Tuesday 28 February 2023

BuyHive Partners with 40Seas To Offer Cross-border B2B Financing to SME Buyers


The partnership will enable SME buyers to get up to $1 million credit for their purchase orders

New Delhi/Hong Kong, 28 February 2023: Tech-enabled B2B global sourcing platform BuyHive (https://thebuyhive.com) today announced its partnership with 40Seas (https://40seas.com/), a leading provider of supply chain financing solutions, to offer cross-border B2B financing solutions to small and medium businesses. Through this partnership, BuyHive will enable SME buyers in the United States, Canada and the UK to get up to $1 million dollars’ worth of credit for their sourcing from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and India under ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ (BNPL) terms.

This partnership is expected to be a game-changer for small and midsized B2B buyers looking to purchase a diverse variety of products from overseas factories. BuyHive's new financing tool, developed in collaboration with 40Seas, will enable buyers to quickly figure out the credit limits they can get, based on their production volumes and other factors. With this tool, buyers can get access to the funding they need to purchase products, without having to worry about cash flow or credit constraints.

BuyHive’s financing tool will be particularly helpful for businesses that have limited capital or credit history and therefore struggle to secure traditional financing. With the new tool, these businesses can finally access the funding they need to grow their businesses and compete in the global marketplace.

Minesh Pore, co-founder and CEO of BuyHive, said, "We are excited to partner with 40Seas and bring this financing tool to our buyers. This partnership will enable us to provide our customers with a more comprehensive set of services, helping them source and finance the products they need to succeed."

The new financing tool is a powerful addition to BuyHive's comprehensive set of sourcing and management solutions. With this tool, BuyHive is positioned to be an even more valuable sourcing partner for businesses looking to succeed in the global marketplace.

Eyal Moldovan, co-founder and CEO of 40Seas, said, "We are delighted to partner with BuyHive and bring our cross-border trade financing solution within easy reach of millions of small and midsized businesses looking to source products overseas. We also believe that this partnership will not only transform the sourcing dynamics for these businesses but also aid business growth for suppliers and in turn, strengthen global trade."

Since 2019, BuyHive has helped hundreds of brands and sellers worldwide to find, qualify, and work with the best manufacturers to get products made and onto their store shelves on time. From discovery to delivery, BuyHive’s comprehensive sourcing solutions leverage the gig economy and technology to connect eCommerce sellers worldwide with the best manufacturers who can make quality products at the right prices to fuel their sales growth. BuyHive’s network of over 5,000 Sourcing Experts has deep experience sourcing products across the major consumer product categories including Home Decor, Garden & Outdoor, Sports & Fitness, Gifts & Premiums, Fashion Accessories, Apparel, Toys, DIY, and Electronics & Smart Home.

Healthy gifting options for International Women’s Day from Tea Culture of the World


Nothing says love more than when you take care of your loved ones' health.

What could be a better gift than a gift of health to every special woman in your life, with a beverage that every Indian loves!

Tea Culture of the World is home to over 80 exotic tea blends, and each one is a celebration. The finest tea leaves and ingredients are chosen to bring you tea experiences that linger long after you have savored the last sip.

Tea Culture of the World sources exceptional botanical ingredients from all over the world and authentic teas from their origins. The tea leaves are handpicked from the finest tea estates in Japan, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Argentina, and, of course, India. The fruits and herbs come from Europe, and the flowers are from Egypt. All ingredients are freeze-dried. This helps retain the nutritional value, flavor, and texture, helping us create the best quality blends all year through.

1) Flowery Bouquet

Flowery Bouquet blends rose and hibiscus flowers and earthy liquorice roots with the mild flavor of green tea. Savour its delicate sweetness, while its potent antioxidants and Vitamin C leave you in a rosy glow of well-being.

Tea Infuser can easily open the filter ball without touching it, which is more hygienic! The long handle can also be used in deeper containers without worrying about slipping.

INR : 1,400




Link : https://teacultureoftheworld.com/products/dream-brews-flowery-bouquet?_pos=3&_sid=25c144a9a&_ss=r


~ As the new face of the brand, Ranveer to feature in Pepsi®’s new summer campaign ~

~ New campaign, ‘Rise Up, Baby!’ is a fitting tribute to the irrepressible spirit of the youth ~ 


(Link to the anthem- https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpMcFk_I17C/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=)

(Link to the TVC- https://www.instagram.com/p/CpMVGA3hRIZ/) 

National, February 28, 2023Three Words. One Phrase. A billion believers. This summer, PEPSI® brings to life the catchphrase that is set to define 2023 – RISE UP, BABY!’ with none other than Bollywood Superstar Ranveer Singh.

Culture Curator Pepsi® today announced a blockbuster association with Ranveer Singh, welcoming the Superstar as its brand ambassador. Crowned by the youth of India as the ultimate superstar, Ranveer Singh has charmed his fans time and again, be it through his powerful performances, fashion statements, musical forays, or his free-spirited personality. Pepsi® has always been synonymous with the voice of the youth and believes in empowering them with self-expression, self-confidence, and self -belief. This dynamic match between Pepsi® and Ranveer is sure to enthral audiences across the country.

The youth of India is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with self-confidence and self-belief, this generation continues to break age-old societal norms and redefines what success and happiness means to them. Be it their nonchalant attitude towards societal judgements, carving out a path to follow their passions, or even their audacious dance moves on reels, this generation lives life on their own terms.

Pepsi® today in its 125th year, marks yet another milestone in its journey in India as it announces its new brand campaign, ‘Rise Up, Baby!’. This campaign aims to empower the youth of India that owns who they are without seeking validation through society. It is a celebration of being your true self despite the odds. This new brand positioning is the pairing of Pepsi® and the youth that marches to the beat of its own drum with Pepsi® encouraging this rhythm.

The campaign is accompanied by power-packed consumer touchpoints such as:


For over two decades, Pepsi® has constantly reinvented itself to strengthen its position in the hearts and minds of the young generation. The brand has an intrinsic connection with music and has worked with some of the most iconic superstars to create powerful pieces of culture around the world. Capitalizing on one of the biggest trends of the music industry, Pepsi® today launched a foot tapping remix of the 1991 cult classic, ‘Yahaan Ke Hum Sikandar’. This song is set to become a defining anthem of the youth of India as it reinstates Pepsi®’s ‘Rise Up, Baby!’ philosophy. This blockbuster song is curated with all the ingredients that make a song a Hit- Ranveer Singh, His Charm, His Moves.


The brand’s new summer TVC, features brand ambassador Ranveer Singh and is a homage to the Pepsi® spirit. The film opens with Ranveer enjoying a chilled bottle of Pepsi®. As he walks down a bustling street in his quintessential flamboyant outfit and confident avatar, he acknowledges the naysayers’ comments with humor and fun. Ultimately, one comment provokes him when a father asks his young son to not choose a particular professional stream. Ranveer calls out to the young boy and encourages him to follow his dream implying that the world will always pull you down, but you need to Rise Up against meaningless societal judgements/norms. Truly embodying the persona of the unmatchable Pepsi® guy, Ranveer showcases the fandom and love he has earned for himself and encourages the young boy to follow his heart as Ranveer takes a sip of Pepsi®.

You can click here to watch the film.

Excited about this new campaign, Saumya Rathor, Category Lead, Pepsi Cola, PepsiCo India, commented“PEPSI® is a brand which has always resonated with the voice of today’s generation. We stand by the youth of India in their journey to the top against the odds and encourage them to be authentic, be bold, be themselves. This summer, Pepsi will empower them to break free and rise above and own who they are. We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Ranveer Singh who’s personality and irrepressible spirit embodies Pepsi’s core philosophy. We have entered the year with exciting developments and are confident that our consumers will grow a strong resonance with the ‘Rise Up Baby’ campaign.”

Commenting on the association, Superstar Ranveer Singh said, “I am a free-spirited personPepsi celebrates freedom, self-expression, and confidence. This philosophy matches very naturally with my personality and hence I feel this partnership is essentially resonant.  I am someone who has always followed my heart. I believe we all have that fizz inside of us that lets us break free from the constructs of society and ‘Rise Up’!  I am delighted to be a part of the grand Pepsi legacy!”

About PepsiCo

PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers more than one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. PepsiCo generated more than $86 billion in net revenue in 2022, driven by a complementary beverage and convenient foods portfolio that includes Lay's, Doritos, Cheetos, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Quaker, and SodaStream. PepsiCo's product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable foods and beverages, including many iconic brands that generate more than $1 billion each in estimated annual retail sales.

Guiding PepsiCo is our vision to Be the Global Leader in Beverages and Convenient Foods by Winning with pep+ (PepsiCo Positive). pep+ is our strategic end-to-end transformation that puts sustainability and human capital at the center of how we will create value and growth by operating within planetary boundaries and inspiring positive change for planet and people. For more information, visit www.pepsico.com, and follow on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn @PepsiCo. 

CHICCO’s Goody Plus Stroller- A true essence of comfort


When your child wants to explore the world, one thing which comes in your mind is a baby stroller. Baby stroller is one great option for every parent as it adds the ease and convenience while you are taking your baby out. While stroller is a convenient solution for parents because they don’t have to carry the baby in their hands, it must be comfortable for the baby as that is of utmost importance.

Chicco Goody Plus stroller is a perfect solution for parents and babies. It is snuggly padded, even the shoulder straps are cushioned so that baby remains comfortable in it, be it a long-ride or a short one. Moreover, its bumper is padded too for the safety of your little one. Chicco Goody Plus Stroller has unique one-touch fold functionality which allows the Stroller to fold by itself, making it very easy and convenient to carry it anywhere. It easily fits in to your car boot.

Safety of baby is of paramount interest of Chicco hence, Goody Plus stroller is certified as per EN1888.

Eye-catching designs which catch the attention of people at first glance. The compact design and travel-ready feature make it reliable to carry anywhere.

In the midst of juggling life as a new parent sometime we forget that life does not stop when you have a child. There are places where we can still go or even take our little one to. In these scenarios, a baby stroller gives the flexibility to move around whether you’re taking a walk in the park or simply want to explore the outdoors. On the same lines, Chicco’s goody stroller provides a wide seat design and spacious frame which can be used by new borns till babies weighing up to 22Kgs. While ensuring the comfort of the baby and parents, the stroller has a fully reclining backrest, leg rest and extended canopy that can be adjusted according to the baby’s requirements. 

Chicco Stroller being a key piece of baby gear comes with optimum weather protection attributes of UV50+ protective hood, water resistance. The stroller also offers a full rain cover for windy and rainy days with its waterproof fabric. Adding to it, there is a Zippered section with flexible removable features that can be fixed on top of a stroller when required.

Chicco conveys a true sense of premium design, top-notch quality and soft-touch melange fabric in its baby stroller that attracts and convinces the buyer to pick this stroller. Additionally, focusing on the design and details, the Stroller is crafted in the frame of Anodized tubes. The transparent wheels of the Goody Plus Stroller are made up of polycarbonate material which stands out the features of optimum strength, durability, and elegant look. 

So, Chicco Goody Plus Stroller is a worth buying product which makes parent’s life easy by ensuring safety, comfort and joy. 

MRP – 22990/-

Available on Chicco website www.chicco.in, all Chicco stores and other major platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Huggies challenges Sonam Kapoor Ahuja with the #HuggiesFlipAndDipChallenge in their new campaign

~The TVC showcases the strong performance of the new Huggies Complete Comfort® range~

National, February 28, 2023: Kimberly Clark’s iconic brand Huggies partners with actor and new mom Sonam Kapoor Ahuja for the second phase of the ‘We got you, baby’ campaign marking the relaunch of the Huggies Complete Comfort® range in India. The brand sees this as a strong and organic collaboration given Sonam is a lead celebrity influencer for young women and moms. The film which has Sonam taking up the brand’s #HuggiesFlipAndDipChallenge will be deployed in five languages on digital platforms and TV.

Conceptualized and executed by Ogilvy India, the film features Sonam Kapoor Ahuja taking the Huggies challenge involving two simple steps to test for softness and absorption which are the most important attributes of a diaper for moms. Seeing for herself how Huggies outperforms the other diaper, she voices her decision to join the Huggies mom club by choosing the Huggies Complete Comfort® range for her baby.

Saakshi Verma Menon, Marketing Director, Kimberly – Clark India on the TVC said, "We are delighted to welcome Sonam to the Huggies family. As a new mom, I know Sonam is most concerned about what’s best for her baby and we are glad to be part of this beautiful motherhood journey with her. Sonam took the #HuggiesFlipAndDipChallenge and really saw for herself why Huggies is more comfortable than regular diapers. We really look forward to working with her to spread our message and be a part of the motherhood journey of moms across India”.

She further added, “Huggies is known for using innovative technologies to make high-quality products ensuring the highest standard of baby care. The #HuggiesFlipAndDipChallenge is the next phase in our ‘We got you, baby’ campaign. The idea behind this campaign is to demonstrate the superiority of Huggies in a manner that consumers can see and try themselves.”

I am super excited to be associated with this iconic brand and use its new range. When I said yes to the ‘Huggies Flip and Dip challenge’ I honestly did not know what to expect. I was surprised at how soft and absorbent Huggies is. As a mom, I always want the best for my baby. When it comes to my baby’s diaper, I absolutely cannot compromise on comfort. This challenge made me realize why lakhs of moms choose Huggies for their babies- its comfort and convenience all in one,” said Sonam Kapoor Ahuja on her association with Huggies.

Extensive research and lab tests show that Huggies delivers great absorption and is softer vs other diapers. In addition, consumer studies also reveal that 9 out of 10 moms feel that Huggies is more comfortable than their regular diapers and 100% of moms feel that Huggies provides complete comfort for their babies. The #HuggiesFlipAndDipChallenge highlights the benefits of this new restaged range and with Sonam in this campaign. The brand successfully establishes its superior softness through the flip test and superior absorption through the dip test in less than a minute.

Commenting on the film, Sukesh Kumar Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India, says “The Huggies Flip and Dip Challenge clearly demonstrates to all parents the prowess of Huggies Complete Comfort. And an innovative product like this, needed a credible endorser. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, as a new mom herself, was the perfect person to take the challenge. The results left her stunned and we are confident just like Sonam, parents will also see the benefits of this new restaged Huggies range and switch over.”

Huggies is marking the relaunch of the Huggies Complete Comfort® range in India with a focus on the core proposition of complete comfort through its campaign. The rollout of the 360° marketing campaign saw the first leg creatively introducing the new range by showing babies as their advocates in a digital film. The launch of this new film with Sonam will also prompt select mom influencers to take up the Huggies Flip and Dip Challenge, thereby demonstrating the superiority of the brand to a larger audience set. Huggies further plans to promote this challenge widely across various Indian cities through a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes both instore and outdoor advertising.

The new Huggies Complete Comfort® range is designed to provide 5 comforts in 1 diaper that includes bubble bed softness, 12-hour absorption, triple leak guard, breathable material, and a comfy fit waistband. The Huggies Complete Comfort® range is now available in offline stores and on e-commerce platforms.

Link to the film: https://youtube.com/watch?v=X88sBtZ-pbw&feature=share

Somany Ceramics opens its first showroom in Tilhar, Shahjahanpur- Uttar Pradesh

Somany Ceramics Ltd. one of the leading players in the ceramic industry is strengthening its presence by opening new display centers & expanding showroom networks to enhance the customer experience and reach out to a larger audience.

26th Feb’23:  Somany Ceramics Limited, an internationally acclaimed organization, specializing in ceramics and allied products segments, is known to be a leader in design and innovation has opened their first Somany Studio- M.A Marble and Tiles, in Tilhar- Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.           

Spread over to an area of 2400 Sq. Ft, the store is a one-stop solution for all tile needs with an extensive selection of in-stock, trend-right flooring options. The outlet aspires to provide all the benefits to our customers with its widest and extensive range of Somany wall and floor tiles, Sanitary and bath Fittings across all major categories. Consumers will be able to touch, feel and experience the range of tiles at the showroom, enabling the brand to strengthen its credibility quotient. 

The new exclusive store was inaugurated by Mr. Amit Sahai Dy. CEO- Somany Ceramics Limited along with Mr. Anil Kumar Singh, Senior AGM Somany Ceramics Limited. Speaking on the launch Mr. Amit Sahai said that “We are thrilled to introduce our store in Shahjahanpur- Uttar Pradesh which offers unmatched service and quality flooring at economical prices. Expanding our retail footprint gives us a chance to support our community and tell customers about our premium collection equipped with advanced technology. He further added we look forward to developing our product portfolio and meeting consumer requirements.”

About Somany Ceramics Limited:

Somany Ceramics Limited (SCL) is one of the leading players in the ceramic industry in India. The company is a complete solution provider in terms of décor solutions with widest product selection categories – Ceramic Wall and Floor, Polished Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Sanitary ware and Bath Fittings. It is India’s largest manufacturer and marketer of tiles through its pan India presence and also exports its products to more than 55 countries across 6 continents. The company has access to a capacity of about 75 million square meters per annum of tiles through 2 own plants, 7 subsidiary/ associate plants and outsourcing tie-ups.

RISE Hosts a Round Table Conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to promote education synergies in both the countries

The Round Table in collaboration with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry would focus on industry-academia collaboration, the need for increased research output and the internationalisation of education in both the countries

India, 28 February 2023: India based innovative edtech platform RISE is hosting a high-level round table conference at Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 10th and 11th March 2023, in collaboration with KADIN, the Yogyakarta chapter of the  Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The aim of the conference is to build synergies between both the countries’ higher education ecosystem and focus on the execution of opportunities with the National Education Policy in India &  Indonesia, along with building  a sustainable roadmap for the future of education between both the countries. The conference is being organised following RISE’s participation at the B20- summit 2022 which was hosted in Bali, Indonesia. Currently being hosted by the Indian Government, the G20 summit 2023 edition will have a major focus on skill development and education.

The conference is conceptualised with the objectives of skill development for the youth of both the countries through a series of successful Industry academia partnerships. It also aims to increase the research output and competence to build research output along with Internationalisation of Indian and Indonesian universities. The conference will be attended by key stakeholders of the higher education segments of both the countries as  Vice Chancellors/ Rectors of 15 top universities from both the public and the private sector from each of the countries.  Additionally, CEO’s of five companies across sectors like technology, healthcare, finance, start ups & manufacturing will be key attendees of the conference from India and Indonesia. 40 Rectors or professors of other universities in Yogyakarta will also be attending the round table discussions as audience.

Commenting on the upcoming conference, Mr. Gaurv Bhatia, CEO at RISE, stated, “Both countries have implemented the New Education Policy in 2020 & 2021 respectively to deal with the common challenges in education. These may further be discussed in the B20 and the G20 deliberations, for which the presidency lies with India this year & was with Indonesia last year. Both countries are the world's fastest growing economies with a young population, and with this in view, skill development is of utmost importance. Given that both countries have been natural partners for centuries, education is a good way of cementing the relationship further. RISE is working towards making education accessible for all, irrespective of geography and this event will help us to support both the governments’ mandates of changing the education policies.”

The 2-day conference will be conducting 3 parallel panel discussions on the topics of Industry Academia collaborations, research output and competence to build research output, and internationalisation of Indian and Indonesian universities. The conference will be followed by white papers that will be derived from the three topics of focus and will be taken up by universities across. 

The conference comes in the backdrop of RISE going on a growth spree with both national and international expansion. RISE recently expanded its operations in Bangaluru, and aims to launch its operations in Mumbai as well. Internationally, the platform has expanded its operations in Indonesia and signed MoUs with 6 of the biggest Indonesian Universities namely Universitas MahaSaraswati Denpasar, ITBM, ITB University, University of Amikom, Yogyakarta, and Dhyana Pura University, through its participation in the G20 summit at Bali

About RISE:

Founded in April 2021, RISE has been set up with a mission to encourage and empower students across cities, strata, and societies to be socially and culturally aware leaders of the world. The startup offers PG Programs in Business Analytics, Data Science, and AIML in collaboration with KPMG in India; PG Programs in FinTech and Finance & Accounting with Grant Thornton; PG Program in Marketing Research with Aeon Research, endorsed by MRSI; and PG Program in Cybersecurity with Thrive DX SaaS. RISE also offers a course in Public Policy with Analytics, and a Global MBA program in collaboration with SRH Mobile University(Germany). Besides, and more significantly, RISE also provides scholarships for women in tech and discounted courses for the underprivileged. Each course is affordable and, crucially, is curated and taught by industry experts, thus increasing the chances of employability. RISE is also globally expanding and has set its footprints in the Indonesian market and has collaborated with Indonesian universities aiming to connect higher education by providing industry driven, skill based courses to cover the existing skill gaps.

Based out of Pune, with offices in Bengaluru as well, RISE is targeting a fourfold growth both in the number of courses and students in the coming financial year.


27th Feb 23, Mumbai: Actor Siddharth Nigam known for his stunning acting from television to film never failed to impress his audience by his work. Charmer who recently debuted as a singer for his 1st single Tum Mili has released a reprise version of the song Tum Mili 2.0. 

The special valentine’s love song is a reprised version of the 2022 released Tum Mili. The song is Folk-pop in its purest form and guarantees to hook you onto it. Tum Mili will definitely make anyone fall in love all over again with its soulful lyrics and the melodious voice of Siddharth. The song talks about a hopelessly romantic lover describing his deep-hearted love for his partner, and how he feels since that special one entered his life and made it all so dreamy and perfect. Siddharth teamed up with music director Vibhas to create a fresh and new exhilarating rendition of the song. After receiving over a million views for the first version of the music video on YouTube, Siddharth decided to release 2.0. 

Speaking about the song Siddharth says, “I received lots of love and support from my fans when I first released it and this reprise version is my love for them through this song. It was a means of reciprocity on my part with my fans. I’m glad to have such amazing fans who have always showered their love and supported me throughout. Tum Mili is a very close song to me and I’m happy the audience could relate to it as much as I did.”

The 20th Edition of Asian Paints ColourNext Launches Forecast Stories – ‘Gothilicious’, ‘Edge of the Forest’, ‘Sleep Sense’ and ‘Shroom’

~Also launched Wallpaper of the Year – AION, Nilaya Naturals and Material Finishes by Royale Play~



New Delhi,  February, 2023: Asian Paints ColourNext, the most authoritative voice in the Indian subcontinent for trends and material forecasting completed 20 years this year. Renowned for their exemplary insights, ColourNext continues to share design directions for the year inspired by the cultural and social influences on colour and decor trends. ColourNext revealed the four forecast design directions for 2023 – ‘Gothilicious’, ‘Edge of the Forest’, ‘Sleep Sense’ and ‘Shroom’, the stories of which address sociocultural topics ranging from how we express ourselves, to a newfound urgency for wellness, and forming deeper connections with others and the world around us. The forecast also launched Wallpaper of the Year – AION, breakthrough natural and earth-safe paint - Nilaya Naturals, and imaginative palette of wall finishes called Material Finishes by Royale Play.

ColourNext’s forecast for 2023 is all about building a better future, embracing the past and present and creating with joy, hope and intention. The year is the silver lining everyone waited for, after the dark clouds of the past few years and the colour of the year 'Silver Escapade' encapsulates the optimism with which we are going forward. On the occasion of ColourNext’s 20th edition, Asian Paints has also launched the new logo for ColourNext.

Mr. Amit Syngle, Managing Director and CEO, of Asian Paints Ltd. commented, “As we celebrate 20 years of ColourNext with pride & zest, we look ahead to share with the world, the colour and material forecast for the year. The design directions for the year - Gothilicious, Edge of the Forest, Sleep Sense and Shroom highlight self-expression, wellness, fantasy and connecting with the world, addressing socio-cultural and consumer shifts which have emerged from getting out of a rather difficult and tough phase of the last two years. The Wallpaper of the Year- Aion speaks about time and eternity through art and design and Nilaya Naturals along with Material Finishes by Royale Play align perfectly with our forecasted themes for the year. We are excited to see the multitude of interpretations of our directions across landscape and medium. It is definitely going to be an interesting year where we see the application of our forecast and our colour and material intelligence behind them come to life.”

The dazzling and enchanting Wallpaper of the Year, AION (pronounced Ahee-ohn) has a mesmerizing visual palette with deft use of tones in different sections of the design. In the foreground, strong powerful and modern graphic lines, blaze with a white intensity. Receding totem silhouettes signal the way back into myth and mist, hanging chandelier-like against a soft wash of colour. ‘AION’ offers more than the eye can see and tells a tale of the universe’s greatest puzzle: Time.

Each of the forecast stories outline a narrative that connects with individuals differently.

Gothilicious is the trend of self-expression and being unapologetically bold and sensual. It can be seen as challenging the traditional ideas of dark and nebulous and exploring the intensity of pensive and powerful human emotion.  There is a shift towards an understated gothic essence with colours like charcoal warm matt black, deepest dark skies, blackest black pigment, deep dark forest olive greens, dark reds, sheen & shimmer of mother of pearl and molten metal.

Edge of the Forest is a life-affirming and a restorative forecast story.  When the pandemic hit we were clouded with loneliness, people found themselves turning to nature for answers, as per big data reports. This is because people know from instinct that nature allows them to connect to a world larger than themselves. Inspired by unfiltered forests, woods and its many enchanting creatures, this forecast story includes deep forest greens, mud, moss browns and mystical fluorescence inspired by wildflowers, rare bees, bugs and worms, along with the magical sheen and shimmer of gleaming lake waters. This trend signifies reconnecting with nature and its joy and vitality and a new kind of ‘inland living’ at the edge of the forest.

Sleep Sense refers to a new frontier in wellness – a sleep revolution i.e. prioritizing good quality sleep and rest of mind as the movement towards health, wellness and slow living gains ground. There is a renewed focus on breathable, handcrafted fabrics and locally sourced natural materials. The overall colour palette is a collection of broken whites that give a feeling of stillness and lightness. Comforting, nourishing, soft adaptive, familiar, and tranquility are the colour and material qualities of this forecast story.

Shroom is a story of revival and rebirth. It involves taking all that is dead and turning it back to life, in many ways mirroring the year itself, as people come out of the biggest health scare this generation has witnessed. It seems simple from the outside but has complex layers of ecological memory. A palette of profound tones combined with luminous and saturated hues with mesmeric quality make up this forecast story.

Earlier this year, Colour of the Year - Silver Escapade was unveiled as a representative colour of the times we live in. Wellness and hope for the future have emerged as the two most important design trends this year which inspire silver, a ubiquitous colour of hope, festivities and glamour. Silver has been the colour of auspicious new beginnings in India for centuries. Given the hybrid lifestyles we live, the colour is timeless and expansive transcending physical and digital realms, the past, present and the future.

Having been in existence for 20 years, Asian Paints ColourNext has evolved as the subcontinent's most-awaited and one-of-its-kind, intelligence in colour and material. The entire forecast takes into account the impact of the socio-political-economic climate backed by the science of research tools and colour psychology. It is put together based on comprehensive research involving the country’s prominent tastemakers from the fields of architecture, art, interiors, fashion, sociology, media and FMCG. Over 20 years, ColourNext has grown its influence and manifestation having immensely contributed to and shaped the world of colour and design.

Along with ColourNext, Asian Paints has revealed its new breakthrough product, Nilaya Naturals, a uniquely luxurious earth-safe, lime-based paint. Nilaya Naturals is made with 90% earth-positive ingredients making it robust and breathable, with a clean, fresh smell. Its tonally perfect palette with a vintage, flawlessly matte finish, has a beauty that only grows deeper with time. For projects which require an artistic colour, this will prove to be a perfect choice.

Material Finishes by Royale Play which are designer plaster solutions will showcase textures, styles and decor effects inspired by the colour of the year and forecast stories. This dynamic product offers a variety of options to fit evolving consumer tastes, such as The Archi Argilla, an imitation of nature with natural clay and lime composition; fit for houses with a trendy-chic rustic style, or W2F Decorative for differentiated luxury spaces. Some other options include Opaco Matt’s complete matt styling, and Marmorino’s marble like effect among others.

About Asian Paints Limited:

Since its foundation in 1942, Asian Paints has come a long way to become India’s leading and Asia’s second largest paint company, with a consolidated turnover of ₹ 29,101.28 crores (₹ 291 billion). Asian Paints operates in 15 countries and has 27 paint manufacturing facilities in the world, servicing consumers in over 60 countries. Asian Paints has always been a leader in the paint industry, innovating and introducing new concepts in India like Colour Ideas, Safe Painting Service, ColourNext and Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Stores. Asian Paints manufactures a wide range of paints for Decorative and Industrial use for interior and exterior walls. Their portfolio also includes SmartCare range for waterproofing, WoodTech products for wood finishes and Adhesives range for all surfaces. The company is also present in the “Home Improvement and Decor segment” and offers bath and kitchen products. The company also introduced lightings, furnishings, and furniture in its portfolio and offers a range of safe and supervised painting and interior design services.

Zee24 Ghanta organized the 14th edition of the Ananya Samman to acknowledge the selfless service of changemakers of India

India, 28th February 2022: Zee 24 Ghanta, the leading news channel, successfully organized the 14th edition of Ananya Samman, a platform to appreciate and reward individuals who have selflessly contributed to the society through their exemplary humanitarian works. This on-ground event held in Kolkata, was graced by various dignitaries of the city.

Zee 24 Ghanta’s Intellectual property comprises of three prime categories - Ananya Sadharan (which brings to light the achievements of individuals from different walks of life who have dedicated their lives for the service of society despite various barriers), Ananya Samman (rewards people who have contributed to the society through art, literature, cinema, sports and have excelled, overcoming any kind of language and regional barriers) & Ananya Maha Samman (an inspiration for the ages to come).

The exemplary work done by some of the good Samaritans of the society who have been rewarded with Ananya Sadharan Samman are as follows:  

·      Babunath Tudu – He constructed an ashram in Bankura, West Bengal to take care of the tribal children, providing them with their basic needs - food, shelter & education.

·      Ambarish Nag Chowdhury - He created a HAM Radio to help and find estranged individuals in various public gatherings. This initiative has helped in rescuing more than 200 people. Additionally, he also assisted disaster management team of the Indian Army during various operations.

·      Anil Garai- He has been planting trees in the barren lands and converted them into a considerable amount of vegetation in the remotest part of West Bengal for over 40 years. 

·      Kartick Mondal – He converted his house into a local school to allow the children of his village receive basic education.

·      Sanjit Jadab - A budding sportsperson in his teens was unable to pursue his dream of becoming one due to financial issues. Today, he provides free training to athletes who have represented the nation in various international sports events.

In addition to the above, the channel also felicitated Dev (Bengali actor), Shantanu Moitra, Chandra Bhattacharya (artist), Dr. Partha Kumar Sarkar (Scientist, Bharat Biotech), Jhulan Goswami with the Ananya Samman while Mary Kom and Leander Paes were presented with the Ananya Maha Samman awards this year.  

Emphasizing on the key objective of Ananya Samman, Abhay Ojha, CEO ZEE Media, “Initiatives like Ananya Samman is a step forward to encourage the viewers & the citizens of the country at large, to make this world a better place. Through Ananya Samman, the channel has been felicitating & honouring visionaries for their outstanding contributions to the society.”

About Zee Media Corporation Ltd: Zee Media Corporation Limited is one of India’s leading media and entertainment companies with strong presence in the news and regional entertainment genres and is India's one of the largest News Network with 14 news channels, 34 digital properties in 10 different languages, reaching over 693 mn+ consumers and digital properties like Zeenews.com, Bollywoodlife.com and Thehealthsite.com.

3i Infotech signs an INR 16.5 Cr Oracle DWBI Managed Services deal with SBI General Insurance

To deploy end-to-end Oracle stack to the insurance major.

Bangalore, February 28, 2023 – 3i Infotech Limited (BSE532628NSE3IINFOLTD), a global Information Technology company, committed to accelerating business transformation, has won Oracle Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DWBI) Managed Services deal with SBI General Insurance. With a value of around INR 16.5 Cr, the contract is spread over a tenure of three years.


As a part of the deal, 3i Infotech will perform 24/7 application and production support, data migration and integration, ETL operations (currently more than 25+ peripheral systems), DWBI Service Management L2, L3, MIS report, ad hoc reports and dashboards, data reconciliation, data democratization, data remediation, user management, knowledge management, security, audit and compliance services for data warehouse and Business Intelligence solution using end-to-end Oracle stack. Considering the above scope, 3i Infotech with its expertise in Oracle has proposed 30+ resources to perform the activities.

Commenting on the deal, Thompson P. Gnanam, Managing Director, and Global CEO, 3i Infotech said, “Having India's leading general insurance company as one of our marquee clients is a great privilege. As a company we are uniquely positioned to deliver our solutions to the BFSI segment, owing to our three-decade legacy and combined with our new-age digital propositions. Our dedicated Oracle CoE and width of solutions offered to clients under the Oracle stack was a key differentiator for us in clinching this prestigious deal."

SBI General Insurance has chosen 3i Infotech for its thought leadership and more than a decade of experience in providing value-driven offerings with a combination of Automation tools/Processes and a better understanding of business KPIs. 3i Infotech has a dedicated Oracle CoE that ensures guaranteed success by combining Oracle Technologies with BFSI domain expertise for Consulting, Implementation, and Support engagements.

About 3i Infotech 

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, since inception in 1993, 3i Infotech has been committed to driving business value across multiple industry verticals. 3i Infotech, today, has emerged as a leading name in propelling the current wave of digital transformation initiatives, with deep domain expertise across BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Retail and Government sectors. The company has over 5600 employees in 30 offices, 15 countries and across 4 continents. With a digital and cloud-first approach, and a range of IT services and solutions encompassing 5G in Edge Computing, Cognitive AI/ML, Data Science and Analytics and Blockchain, 3i Infotech have successfully transformed business operations of 1,200+ customers across 50 countries. The company has a very strong foothold and client base in geographies like North America, India, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Website: https://www.3i-infotech.com/