeal to showcase their talent despite all odds can upload their file on NephroPlus’ Facebook / Twitter page (https:// with the hashtag #GuestsGotTalent3/#NephroPlus. The patient would need to submit a one-minute video clip/picture demonstrating their talent along with their name, contact details, dialysis center & city. Every week NephroPlus will upload the entries received from the participants on their social media page until the end of the talent hunt program which is 30th October, 2020.

An eminent set of jury from the Television & Media Industry would be a part of the selection panel to identify 3 winners from the finally shortlisted entries and NephroPlus would felicitate each award winner with a cash prize and an opportunity to be featured in a Radio channel interview.

Speaking about the talent show Mr. Vikram Vuppala, Founder & CEO said, “It is indeed a great moment for all of us at NephroPlus to host the third season of ‘Guests Got Talent’ post the phenomenal response received from the first two seasons. We believe that every individual in its person capacity has some special talent, however in case of these patients, their disease becomes their identity and we want them to move away from this thought and believe in themselves. With this unique one of kind contest in the world, we aim to provide a platform to all dialysis individuals and I am extremely delighted to watch people on dialysis unleashing their creative side and showcase their talent publicly.”                          

About NephroPlus

NephroPlus operates 225 dialysis centers in 132 cities across 20 states in India and is known for its quality focus and patient-centricity. The company was established 10 years back with a vision to enable people on dialysis across the world to lead long, happy, and productive lives. The company treats 20000+ patients per month and has performed 52+ Lakh treatments till date.

Serefe launches Career Assessment Portal in Partnership with Mindler

Serefe Announces Partnership with Mindler to expand their services in the field of Career Assessments and Career Guidance

India, September 2020: Serefe today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Mindler with an objective to provide Career Counselling, Career Guidance and Career Conflicts Resolution to students and professionals and help them make an informed, scientific career choice evaluating and matching their individual’s uniqueness based on five dimensions -- Style, Interest, Aptitude, Personality and Emotional Intelligence.

Serefe [ ] is known for its unique holistic wellness platform that provides services like personal counselling, relationship counselling, family counselling, family counselling, and teen counselling, and various other unique therapies like expressive arts, hypnotherapy, spiritual therapies etc. “We are excited to work with Mindler. Teaming up with Mindler to provide clients with an extensive career assessment portal is an exciting development for our company”, said Dr Sandeep Gandhi, founder of Serefe.

Our first goal is to satisfy our clients by providing our best services. This partnership will surely help us enhance and enrich our platform and also provide newer services.

About Serefe []:

Serefe, a wholly-owned brand of Joy Shanti Corporate Private Limited is an online holistic wellness platform that enables people to connect with counsellors/therapists through audio/video calls or chat to vent out their emotions and seek help for their psychosocial needs. Serefe provides a unique range of holistic and wellness counselling services for the overall development of an individual. It also has physical clinics across India for in-person consultations/intervention.

About Mindler []:

Mindler(Mindler Education Private Limited)  is the most-advanced website for online career assessment, career guidance and career counselling in India, designed for school students and graduates. Mindler helps you discover your perfect career through its 5- dimensional career assessment, and revolutionary approach to career counselling and career guidance.