Saturday 30 September 2023

Sachin-Jigar gear up to rock Navratri with their latest single Dheeme Dheeme

As the festive season of Navratri approaches, renowned music duo Sachin-Jigar is all geared up to make this Navratri unforgettable with the release of their new single ‘Dheeme Dheeme’ which will be released on 3rd October. Known for their incredible musical skills and knack for creating chart-topping hits, Sachin-Jigar are set to add another feather to their cap with this festive banger.
Dheeme Dheeme promises to be a pulsating and energetic composition that will undoubtedly become the anthem of Navratri celebrations across the country. Sachin-Jigar's music has always had the remarkable ability to seamlessly blend contemporary elements with the rich cultural tapestry of India, and Dheeme Dheeme promises to do just that.
 It is expected to be a perfect fusion of modern beats and traditional melodies that will get people grooving to its rhythm throughout the nine nights of Navratri. Sachin-Jigar, with their exceptional musical talent, have a history of crafting successful Navratri hits that have set the festive season on fire.
Talking about the single in a joint statement  Sachin-Jigar said, “ We are thrilled to unveil the motion poster of our new Navratri song, 'Dheeme Dheeme.' It's a promising revival of Gujarati folk music, and we couldn't be happier to share it with everyone. The festival of Navratri is special for everyone, and people eagerly wait for its arrival, especially for Garba celebrations. With this special Navratri song, we want to express our gratitude to our fans, who have been our constant support throughout our musical journey. It's our way of thanking them and spreading joy and festive spirit through our music and this song is our way of celebrating this favourite festival with all of you!”
From early hits like Radha ne Shyam, Dhuni Re Dhakhavi Beli, and Jode Tame Rahejo Raaj Sachin-Jigar has a history of crafting successful Navaratri hits that have set the festive season on fire.
As the countdown to Navratri begins, the excitement is palpable, and Sachin-Jigar's Dheeme Dheeme is all set to be the musical highlight of this festive season. Get ready to dance to the tunes of Sachin-Jigar and make this Navratri an unforgettable experience!

Amruta Fadnavis Leads CLEANATHON 2023: Mumbai's biggest beach cleanup drive of the year.

On the morning of September 29, 2023, Juhu Beach witnessed a significant event. Amruta Fadnavis’s Divyaj Foundation, in partnership with Asif Bhamla’s Bhamla Foundation and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), organised CLEANATHON 2.0, 2023 Ocean Waste Management. Hosted by Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, the event received widespread support from important figures, political leaders, and Bollywood stars including Rajkummar Rao, Saiyami Kher, Isha Koppikar, Jackky Bhagnani, and Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar.

Distinguished figures such as Shri Vivek Phansalkar Ji (Hon. Police Commissioner of Mumbai), Shri Iqbal Singh Chahal Ji (Hon. Municipal Commissioner & Administrator of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), Shri Ameet Bhaskar Satam Ji (Hon. Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly), Shri Mangal Prabhat Lodha Ji (Hon. Minister of Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship), Shri Rahul Narvekar Ji (Hon. Speaker of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly) and Shri Shrikant Shinde Ji (Member of Lok Sabha), joined this noble cause.

With an estimated 5000 participants, including supporters, volunteers, and dedicated team members, CLEANATHON 2.0, 2023 aimed to raise awareness about marine life conservation and effective waste management practices.

Rajkummar Rao, commenting on his involvement, said, "I'm thrilled to be part of 'Clean-A-Thon 2.0' 2023 – Juhu Beach along with Amruta Fadnavis ji, an event that champions the cause of ocean conservation and environmental stewardship. Our oceans are the lifeblood of our planet, and it's imperative that we take action to protect them. I believe that collective efforts, no matter how small, can create a big impact.”

Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis passionately spoke about how important the event was and she praised the volunteers and participants for their dedication to protect the environment.She stated, "‘Clean-A-Thon 2.0’ 2023 – Juhu Beach marks a significant stride towards safeguarding our environment. It is our collective responsibility to keep our oceans clean and healthy. 'Clean-A-Thon' is not just a clean-up event; it's a potent statement of our unwavering commitment to our environment and a rallying call for everyone to unite in preserving our natural treasures. I am thrilled to be part of this noble initiative and to have taken a step towards a cleaner, healthier planet. I wholeheartedly invite everyone to join this movement, for together, we can ensure that our beautiful planet thrives for generations to come."

Moreover, CLEANATHON 2.0, 2023 has set a benchmark to the youth and citizens, emphasising the importance of creating awareness about Mother Nature and the significance of ocean life. It reinforces the shared duty to keep our environment clean, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

MX Player's International Slate Promises a Memorable October 2023

This October, MX Player is set to engage audiences with its international slate, promising an unforgettable month of entertainment. For avid K-Drama enthusiasts, get ready to satiate your hunger for compelling storytelling as MX Player presents a curated selection of Korean Dramas that will tug at your heartstrings and keep you on the edge of your seat. From gripping dramas to thrilling action, romance to fantasy, MX Player's VDesi slate is designed to transport you to a world of emotions and cinematic brilliance from the comfort of your home. 

4th October 2023 - At Eighteen 

"At Eighteen" is a heartwarming Korean Drama that delves into the lives of Choi Jun Woo, Yoo Soo Bin, and Ma Hwi Young, three teenagers navigating the complexities of high school and the challenges of adolescence. Jun Woo, a loner with a hidden charming side, transfers to a new school and forms an unlikely friendship with Soo Bin, who grapples with her mother's high expectations, and Hwi Young, an outwardly confident but inwardly timid teen. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn the profound impact of true friendship. Watch ‘At Eighteen’ on MX Player in Hindi, starting 4th October 2023 and witness the unforgettable moments of their eighteenth year. 

11th October 2023 - Mistress 

"Mistress", a Korean Drama, revolves around the story of four women in their 30s and their complex relationships - each on their path to self-discovery as they brave the turbulent journey together. After Jan Se Yeon's husband died in an accident, she has lived with her daughter. She begins to receive phone calls and mysterious things take place around her. Psychologist Kim Eun Soo grapples with dark secrets when her ex-boyfriend's son becomes her patient. High school teacher Han Jung Won's life unravels after a one-night stand, while secretary Do Hwa Young becomes entangled in intrigue when her law firm takes on her ex-boyfriend's wife as a client seeking evidence of infidelity. Watch "Mistress" in Hindi to explore the secrets and scandals that bind these four women together from 11th October 2023. 

18th October 2023 - High Class 

"High Class" is a gripping Korean drama that unveils the dark truths concealed beneath the veneer of perfection among the ultra-wealthy. Song Yeo-ul (Cho Yeo-jeong) is wrongly accused of her husband's murder. Nam Ji-seon (Kim Ji-soo) is the star among the mothers at the international school where the children of the elite go. Danny (Ha Jun), a former ice hockey player, teaches there. The only ally to Yeo-ul is Hwang Na-yoon (Park Se-jin), a fellow single mother. Meanwhile, washed-out actress Cha Do-yeong (Gong Hyun-joo) shadows Ji-seon, craving the spotlight. Prepare for suspense and intrigue in "High Class," streaming in Hindi on MX Player from 18th October 2023, as it unravels the secrets hidden within the upper echelons of society. 

25th October 2023 - Dark Hole 

"Dark Hole" is a riveting Korean sci-fi action thriller drama that plunges survivors into a life-or-death battle against mutants spawned by dark smoke from a sinkhole. Detective Lee Hwa Sun (Kim Ok Bin), haunted by her husband's unsolved murder, serves in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's regional investigation unit. Her life takes a turn when her husband's killer contacts her, leading her to the eerie city of Mujishi. Veiled in a disturbing dark haze from a deep sinkhole, the city's inhabitants have grotesquely mutated. Alongside Yoo Tae Han (Lee Joon Hyuk), a former detective and Mujishi native, Hwa Sun must save the city, unveil her husband's murderer, and face monstrous odds. Watch Dark Hole streaming in Hindi on MX Player from 25th October 2023. 

Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Father of India’s Green Revolution Passes away heralding the End of an Era.

The Father of India’s Green Revolution and one of the foremost exponents of India’s Agriculture Economy is no more. All India Association of Industries (AIAI), deeply mourns the passing away of the doyen of Indian Agriculture Sector.

Dr. Vijay Kalantri, President of All India Association of Industries, expressing his sorrow and condolences to the bereaved family, said, Dr. Swaminathan, has been working relentlessly for over 60 years for the development of India’s Agricultural sector. He led the nation to tackle the grave Bengal Famine in 1943, introduce Green Revolution through his rich intellectual and technical skills. He elaborated further that India has lost a legend and a father figure whose absence will probably can never be replaced. We all must follow the advises and work of Dr. Swaminathan and make India the Rice Bowl of the World.

All India Association of Industries (AIAI) since 1956, has been observing the rich services of Dr. Swaminathan and his policy advices and helping our MSME Agriculture sector members to contribute to the business and society appropriately. We also encourage the youth to take up career in Agriculture through the values taught to us by Late Dr. Swaminathan.

AIAI pays rich tribute and respects to this Great Son of India. AIAI strongly recommends that Late Dr. M.S. Swaminathan deserves the honor of Bharat Ratna posthumously for his rich services to the Nation. 

May God Bless the Soul Shanti and Moksha.

डॉ. प्रकाश बाबा आमटे आणि डॉ. मंदाकिनीताई प्रकाश, आयपीएस अधिकारी विश्वास नांगरे पाटील , शौर्य चक्र विजेते कमांडो मधुसुधनसुर्वे यांच्या उपस्थिती एनजीएफचे राष्ट्रीय दिव्यांग ध्येयपूर्ती पुरस्कार


एनजीएफच्या ८ व्या राष्ट्रीय दिव्यांग ध्येयपूर्ती पुरस्कार-२०२३' सोहळ्यासाठी सन्माननीय डॉ. प्रकाश बाबा आमटे आणि डॉ. मंदाकिनी ताई प्रकाश आमटे यांसह आयपीएस अधिकारी विश्वास नांगरे पाटील , शौर्य चक्र विजेते कमांडो मधुसुधन सुर्वे विशेष पाहुणे

मुंबई, : शारीरिक आणि मानसिक दिव्यांगांकरिता त्यांचे अधिकार आणि सन्मान मिळवून देण्यासाठी गेल्या एका तपाहून अधिक काळ सातत्याने कार्यरत असलेली 'नूतन गुळगुळे फाउंडेशन' (एनजीएफ) ही मुंबईतील प्रख्यात संस्था असून या संस्थेचा ८-वा राष्ट्रीय ध्येयपूर्ती पुरस्कार - २०२३ सोहळा" शनिवार दिनांक ७ ऑक्टोबर २०२३ रोजी, संध्याकाळी ५:३० वा., पु.ल. देशपांडे सभागृह, टिळक मंदिर, विले पार्ले (पूर्व ), मुंबई येथे संपन्न होणार आहे.

या खास सोहळ्यासाठी जंगलात वास्तव्य करणाऱ्या ‘माडिया गोंड’ आदिवासी जमातीतील लोकांना भूक, रोगराई, अंधश्रद्धेच्या विळख्यातून सोडवून त्यांना मुख्य प्रवाहात आणण्यासाठी आपलं संपूर्ण आयुष्य वेचणारे, बाबांचे स्वप्न हेमलकशात प्रत्यक्षात उतरवणारे ‘मॅगसेसे’ पारितोषिक विजेते डॉ. प्रकाश आमटे आणि त्यांच्या सौभाग्यवती डॉ. मंदाकिनी ताई आमटे, तसेच देशासाठी युद्धभूमीवर अलौकिक शौर्य गाजविणारे शौर्य चक्र विजेते कमांडो मधुसुधन सुर्वे आणि गुन्हेगारांचे कर्दनकाळ म्हणून परिचित असलेले युवा आयपीएस अधिकारी विश्वास नांगरे पाटील, एस बी आय जनरल इन्शुरन्सचे डेप्युटी मॅनेजिंग डिरेक्टर आनंद पेजावर, पत्रकार, व्यवसाय प्रमुख आणि एडिटर झी 24 तास - मीश्री निलेश खरे या मान्यवरांच्या विशेष उपस्थितीत यंदाचा 'नूतन गुळगुळे फाउंडेशन'चा ८ वा राष्ट्रीय दिव्यांग ध्येयपूर्ती पुरस्कार-२०२३' सोहळा रंगणार असल्याचे एनजीएफच्या संस्थापिका - अध्यक्षा सौ नूतन विनायक गुळगुळे यांनी जाहीर केले आहे

या सोहळ्यासाठी विविध भाषा - परंपरा आणि संस्कृती असलेल्या आपल्या देशातील अनेक राज्यांतून दिव्यांग स्पर्धकांच्या भरघोस प्रवेशिका प्राप्त होतात, अलौकिक आणि उल्लेखनीय कार्य करणाऱ्या दिव्यांगांना पुरस्कार देऊन त्यांचे मनोबळ वाढविण्याचे काम करणारी ही देशातील पहिली संस्था आहे. 'नूतन गुळगुळे फाउंडेशन' ‘करोना–१९’मुळे पालकत्व गमावलेल्या ग्रामीण भागातील ‘दिव्यांग’ बालकांकरिता विरार, अर्नाळा येथे वसतिगृह आणि प्रशिक्षण केंद्र सुरु लवकरच सुरु करणार आहे. असा प्रकल्प राबविणारी भारतातील ही एकमेव संस्था ठरणार आहे. सध्या या इमारतीचे बांधकाम अंतिम टप्यात आले असून २०२४ च्या सुरुवातीला ४० मुले व ४० मुली आपल्या एकल पालकांसोबत येथे दाखल होणार आहेत.

शारीरिक किंवा मानसिकदृष्ट्या दिव्यांग असलेल्या परंतु काहीतरी अद्वितीय कर्तृत्व सिद्ध  करून आपल्या कौशल्यांचा उत्तम वापर करून आपल्या व्यवसायात/जीवनात एखादी सर्वसाधारण व्यक्ती विचार करू शकणार नाही, असे काहीतरी अलौकिक कार्य सिद्ध केलेले व्यक्तींचा गुणगौरव करणारा हा सोहळा आहे. वैयक्तिक श्रेणीतील नऊ पुरस्कारां सोबतच 'माय लेक पुरस्कार', 'कौटुंबिक पुरस्कार'(एकाच कुटुंबातील दोन /तीन सभासद दिव्यांग), तसेच 'संस्था पुरस्कार'( सामाजिक बांधिलकी जपणारी संस्था), 'जीवन गौरव पुरस्कार' (६५ वर्षे व अधिक), आणि मरणोत्तर पुरस्कार असे पुरस्कार देण्यात येणार आहे. शाल, रोख रक्कम,  आणि सन्मान चिन्ह देऊन गौरवमूर्तींचा सन्मान केला जातो.

Apollo Cancer Centres' Legacy, Beyond and Shaping the Future of Cancer Care in India


~Over three decades, patients from 147 countries have been treated at Apollo Cancer Centres~

Chennai, 30th September 2023: Celebrating three decades in the battle against cancer, Apollo Cancer Centres (ACCs) continues to push the boundaries with advanced cancer treatment. Apollo Cancer Centres is dedicated to transforming cancer care by helping patients overcome cancer through advanced screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Driven by the aim of transforming cancer care, ACCs has always focused on building hope and winning over cancer. It has been driven by relentless dedication, compassion, and a vision to provide exceptional care while prioritizing patient well-being. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder and Chairman of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd (AHEL), ACCs has achieved numerous milestones that have redefined cancer care in India over the last three decades.

Today, extending the momentous occasion of its 30th Anniversary, Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder and Chairman of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd (AHEL), Dr. Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson of AHEL, and Ms. Suneeta Reddy, Managing Director of AHEL, unveiled a film citing the 30-year transformative journey of ACCs in redefining cancer careThe thought-provoking film illuminates ACCs’ five pillars, which highlight the innovative approach to redefining cancer care and the unwavering focus to transform the way cancer is screened, diagnosed, and treated to win over cancer.

ACC, Chennai, also felicitated the oncology team, staff, clinicians and nurses who offered extensive support over the past three decades.

ACC stands as the only cancer care centres in India to provide a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies under one roof. This includes state-of-the-art advancements and path-breaking cancer diagnostic technology such as Digital Pathology with AI, Digital PET CT for precise scanning, CyberKnife® S7™ FIM Robotic Radio Surgery, the Da Vinci (4th generation) robotic surgical system, and the ExcelsiusGPS® Robotic Navigation Platform for Spine. These innovations not only transform ACCs’ approach to cancer treatment but also enable the centre to provide the best possible care to patients. ACCs is also at the forefront of incorporating Theranostics in cancer treatment protocol, which is a revolutionary approach combining therapy and diagnostics, allowing more precise and effective treatment, with the added advantage of minimal side effects compared to conventional treatment strategies. In recognition of its steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, ACC, Chennai, was the first to introduce Cobalt Therapy in India in 1993. This form of radiation therapy destroys cancer cells with high-energy radiation, marking yet another milestone in Apollo's innovative strides.

Dr Prathap C Reddy, Founder and Chairman of Apollo Hospitals, said, "When I envisioned Apollo Cancer Centres (ACC), it was with the dream of creating a world-class cancer centre capable of delivering compassionate, cutting-edge care, empowering patients to win over cancer and lead a high-quality life. Today, as we commemorate three decades of ACC, it fills me with immense pride to witness the transformation of this vision into reality. ACC has consistently led the charge in embracing state-of-the-art technologies to revolutionize cancer diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. Our unwavering commitment to technology, research, and patient-centric care solidifies ACC as a trailblazer in the field of cancer care, offering hope, strength, and healing to patients and their families."

 Dr Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd, said, "Apollo Cancer Centre in Chennai is today amongst the foremost cancer centres in the world and the only one in India, offering a comprehensive array of cutting-edge cancer care technologies under a single roof. This underscores our unwavering commitment to providing patients with the most advanced and effective treatment options available. As we commemorate three decades of excellence, our resolve remains steadfast in our mission to conquer cancer. We will continue to keep harnessing the power of innovation, the latest advancements, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and strengthen our resolve to deliver care with compassion. Our legacy is forged through an unyielding pursuit of excellence in the battle against cancer, all in honour of the trust bestowed upon us by our patients."

Ms. Suneeta Reddy, Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals, said, "As we reflect on the past three decades, Apollo Cancer Centres stands as a beacon of transformation in the landscape of cancer care in India. Our journey has been one of continuous evolution, and we pledge to persist in our efforts to ensure that our patients receive the global best in cancer care. Further, in the years to come, we are dedicated to investing in the latest technologies, fostering meaningful collaborations, and fortifying our multidisciplinary approach. Looking forward, our goal will continue to be to extend exceptional care and support to every individual who entrusts us with their well-being, and we do so with deep empathy and compassion as our guiding principles."

Into the future, Apollo Cancer Centres will continue working towards further innovation and expansion. Looking ahead, Apollo also plans to launch multiple Precision Oncology Centres across key locations, ensuring ease of access for patients and strengthening regional cancer care landscapes.

Apollo cancer centres 30 years of Winning over cancer :


About Apollo Cancer Centres –


Cancer care today means 360-degree comprehensive care, which requires commitment, expertise and an indomitable spirit from cancer specialists.

Apollo Cancer Centres has a network across India with over 325 oncologists to oversee the delivery of high-end precision Oncology Therapy. Our oncologists deliver world-class cancer care following an organ-based practice under competent Cancer Management Teams. This helps us in delivering exemplary treatment to the patient in an environment that has consistently delivered an international standard of clinical outcomes.

Today, people from 147 countries come to India for cancer treatment at Apollo Cancer Centres. With the first & only Pencil Beam Proton Therapy Centre in South Asia & Middle East, Apollo Cancer Centres has all that is needed to strengthen the battle against cancer.

Medica Superspecialty Hospital shines a spotlight on prostate cancer survivors

Kolkata, 30th September 2023: To mark Prostate Cancer Awareness Month this year, the Medica Group of Hospitals, the largest private hospital chain in Eastern India, hosted an uplifting gathering for survivors at Medica Superspecialty Hospital on Saturday, September 30th. The event, themed as ‘A salute to our triumphant warriors’ aimed to shed light on important aspects of prostate cancer, offering vital information and raising awareness about potential signs of the disease. Approximately 40 cancer survivors shared their compelling life stories during the event. Dr. Abhay Kumar, Head of Urology and a Specialist in Uro-Oncosurgery & Robotic Surgery, along with Dr. Amvrin Chatterjee, Associate Consultant in Uro-Oncosurgery, were joined by Prof. (Dr) Subir Ganguly, Senior Consultant & Advisor in Radiation Oncology, in providing accurate information about prostate cancer and inspiring survivor anecdotes.

In the past, prostate cancer was primarily associated with individuals aged 60 and above. However, recent research has unveiled a concerning trend: prostate cancer is increasingly affecting those below the age of 50. This shift represents one of the fastest-growing instances of early-onset cancer over the last three decades. Unfortunately, prostate cancer often goes misdiagnosed and mistreated, presenting a significant challenge. Timely and accurate detection is paramount in addressing this issue. The incidence of early-onset prostate cancer has been rising at an alarming rate of 5% annually.

The event and the interactive session took the viewers through clinically oriented topics ranging from defining the symptoms of this cancer to the technicalities of managing the same for well-being.  

Mr. Rajendra Prasad Pandey, a 68-year-old individual, recounted his health journey, saying, "I underwent a robotic radical prostatectomy on March 14, 2023 at Medica. I am now in control of the disease, with no further treatment required, only periodic urological follow-ups. I express my heartfelt gratitude to all the dedicated doctors who played a pivotal role in saving my life."

Mr. Tuhin Jyoti Deb, a 67-year-old man, shared his experience, “I had a robotic radical prostatectomy on May 9, 2023. I am now in good health and no longer require additional treatment, just regular urological follow-ups. The care and support I received from Dr. Kumar and Medica were exceptional."

During the session, Dr. Abhay Kumar, shared, " Several misconceptions surround the treatment of prostate cancer, perpetuating unfounded fears. Contrary to these myths, prostate cancer treatment is typically straightforward, and in many cases, curable. Today, advancements in surgical technology, such as the integration of artificial intelligence and the use of surgical robots, have transformed the landscape of prostate cancer care. These innovations enable precision in addressing common complications like urine incontinence. Our primary objective remains the removal of cancer while preserving the patient's quality of life, and the assistance of robotic technology has led to remarkable outcomes. Some may believe that robotic surgeries are prohibitively expensive, but at Medica, we have successfully performed robotic surgeries for patients from various socioeconomic backgrounds. This accessibility demonstrates that individuals from diverse financial circumstances can afford this cutting-edge treatment. In the past, patients often had to travel outside their communities to access such specialized care. However, our hospital now offers top-tier treatment locally, alleviating the burden on cancer patients and their families by eliminating the need for distant travel.”

On this occasion, Dr. Subir Ganguly emphasized, "Despite the concerning statistics related to prostate cancer, it's essential to recognize the numerous opportunities for preventing, detecting early, and treating it effectively. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month serves as a pivotal moment for survivors, patients, and their loved ones to unite, share insights, and stay updated on the latest advancements in our battle against this disease. Together, we have the power to alleviate the global burden of prostate cancer. Let us also pay tribute to those who displayed remarkable bravery but sadly lost their lives. Today's survivors gathering aims to convey the message that effective cancer treatment can enable individuals to regain a normal life, turning cancer survivors into beacons of hope. Always keep in mind, a positive outlook is our most potent weapon in this struggle."

In recognition of the vital role that support plays in the fight against cancer, Dr. Abhay Kumar and his team have launched - Prostate Cancer Support Group. This group will convene monthly to share their journeys with those currently battling prostate cancer, providing motivation and camaraderie. Additionally, they will create a Facebook group to extend this support network further. The involvement of family and friends is invaluable in the fight against cancer, fostering a united front against this challenging disease.

About Medica Group of Hospitals:  Medica Group of Hospitals, one of the major chains of hospitals in Eastern India today, has built and managed numerous healthcare facilities across the Eastern region over the past few years. The group has footprints in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, and Assam.    

WION World of Cricket: Your ultimate destination for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

The cricketing world is abuzz with excitement as the much-anticipated ICC Cricket World Cup kicks off, and WION (World Is One News) is all set to be your one-stop destination for an unforgettable cricketing experience. As the countdown to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 begins, WION is launching ‘WION World of Cricket’ - a World Cup special show, starting from 2nd October 2023, which will captivate cricket enthusiasts around the globe. 

‘WION World of Cricket’ will be a mix of segments comprising of cross-platform coverage in form of news segments, pre-match preview show, mid-match analysis, expansive pre-world cup buzz-curiosity enhancer, post-match analysis, in-depth analysis of teams, players, match-ups, and odds leading up to the World Cup on-ground reports and interviews from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, England, and South Africa etc, to keep fans engaged throughout the World cup season. Through this programming of WION World of Cricket, the channel aims to provide unparalleled cross-platform coverage, ensuring cricket viewers are at the heart of the action every step of the way. 

Digvijay Singh Deo, Editor of WION will be seen along with Dav Whatmore (Dav Whatmore) on the show, a former Australian cricketer and a cricket legend who coached Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh teams, thus making this World Cup season truly special. Notably, he is known as the legendary coach behind Sri Lanka's triumphant 1996 Cricket World Cup win. Dav was also the coach of U-19 World Cup winning side in 2008 that had Virat Kohli as captain and is known to be the a gamechanger in cricket who turned the fielding restrictions into an aggressive option for the batting side.

WION will make its viewers a part of its daily coverage where they will get an opportunity to pose questions and discuss match strategy with Dav Whatmore daily. The daily special segments of WION World of Cricket will also tap into the passion of the Cricket fans.

Through this coverage WION guarantees to provide its viewers with 

  • Noise-free coverage 
  • Global Perspective
  • Analysis of all matches
  • Digital-first approach
  • Special preview shows on Digital

"The ODI World Cup is returning to India after 12 years, and although a few questions have been raised about the 50-over format's relevance in this day and age, it's still a celebration of Cricket for us. With Dav as the resident expert in digital-first coverage plans, we at WION will ensure you're never more than a click away from Cricket for the next 50 days,” expressed Madhu Soman, Chief Business Officer of WION.

Digvijay Singh Deo, WION’s Sports Editor, added, "WION World of Cricket is more than just a show; it's a celebration of the spirit of cricket and our commitment to enhancing the cricketing experience for fans worldwide. With in-depth analysis, expert commentary, and exclusive coverage, we aim to make the ICC Cricket World Cup an unforgettable journey for our viewers.”

Akash Choudhary approached for Lock Upp Season 2? Akash Choudhary to be seen in Kangana Ranaut hosted Lock Upp Season 2?

Akash Choudhary made a name for himself with reality series on television before joining the cast of the popular drama Bhagya Laksmi. Besides taking the small screen by storm as Viraj Singhania, the model-turned-actor has Dare to Date and MTV Splitsvilla 10 to his credit. Now, the buzz is he may bring his A-game to another gritty reality show, Lock Upp Season 2. The Mr India Worldwide pageant winner has been approached for the show that’s all set to hit the airwaves soon and has been in the news for a while with speculations of a number of celebrities being considered to be locked up. 

Known for his candid and straight forward personality, Akash wears his heart on his sleeve and stands up for what's right.  His confidence and honesty make people admire him. An inside source shared, "Akash has been offered a spot in the upcoming Lock Upp season. Although the offer is tempting, and reality shows hold a special place in his interests, Akash is currently weighing his options. He's carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision."

Ekta Kapoor’s show garnered immense popularity when it kicked off, with none other than Bollywood firebrand Kangana Ranaut making her small-screen debut as the show’s host. If Akash decides to join the show, he will contest against the likes of Umar Riaz, Divya Agarwal, Soundarya Sharma, and Emiway Bantai, whose names have floated around as tentative participants.

Lock Upp has 17 celebrities locked up in jail without their usual daily comforts. They're split into teams and have to do tasks to get the things they need to stay alive while they're in Lock Upp. The goal is to keep going until only one of them is left standing as the winner. It remains to be seen whether or not the talented Akash Choudhary will rough it out in the show that had Munawar Faruqui as the winner the first time around.

Fam Office

रविवार को मुंबई में हजारों जैनियों का एक भव्य जुलूस और एक धार्मिक सभा आयोजित की जाएगी

200 से अधिक जैन संघों के सहयोग से श्री मुंबई जैन संघ का विशाल एवं भव्य आयोजन
दक्षिण मुंबई में रविवार को जैन समुदाय की एकता का विशाल प्रदर्शन देखने को मिलेगा। दक्षिण मुंबई के 200 से अधिक जैन संघों ने पर्युषण महापर्व के उपलक्ष्य में रविवार, 1 अक्टूबर की सुबह एक ऐतिहासिक सामूहिक भव्य रथ यात्रा का आयोजन किया है।
इस कार्यक्रम में जैन परिवारों के करीब 50 हजार श्रद्धालु शामिल होंगे. विशाल रथ यात्रा के बाद विशाल धर्म सभा का आयोजन किया गया है. सामाजिक सद्भाव और महान जैन एकता के अद्भुत संगम के रूप में, श्री मुंबई जैन संघ एसोसिएशन द्वारा आयोजित इस भव्य रथ यात्रा में जैन समुदाय के सभी चार संप्रदायों के गणमान्य लोग शामिल होंगे और जैन समुदाय की एकता के इस प्रदर्शन में भाग लेंगे।
श्री गच्छाधिपतिजीश्री, आचार्य भगवंत, साधु-साध्वीजी भगवंतों के आशीर्वाद से श्री मुंबई में इस विशाल रथयात्रा का आयोजन किया जा रहा है, जिसमें 300 से अधिक धर्मगुरु एवं साध्वियां पवित्र विश्राम करेंगी।
मुंबई में जैन एकता के इस भव्य ऐतिहासिक आयोजन को सफल बनाने के लिए श्री दक्षिण मुंबई जैन संघ संगठन के सभी श्रीसंघ इस भव्य धार्मिक आयोजन की सफलता के लिए अग्रणी भूमिका निभा रहे हैं। इस कार्यक्रम को सफल बनाने में महाराष्ट्र के कैबिनेट मंत्री मंगल प्रभात लोढ़ा का विशेष सहयोग मिल रहा है.
दक्षिण मुंबई के 200 जैन संघों की यह विशाल रथयात्रा रविवार सुबह 8.45 बजे सी.पी. टेंक से शुरू होकर वी.पी. रोड, प्रार्थना समाज, ओपेरा हाउस, सुखसागर, गांवदेवी, नाना चौक होते हुए अगस्त क्रांति मैदान पहुंचेगा. और धर्म सभा में तब्दील हो जाएगा। पर्युषण महापर्व की आराधना में लीन दक्षिण मुंबई के तपस्वी भी इस यात्रा में शामिल होंगे। इस रथयात्रा में मुंबई के राजनीतिक क्षेत्र से जुड़े सभी प्रमुख जैन बंधुओं के अलावा मुंबई के कई जैन संघों के प्रमुख, जैन समुदाय के विभिन्न धार्मिक, सामाजिक, शैक्षणिक, सांस्कृतिक संगठनों के पदाधिकारी और नेता भी शामिल होंगे।

Friday 29 September 2023

Rajkummar Rao’s Beach Cleanup Initiative Inspires Fans And Followers

 *Rajkummar Rao’s Environmental Heroism: The Actor Attends A Beach Cleanup To Make A Difference*
 *Rajkummar Rao Leads By Example: The Actor Attends A Beach Cleanup To Promote Green Living*
 Rajkummar Rao, the most versatile Bollywood actor, has impressed audiences with his acting skills time and again. But he's not just a talented actor; he's also an eco-conscious hero. As the festive season drew to a close, he actively participated in a beach cleanup initiative post-Ganpati visarjan at Juhu beach. Prior to this, he had celebrated with an eco-friendly Ganpati idol, highlighting his commitment to sustainability. Rajkummar stands as a role model for the younger generation, showcasing that he is not just a hero on the silver screen but also in real life. During the recent festive season, he made headlines for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with an eco-friendly Ganpati idol, emphasizing the need for sustainable festivities. After the celebrations, he didn't stop there. Rajkummar attended a beach cleanup drive post-Ganpati visarjan, setting a strong example for his fans and followers. Rajkummar Rao's initiative was not just about cleaning up a beach; it was a powerful statement about the importance of environmental responsibility. It sent a clear message that celebrities can use their influence for positive change, inspiring countless individuals to follow suit. His hands-on involvement and genuine concern for the environment were evident, setting a shining example for his fans and fellow actors in the industry. As Rajkummar Rao balances his passion for acting and environmental responsibility, fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects. He recently shared a glimpse of his upcoming project, Vicky Vidya Ka Woh Waala Video and has other exciting ventures like Stree 2, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi and SRI in the pipeline.

Ancient Grape Varieties Revived in the Israeli Negev Desert

29th September 2023

For the First Time in the Modern World: Ancient Grape Varieties Revived in the Israeli Negev Desert

A groundbreaking research-based heritage vineyard with ancient endemic grape varieties was planted in Avdat National Park, in the heart of the Israeli Negev Desert

A historic event took place in Avdat National Park, in the presence of the Minister of Environmental Protection, Idit Silman.  In a global precedent, two ancient grape varieties were planted in the very vineyard where they were originally cultivated fifteen hundred years ago. The vines were recovered from seeds found in archaeological excavations in Avdat and in groundbreaking DNA research led by Prof. Guy Bar-Oz from the University of Haifa and in collaboration with Dr. Meriv Meiri from Tel Aviv University and researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority. The varieties are unique to the Negev Desert, from which the Negev wine was produced – a wine that gained a reputation throughout the Mediterranean and beyond during the first millennium A.D. The restoration of these ancient vines to the Negev further strengthens the identity of the Negev as a desert wine region with deep historical roots and a truly unique tradition of desert viticulture.

The project is a collaboration between the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the University of Haifa, the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Merage Israel Foundation, and the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council. Avdat National Park, one of the main locations on the Negev Wine Route, is a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its role in the Nabataean Incense Route, but its wine heritage is just as impressive. The city of Avdat used to be a major wine production and export center in the ancient world. During the fourth through seventh centuries AD, the region was known as a source of quality wine throughout the Byzantine empire, at a time when Christianity became the empire's official religion. Wine from the Holyland was a thing to be had, and the Negev's wine was exported as far as modern-day England. The grape varieties discovered in the genetic research conducted on grape seeds discovered in the excavation in Avdat include two local varieties, Sariki and Beer, which are endemic to the Negev. The planting of the heritage vineyard along the park's Winepress Trail includes the restoration of three vineyard plots near the five ancient winepresses that were uncovered at the site.

This heritage vineyard was established according to the traditional structure of vineyards that was common among the farmers of Israel during the Mishna and Talmud periods (1-7th centuries AD). The vineyard was adapted as a model of an historical-agricultural system based on studies implemented by Israeli agronomists and archaeologists during generations of pioneering research in the Negev. The vineyard illustrates the principles of sustainability that characterize a desert vineyard, instills the historical story of Negev wines, and connects an ancient viticultural tradition with a pioneering-modern wine industry in a way that strengthens the narrative of the Negev as an ancient wine region that has been resurrected in our time.

This project is an important addition to the region's wine story, which has developed greatly in recent years, alongside the establishment of the Negev Wine Consortium by the Merage Israel Foundation – with over 40 wineries from the Northern Negev to Eilat as members. The consortium is a platform for cooperation, collaboration and development between the wineries and vineyards and works to promote the Negev as a unique wine and tourism destination. The foundation is currently working with the Ministry of Justice to define the Negev as a wine region as an appellation with a Geographical Indication of Origin. The Negev is also expected to receive international recognition as a cultural wine route that merges the narratives of the historical wine route with the modern-day one, combining the ancient heritage of Negev wine and today's pioneering wine industry. Plans are set in place for the planting of the heritage varieties, Sariki and Beer, alongside the thousands of acres of commonly known varieties currently grown by member of the consortium, such as Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot.

The Minister of Environmental Protection, Idit Silman: "This is the story of the beautiful Land of Israel. The fact that a million liters of wine per year were produced in the desert and exported to the European continent 1500 years ago is both exciting and inspiring. Today we have the technological ability to plant ancient vines using ancient and modern methods in the desert, and its importance is emphasized in a time of climate change. Today, through Israeli knowledge, experience, and innovation, we can be an example to many countries facing climate challenges. This is the reason why the Ministry of Environmental Protection, together with the Merage Foundation and the Israel Institute for Innovation, leads the DeserTech innovation community that places Israel at the center of global sustainable solutions, opportunities, and an economic development. It is a great privilege for me to be the Minister who heads the Nature and Parks Authority, and I am happy to see that this beautiful and ancient site, restored with great charm and hard work, provides the public with a unique glimpse into the ancient world, and to which masses of visitors will be exposed from the country and from around the world."

Eran Doron, Mayor of the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council: "I am excited about making Avdat's Tuscan vision a reality, returning the crown to its former glory, renewing Avdat's terraces with vineyards of the heritage varieties that grew here 1,500 years ago. Ramat HaNegev is at the forefront of agricultural research and development, including vines and wine production. We know how to produce quality wine in an arid climate and bring to the world groundbreaking solutions to the challenges of the wine industry in light of climate change. The planting of the traditional grape varieties deepens the historical agricultural connection in the Negev."

Prof. Guy Bar Oz, University of Haifa: "The State of Israel is a pioneer on a global scale in the study of the desert. This research vineyard integrates the past, present, and future in the most practical sense, and embodies, in a tangible way, the specific weight inherent in sustainable agricultural development and its effect on local produce. Following the planting of these heritage vine varieties and the environmental attitudes towards their cultivation, the vineyard will help to showcase the conditions of ancient agricultural systems and will reveal the potential of human resourcefulness considering the limitations of an arid region, and the unique contribution of the desert to the characteristics of Negev wine grapes. Beyond the heritage value of Negev wine, past and present, we are convinced that in the increasing awareness of climate change, there is an inherent universal value in becoming closely acquainted with historical agricultural traditions adapted to desert conditions."

Raya Shurki, Director General of the Israel Nature, and Parks Authority: "The planting of a vineyard in Avdat National Park is the best type of heritage project. It ignites the imagination and is pioneering in every aspect. I assume that the possibility of planting a ground-breaking heritage vineyard did not occur to David Ben-Gurion when he spoke about the vision of making the desert bloom, the return of the Negev and its importance to the State of Israel. Today we are coming full circle after 1500 years. We thank our project partners - the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Merage Foundation, the University of Haifa, and the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council. The Nature and Parks Authority will continue to make heritage sites in Israel accessible to the public and tell the story of the Land of Israel in general and the unique story of the Negev in particular. We welcome visitors and encourage them to follow the paths of the past in the heart of the desert."

Nicole Hod Stroh, CEO of the Merage Israel Foundation: "The Negev is becoming an international player in the field of wine - both in growing vines in the harsh conditions of the arid desert, and in producing excellent wine with unique characteristics. Several years ago, we recognized the potential that the region has in the Negev and decided to invest and establish the Negev Wine Consortium. We work on both local and international levels to promote the Negev as an international destination for wine tourism, as part of the Foundation's activities for the development of the Negev."

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