Friday 31 May 2024

Summer's Big Playzone Draws Hundreds! Reach 3Roads & Hasbro Present The Big Summer Playzone!

May 31st, 2024: Summer's here, and school's out! Beat the heat and make a splash at Reach 3Roads' Big Summer Playzone with Hasbro! The two-week extravaganza that kicked off on May 26th is currently ongoing until June 9th, 2024, promising sunshine, smiles, and endless summer vibes.

Unleash your inner game master under the warm sun! Channel your warrior spirit in NERF Battle Royales with the latest blasters, defy gravity with the mind-blowing augmented reality twist on classic Twister Air, or challenge your strategic thinking with timeless favorites like Jenga, Connect Four, and Tic Tac Toe.

But summer fun goes beyond games! Take a cool break and meet your favorite My Little Pony characters for a photo op during the special Meet & Greet happening both weekends. Get ready for some action-packed fun with interesting games.

Prepare for friendly competition and laughter that will fill the summer air! Make your summer adventure even more rewarding! Find cool summer outfits at Zudio, stock up on pool floats and toys at Kidz N Klapz, and grab the latest swimwear at Firstcry – all at Reach 3Roads. Need a cuddly companion for those lazy summer afternoons? Ximi Vogue has the cutest selection of soft toys to bring home! Plus, quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings with refreshing treats from McDonald's or Domino's to fuel all the fun. Every shopping trip earns you a special pass, granting access to five exciting activities at Reach 3Roads. Just visit the concierge table after shopping to claim your summer fun pass!

This vibrant open-air destination offers everything you need for a perfect summer day. Find delicious food and drinks, trendy clothes, the latest tech gadgets, and more – all under the warm summer sun. Reach 3Roads is the ideal spot to create lasting memories with loved ones while soaking up the summer spirit.

"We're excited to bring this unique event to Reach 3Roads," says Ms. Prakriti Kundaliya, AVP of Marketing at Reach Group. The Big Summer Playzone with Hasbro offers a perfect blend of entertainment, shopping, and delicious food for families. We are delighted to introduce a range of exciting games, including Nerf, Jenga, and Connect 4, all under the renowned Hasbro brand, for the first time in Gurgaon. Families can look forward to creating unforgettable memories. Additionally, kids can enjoy the meet-and-greet with My Little Pony characters every weekend. We can't wait to see the happy faces of our visitors!"

Yatra Online Limited Q4 FY 24-25

 FY24 and Q4-FY24 Operational Highlights:

  • Yatra reported domestic air passenger growth of 24% YoY in FY24, which was ~2x of industry growth as the company continued to gain market share.
  • Strong quarter with PAT of INR 56 Mn and 12% YoY growth in gross bookings.
  • For Q4-FY24, Yatra reported revenue of INR 1,077 million, down 10% YoY largely due to the impact of a one-time accrual of threshold bonus of GDS Contracts in Q4-FY23. Excluding that reported revenue would have seen a growth of ~7% YoY.
  • Yatra continued to expand its corporate client base and closed 25 new corporate accounts during the quarter. Subsequent to the end of the quarter the Company also closed the largest public sector bank in India as a customer.
  • Despite continued softness in the IT sector the Corporate travel segment continued to recover strongly and is now back to pre-covid levels

 Commenting on the results, Whole Time Director & Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Dhruv Shringi stated“Yatra’s Gross Bookings increased by 12% YoY in the fourth quarter of FY24, driven by a 13.5% growth in Air Gross Bookings. This growth was fueled by a robust rebound in international travel in what is typically the seasonally weakest quarter. Additionally, our EBITDA increased by 128% sequentially reaching INR 108 million from INR 48 million in the Q3FY24, due to increase in gross bookings and optimization of cost. Further, our EBITDA margin % increased by approximately 700 BPs sequentially reaching 13% for the quarter ended March 31, 2024. For FY24, we largely met or exceeded Analyst expectations. Furthermore, I am pleased to announce the launch of our Expense Management solution earlier this week. Yatra's Expense Management Solution stands out with its utilization of cutting-edge technologies including GenAI Large Language Models (LLMs) for receipt analysis. Unlike traditional OCR technology, this ensures more accurate and comprehensive expense tracking, significantly reducing errors and saving time. Additionally, it features an integrated chatbot based on Gen AI and RAG models. This solution not only meets current market demands but also anticipates future needs. Our Expense Management Solution is designed to grow with our clients, offering scalability and flexibility as their businesses evolve. We now have the opportunity to cross-sell this solution to our already well-established Corporate and SME customer base.”

PVR INOX launches the biggest six-screen multiplex in Udaipur

Urban Square Mall launched PVR INOX, the Biggest 6-screen Multiplex in Udaipur, as another feature added to its shopping and entertainment ambience. With a leasable area of 40,000 sq.ft., PVR INOX promises an unparalleled cinematic experience to moviegoers.

PVR INOX at Urban Square Mall includes Udaipur's first-ever Insignia Gold auditorium, offering an immersive viewing experience. This state-of-the-art multiplex has a total seating capacity of 1009, which sets a new standard for luxury and comfort in Udaipur.

The launch event was graced by esteemed Chief Guest Bhumika Poddar and Arvind Kumar Poswal, the honorable Collector of Udaipur, who expressed their enthusiasm for this significant addition to the Urban Square Mall’s entertainment landscape.

Uddhav Poddar, Managing Director of Bhumika Group, expressed, "We are thrilled to bring the immersive PVR INOX experience to Urban Square Mall. Introducing the Insignia Gold auditorium exemplifies our commitment to offering the best in cinema experiences. We aim to provide movie lovers with an exceptional entertainment destination to enjoy the latest films in a luxurious and comfortable setting, further solidifying our position as the city’s premier shopping and entertainment destination.”

Further, to celebrate the grand launch, the mall offers an opportunity to “Watch Movies @ Rs. 99 on May 31st, 2024,” allowing movie enthusiasts to enjoy the latest blockbusters in a luxurious setting.

Additionally, they have also announced the upcoming opening of Lemon Tree Hotel in order to enhance visitors’ experience.

Vegas Mall Partners With Nodwin Gaming Valoran Challengers South Asia to Host the LAN Finale


 Vegas Mall, in partnership with Nodwin Gaming Valoran Challengers South Asia, successfully concluded the LAN finale on May 18th and 19th, 2024, and witnessed an incredible display of energy and gaming spirit in Delhi. On both days, gaming enthusiasts came across games like Tekken, Chess, Cricket, and Clash of Clans, indulging in an intense battle showcasing their skills.

As the much-anticipated finale wrapped up on Day 2, winners were rewarded with exciting prizes. The entire event was also broadcasted live on Nodwin Gaming's YouTube channel, allowing fans to join in.

Mr. Ravinder Choudhary, Vice President, Vegas Mall, expressed, “We are thrilled to have hosted such a dynamic event that brought together gamers. The enthusiasm and passion displayed were truly inspiring, and we look forward to supporting more such events in the future.”

Khushbu Sundar and Kishwar Desai join Mothers Against Vaping to fight the growing menace of new-age gateway devices among children

Leveraging Marketing Tools and Digital Spaces is key to counter the Global Tobacco industry’s alleged strategies to promote vapes and e-cigarettes among children
Mumbai / New Delhi, 31 May 2024: Khushbu Sundar, Actress and Politician, a special invitee of BJP National Executive Committee and a member of the National Commission for Women and Kishwar Desai, Author and Columnist, today joined Mothers Against Vaping, a united front of concerned mothers combatting the escalating vaping crisis among our youth.
Mothers Against Vaping has been highlighting and confronting the Global Tobacco Industry's alleged strategies to lure children with new-age gateway devices like e-cigarettes, vapes, electronic nicotine delivery systems, heat-not-burn products, e-hookahs etc. These devices have been positioned as safer alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking, yet these products pose severe risks to the health of children and the youth.
Khushbu Sundar and Kishwar Desai joined Mothers Against Vaping at an event titled “Saving the Next Generation from New-Age Addictions”, organized by the Group on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day 2024 in the Indian International Centre, New Delhi.
They join a distinguished group of leading sports icons and influential role models like Baichung Bhutia, Deepa Malik and Neha Dhupia who stand with Mothers Against Vaping in their efforts to eradicate the menace of vaping and e-cigarettes from the lives of children.
Joining Mothers Against Vaping, Khushbu Sundar, speaking about the dangerous impact that vaping and e-cigarettes are having on the lives of children and the youth said, “As a nation, we are making great strides, towards securing a bright future for our children. However, we must confront pressing issues that plague their present reality, such as the alarming prevalence of New Age Gateway Devices like e-cigarettes and vapes. It is deeply troubling to see how manufacturers of such devices are targeting our children with the intention of creating their future customer base with these enticingly sleek and sophisticated products.”
“Apart from the dangerous health risks posed to our children and youth due to the usage of these products, it also jeopardizes their future career prospects and also hinders their potential contributions to our nation's growth and development. To secure the future of our nation we need to also secure the future of our children. It is highly critical that we make all efforts to remove the usage of these illegal and banned devices from our society. I fully support Mothers Against Vaping in their mission to remove the influence of these addictive devices from the lives of our children,” Khushbu added.
Kishwar Desai, Author and Columnist said, “With sleek electronic devices captivating children's attention nowadays, they are often drawn to try them out—whether to appear cool, satisfy curiosity or as a means to express themselves. But this is a dangerous road. As mothers, citizens and thought leaders, it is our duty to hold up a mirror to them and convey that this road only leads to disaster and a life unfulfilled.”
The government over the years has proactively taken steps to address this issue, however, the unscrupulous elements continue to find new ways, and therefore there is a need to strengthen the enforcement framework; and one step in that direction could be to substantially increase the penal provisions against the perpetrators,” Desai added.
At the event, Mothers from various walks of life united under Mothers Against Vaping and pledged to protect children from the global tobacco industry’s interference which aligned with the WHO theme of “Protecting Children from Tobacco Industry Interference” on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day 2024.
The Pledge Ceremony was conducted with a large number of mothers in attendance taking part. The Chief Guest, Deepa Malik, Padma Shri Khel Ratna & Arjuna Awardee and a prominent member of Mothers Against Vaping, led the Pledge Ceremony. She said“This pledge is crucial. I am deeply troubled to see how our children are being lured by the tactics of device manufacturers, risking lifelong addictions not just to nicotine but to even more dangerous substances. It is heart breaking to witness children engaging in such activities when there are much more engaging activities like sports which they can participate in and move towards a bright future and Fit India in a healthy manner. We must organize more events like this and raise awareness about this pressing issue affecting our children.”
Talking about the reasons for the rising popularity of these new-age devices among children, Dr. Bhavna Barmi, Clinical Psychologist, Founder, Happiness Studio said, "Children's mental states make them highly susceptible to early experimentation with addictive behaviours. Hence, we are witnessing a troubling surge in children being drawn to enticing electronic addictive devices like vapes and e-cigarettes. A major factor fuelling this trend is the packaging and advertising tactics employed by manufacturers of these modern devices.”
At the event, Mothers Against Vaping released a 4-point agenda to counter and neutralize 5 popular alleged strategies adopted by global tobacco industry to promote gateway devices to young children.
The 5 Popular Global Tobacco industry alleged strategies to promote new-age gateway devices to children include the Industry’s focus on new-age gateway electronic devices rather than traditional tobacco products as children readily adopt these devices; spreading misinformation that e-cigarette and similar electronic devices like heat-not-burn devices are less harmful than traditional tobacco products; hooking children early on; digital marketing and smuggling of these devices to escape regulations banning vapes and e-cigarettes.
The 4-point agenda released by Mothers Against Vaping to counter the Global Tobacco Industry strategies includes Educating stakeholders through robust campaigns; Providing information about health hazards by Healthcare professionals, particularly doctors; Utilizing the Same Marketing Tools and Digital Spaces that the MNC Tobacco companies are using and Urging Policymakers to Address Smuggling.
Digital marketing serves as a powerful tool for targeting children, portraying these devices as cool and desirable. Through platforms like social media, online ads and influencer partnerships, the tobacco industry allegedly glamorizes these products, effectively popularizing them among children and youth. Interestingly Mothers Against Vaping contends that the same digital platforms should be used to launch effective campaigns across various digital channels, including influencers whom children admire and relate to.
These campaigns can promote messages centered around valuing one's body and embracing individuality. In the campaigns, children can be encouraged to reject gateway devices and adopt positive behaviours, such as expressing their uniqueness which can lead to the enhancement of their self-worth and self-esteem as well as enable them to be well informed and make confident choices. Mothers and teachers should also be effectively engaged in these digital spaces. There is also a need to urge policymakers to bring in stringent laws against various marketing and digital tools that are being deployed.

Anytime Fitness: Providing a Quality and Effective Fitness Regimen

Noida: India’s leading fitness gym chain, Anytime Fitness, has recently opened a new club in Astha Greens Society, Greater Noida West. This achievement marks the establishment of the 8th Anytime Fitness gym in the Noida and Greater Noida region. The grand opening ceremony was inaugurated by Mr. Ayush Sinha, Mr. Rohit Raj, and Mr. Ankit Anand who jointly own the Gym Franchise. Further, it was graced by the presence of notable figures including Mr. Kushal Pal Singh, Fitness and Performance Expert, and Mr. Amit Nair, Sr. Marketing Manager.  

Boasting a spacious area of 3,620 square feet within the society premises, the unique feature of this gym facility is that it is accessible to both residents of the society and the public.

Mr. Vikas Jain, Managing Director of Anytime Fitness India, stated, "I am delighted to see people prioritizing their health and making concerted efforts towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. We aim to provide a quality and effective fitness regimen to everyone right at their doorstep, helping them stay free from chronic lifestyle diseases."

The franchise owner, Mr. Ayush Sinha, shared his enthusiasm, saying, "This is a dream come true, and I am incredibly excited about this new chapter in my life. I believe the gym is a unique place where you can truly be with yourself. For one or two hours, there's no stress, no second thoughts—just you and your workout. It's a profoundly meaningful experience that should be an indispensable part of life."

The brand-new gym offers State-of-the-art Equipment, Certified Trainers, and Group Classes, and it is suitable for individuals from all walks of life. In addition, members will have 24*7 accessibility to the gym, exceptional training plans, dietary advice, and a fitness community that thrives for fitness as well as wellness.  

Explore Science, Art, and More at Pacific Mall NSP Pitampura’s Summer Camp

Delhi| The ongoing summer camp at Pacific Mall NSP Pitampura offers vibrant and engaging activities for the kids, promising an environment of fun and learning. Running until June 9th, 2024, the summer camp is a great place for kids to explore various activities designed to entertain and educate.

The summer camp is divided amongst four exciting zones, like Science and Fun, Art and Craft, Recycle activities, and DIY workshop, offer the young participants hands-on experience through various entertaining activities. From interactive science demonstrations, artistic projects, creative recycling projects, and engaging DIY projects, the summer camp allows young kids’ imaginations to soar.

Pride Hotels Group aggressively strengthens its expansion in Uttarakhand by adding their newest brand Pride Elite in the pious city of Haridwar


Pride Hotels Group is thrilled to announce the signing of Pride Elite, Haridwar, further solidifying its presence in the Indian hospitality sector. This new property is strategically located on the main highway in Haridwar, just 12 minutes away from the revered Har Ki Paudi, offering guests a unique blend of cultural immersion and comfort.

"We are delighted to welcome the Pride Elite Hotel, Haridwar, to our esteemed portfolio. This boutique-style property embodies our commitment to delivering exceptional and unique hospitality experiences that cater to the evolving needs of our guests. The Pride Elite Haridwar marks a significant milestone for our brand in the northern region. With its prime location, we are confident it will become a popular choice amidst travellers visiting Haridwar," said Atul Upadhyay, Executive Vice President, Pride Hotels Group. “This addition further strengthens our group's position and highlights the benefits of expanding our presence in key destinations for pilgrims across India. The unique boutique charm of the Pride Elite Hotel makes it a valuable addition to our growing portfolio."

The Pride Elite Hotel, Haridwar, boasts 58 well-appointed rooms, designed to provide an exceptional hotel stay experience. The hotel features an all-day dining & bar with 90 covers an upcoming roof top restaurant with 160 covers, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of its guests. Additionally, the property offers two banquet halls, each 2,000 sq ft, making it an ideal destination for corporate events, weddings, and other social gatherings.

“We are excited to announce the signing of Pride Elite Hotel, Haridwar. Haridwar is a key area of Uttarakhand, where all pilgrims start the journey of Chardham, and it is a holy area where people travel year-round for all the basic rituals. Plus, it completes the circuit of the whole Uttarakhand. The region has seen a significant increase in demand for religious tourism, and we believe that our new hotel will cater to this growing demand. Our hotel is strategically located to provide a comfortable and luxurious stay for these travellers, allowing them to focus on their spiritual journey. We are committed to providing exceptional service and amenities that will make their stay truly memorable,” said Mohammad Shoeb, Associate Vice President - North India, Pride Hotels Group.

Haridwar is not just a destination for religious tourism; it is also a thriving business and leisure destination. The Pride Elite Hotel will cater to both business travellers and tourists, offering circuit packages that allow guests to explore the broader region of Uttarakhand. We are leveraging our properties in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Rudraprayag, and Mussoorie to offer comprehensive circuit packages, enhancing the travel experience for our guests.

The Pride Elite Hotel, Haridwar, is expected to open its doors in the 1st week of June, offering a unique blend of traditional Indian hospitality and modern luxury.


Cupid Limited Receives Vendor Approval from Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) for Supply of Kamasutra Condoms

New Delhi, May 31, 2024: Today, Cupid Limited announced that it has been approved as a vendor by

Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) to provide Kamasutra condoms. This significant achievement

includes an initial order from GCPL, a testament to our product's quality, valued at a substantial INR 2.4

Crore, with the execution scheduled to begin on July 24.

Aditya Halwasiya, Managing Director, Cupid Limited, remarked, "Cupid Limited has recently entered the

direct-to-consumer market in India with its Cupid brand range, including male and female condoms,

personal lubricants, CupiSure pregnancy kits, and Cupid Rizz pocket perfumes and deodorants. We are

immensely proud to partner with a reputable entity like GCPL."

He added, "We look forward to nurturing and expanding our relationship with GCPL in the upcoming

quarters and years. This partnership highlights Cupid Limited's dedication to quality and cutting-edge


Cupid Limited's strategic move into the direct-to-consumer market, along with this esteemed

collaboration with GCPL, emphasizes the company's commitment to providing top-tier products and

widening its presence in the personal care sector. The association with GCPL, a key player in the consumer

goods industry, is anticipated to not only propel significant growth for both companies but also improve

product accessibility and choice for consumers.

Aahana Kumra on content creators aspiring to become actors: You can't do everything, so it's better not to try everywhere

The content creation culture is rapidly growing in India, with many aspiring to become influencers, and you'll find one in every nook and corner. Several content creators cum influencers have transitioned into acting, and many aspire to be so. Recently, at the Dish TV Smart+ launch event, actress Aahana Kumra shared her views on this trend.
*She expressed*, "I think some people believe that by making 10-15 reels and gaining fame on Instagram, they'll suddenly receive a film offer. But you can't simply pluck someone and place them in a film. Cinema and social media are different mediums. I believe actors need to dedicate themselves to their craft. Actors like Rajkummar Rao are selective in their roles. They choose their projects carefully, ensuring that whatever they do, they excel at it. Watching their films is enjoyable because they always bring something fresh to the table. You can't do everything, so it's better not to try everywhere.” 
The actress launched ‘Dish TV Smart+’ in three cities: Indore, Lucknow, and Jaipur. Dish TV Smart+ marks a first-of-its-kind and groundbreaking move by Dish TV, a leading DTH provider. It provides customers with unparalleled access to both TV and OTT content across all screens, at no additional cost. This innovative service promises convenience, flexibility, and an expanded range of entertainment options, empowering customers to customise their viewing experience according to their preferences.
*At the Dish TV Smart+ events, the actress also shared her favourite artist from the Indian film industry and the genres she prefers. She expressed*, “There are many actors, but Irrfan Khan was and will always be my favourite. I don't think anyone like him exists in the industry, so he'll always hold a special place in my heart.” 
“I enjoy many genres, but drama will always be my favourite. I particularly love Vishal Bhardwaj's older films like Maqbool, which is one of my favourites. Tabu's performances in it are exceptional. Also, films like Sparsh and Masoom featuring Naseeruddin Shah are classics. Such films are rare, but thankfully, Kiran Rao made a film called Laapataa Ladies, which is wonderful. It's reassuring to see that some authentic cinema still exists,” *she concluded

Thursday 30 May 2024

ASARE expands digital literacy program to bridge rural-urban divide.

May 30, 2024:

The Association for Sustainable Rural Empowerment (ASARE) is pleased to announce the expansion of its digital literacy program, which aims to reduce the gap between rural and urban areas by providing rural residents with critical digital skills and online resources. This initiative demonstrates ASARE’s dedication to promoting inclusivity and empowering rural communities in the digital age. In today’s digital world, access to technology and literacy is critical for social and economic inclusion. Unfortunately, many rural areas in India lack the necessary infrastructure and resources, resulting in a significant digital divide. Recognizing this imbalance, ASARE has taken proactive steps to address this issue and equip rural residents with the necessary digital skills and knowledge.

Dr. Pankaj Shukla, Chairman, AASARE, shared his positive outlook on the development of the digital literacy program, saying that access to digital technology is a basic right that should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or social and economic status. By expanding the digital literacy program, AASARE aims to equip rural citizens with the necessary skills to move forward in the digital age and take advantage of new opportunities to enhance their quality of life. AASARE is also empowering itself to achieve this goal.

The digital literacy program led by Aasre will focus on three main areas. Initially, it will provide comprehensive training sessions to rural residents, teaching them basic digital skills such as using computers, smartphones, and the Internet, as well as navigating online platforms, applications, and how to avoid cyber fraud. These sessions will be conducted in local languages ​​and customized to meet the specific needs of rural communities. Secondly, Aasre will strive to ensure that rural residents have access to critical online resources such as educational content, government services, health care information, and e-commerce platforms. By facilitating access to these resources, Aasre aims to empower rural individuals to make informed decisions and enhance their overall well-being. Lastly, the program will include digital literacy workshops and community events aimed at raising awareness about the importance of digital literacy and providing practical training to rural residents. These workshops will serve as platforms to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and develop digital skills in a supportive environment.

Dr. Ranjan Kumar, Chief Economic Advisor, Aasre, emphasized the importance of digital literacy programs to advance economic growth and social inclusion. He said that digital literacy is essential for both participation and success in today's economy. Aasre program is playing a vital role in empowering rural individuals to take advantage of new opportunities and promote a more inclusive and fair society. Aasre is dedicated to guaranteeing the prosperity and longevity of its digital literacy program, which focuses on reaching deprived rural communities and marginalized groups. By reducing the gap in digital access, Aasre seeks to unleash the full potential of rural India and lead to a more prosperous and interconnected future

To know more about AASRE and its digital literacy programmes, please visit .

RUTVXK, Somanshu and Nikhita Gandhi redefine swag and energy in ii Music’s latest song ‘Mashuka’

The track serves as the perfect excuse to burn the dance floo

NATIONAL, 30th May 2024: Calling all dance enthusiasts, your 2024 party anthem is right here!  Looking for a fun, hip and snazzy song to take over the club? Well, look no more! ii Music has just released the fun, peppy and vibrant track of the year ‘Mashuka’. The track features the vocal talents RUTVXKSomanshu and Nikhita Gandhi. ‘Mashuka’ has all the makings of a foot-thumping tune that can take dance floors by storm. The track is perfect addition to your party playlist. What gives it massive repeat value is the blend of style, substance, and swagger. With lyrics like ‘Sab ke dil ki dhadkan hai tu’, the peppy number is sure to strike a chord with the millennial and Gen-Z crowd. Written and composed by dynamic duo RUTVXK and Somanshu, the track sees the two share vocals with  Nikhita Gandhi.

One of India’s top female playback singers, Nikhita Gandhi has captivated countless fans with hit songs like "Raabta," "Ullu ka Pattha," and "Barbaadiyan." An award-winning artist, her voice brings a magical quality to every track she contributes to. Rutvik Talashilkar, commonly known by his stage name RUTVXK, is a multi talented artist who can not only sing, but also write and produce music. His singles are a rage online, and he has also lent his voice for Bollywood films such as ‘Malaal’. Somanshu Agarwal is a sought after name in the indie music circuit, with a loyal array of fans who swear by his mesmerizing voice. He is a self taught musician who has garnered over 4 million views on his official YouTube channel. 

It’s not just the song that is set to spark a rage! Mashuka’s official music video is another slick and stylish gem. The video sees Nikhita Gandhi shake a leg with RUTVXK and Somanshu, as the trio exude pure style in each frame. Directed by Garry Bhullar, the music video is a treat to the eyes with suave sets and captivating colors. 

Talking about the song, Nikhita Gandhi said, “Mashuka is not just a song, it's a total vibe. It’s always fun to be part of upbeat tracks that just push you to take over the dance floor. Working with Rutvik and Somanshu was an absolute blast, and I can’t wait for fans to groove to the beats of Mashuka”.

Echoing similar thoughts, Somanshu Agarwal said, “The first word that comes to mind after listening to Mashuka is- uber-cool! We aimed to create a song that is both fun and lively, yet has a core of intrigue and charm. I’m really looking forward to the world shaking a leg in delight with this song”.

RUTVXK added, This song is a celebration of fun, dance, and vibrant energy, and it’s been an absolute joy to create this song alongside Somanshu and Nikhita Gandhi. We poured our hearts into crafting a tune that not only makes you want to hit the dance floor but also resonates with a stylish, cool vibe. I can't wait for you to experience it and hope 'Mashuka' becomes your go-to anthem for every party. Turn up the volume and let’s dance!"

Sharing his thoughts on their latest release, Rohit Sobti, Founder, ii Music, said, “At ii Music, we are all about variety. Mashuka is a true blue dance anthem, and to see talents like NikhitaRutvik and Somanshu come together for this tune is any music label’s delight. This song will be an instant hit in dance floors across India”. 

The song ‘Mashuka’ is available on all leading music platforms. The official music video is now live on YouTube. 

Listen Here :

Jio Studios’ Mrs. and Sumo Didi to screen at the prestigious New York Indian Film Festival 2024 (NYIFF) on 2nd June

~Mrs honoured as Closing Film along with double nomination for Best Actress for Sanya Malhotra and Best Director for Arati Kadav ~

~Sumo Didi bags double nomination for Best Debut Film and Best Screenplay by Nikhil Sachan~

Jio Studios continues to make waves at international film festivals with its acclaimed films! Their upcoming Hindi films Mrs. and Sumo Didi will once again enthrall audiences at the global stage at the esteemed New York Indian Film Festival 2024Mrs. has been honoured as the festival’s Closing Film on 2nd June, while Sumo Didi will also be screened on the same day. Adding to the excitement, Sumo Didi has secured double nominations for Best Debut Film and Nikhil Sachan for Best Screenplay. Meanwhile, Mrs shines bright with a nomination for Sanya Malhotra in the coveted Best Actress category and Best Director Category for Arati Kadav.  

Jio Studios and Baweja Studios’ Mrs is a captivating account of a woman’s strength and resilience, and stars Sanya Malhotra in the lead along with Nishant Dahiya and Kanwaljit Singh in pivotal roles. Produced by Jyoti Deshpande, Pammi Baweja, and Harman Baweja, Mrs is helmed by director Arati Kadav.

Lead actress of Mrs, Sanya Malhotra, says “It is a proud moment for me that Mrs has been chosen as the closing film for NYIFF. Playing Richa, a character grappling with the delicate balance between tradition and ambition, was an immense honour and responsibility, given that it embodies the struggles of so many Indian women. Our endeavour to breathe life into this story has been incredibly rewarding and I am eagerly awaiting to share it with the world.”

Expressing her gratitude, Director, Arati Kadav, says, “I always look forward to films screened at NYIFF every year. Hence I feel truly privileged that we have been chosen as the closing film of such an esteemed film festival. Our aim with this film is to connect with Indian audiences living not just in India but abroad and this platform helps us reach the diaspora. I am thankful to our producers Harman Baweja, Baweja Studios and Jio Studios who have supported the journey of this film and made this day possible. I am also thankful for the hard work of the cast and crew and their sincerity that has made the film take these strides. We all are so happy and proud to represent our country and our stories on the world platform, and I feel very encouraged to keep working hard in all our endeavours.”

Producer of Mrs, Harman Baweja says, "I’m deeply honoured to have 'Mrs.' chosen as the NYIFF closing film. NYIFF has a longstanding legacy of celebrating ground-breaking Indian cinema, and we're incredibly proud to be a part of it. We can't wait to share our labour of love ‘Mrs.' with the audiences in New York”

Another pathbreaking film, Sumo Didi in association with Fresh Lime Films and MA + TH will be screening on 2nd June. Inspired from the remarkable journey of India’s first Sumo Wrestler Hetal Dave, the film stars Shriyam Bhagnani in the titular role along with Chaitnya Sharma (Slow Cheeta) and is directed by debutant Jayant RohatgiPresented by Jio Studios, Sumo Didi is produced by Jyoti Deshpande, Akash Chawla, Amit Chandrra, and Arunava Sengupta.

Sharing his excitement, director, Jayant Rohatgi, says, “After a heart-warming response at Tokyo and Palm Springs, I am excited to be a part of another prestigious film festival in NYIFF. It’s a privilege to be amidst such powerful films and filmmakers celebrating the best of Indian cinema. Hetal’s journey is simply remarkable. Her tenacity in breaking through gender stereotypes, social prejudices, lack of opportunities and her own demons to make a seemingly impossible dream come true moved me immensely. I hope our film resonates with and inspires the audience in New York as well.


Shot in Kolkata, Mumbai and Japan, Sumo Didi is a story of grit and rising from the depths of despair. A middle-class girl from a conservative Marwari family defies all odds to turn her perceived weakness into her strength and breaks the glass ceiling.

With talented casts and impactful storytelling, both films are poised to make a mark at the 24th New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF).

Mrs. and Sumo Didi have both garnered acclaim at premier international film festivals. Mrs has received appreciation at the 35th Palm Springs International Film Festival in California and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia. While Sumo Didi's enthralling narrative captivated audiences at the renowned Tokyo International Film Festival and also at 35th Palm Springs International Film Festival

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G-SHOCK unveils stunning sunset-inspired timepieces in collaboration with K-pop icons, ITZY


As a part of their ongoing association with the K-pop sensations ITZY, G-SHOCK, the trailblazing watch brand renowned for its exceptional durability and visionary craftsmanship, is proud to launch a new line of women's timepieces inspired by the breathtaking beauty of summer sunsets.

The Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, has transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide. From the bustling streets of Seoul to the vibrant cities of Europe, Korean culture has fostered connections and sparked creativity across continents. In India, the affinity for all things Korean – from K-pop to K-drama, K-beauty, and K-cuisine – is undeniable, reflecting the global appeal of the Korean Wave.

Casio announced ITZY as G-SHOCK’s brand ambassador in February 2023, further emphasizing the core sub-cultural connection of the brand with the world of music. This connection has been built over the last four decades through associations with ambassadors from the music field, product collaborations inspired by music, and regular partnerships with music-related festivals and events. The K-pop sensation’s powerful and personally expressive songs and cool performances give the band its sensational charm, making for a phenomenal match with the G-SHOCK vision, which is defined by the brand concept of Absolute Toughness.

The collection features three stunning models: G-SHOCK GMA-P2100SG-1AGMA-P2100SG-4A, and GMA-S120VA-2A. Each watch captures the mesmerizing essence of a beach at sunset, with cutting-edge vapor deposition creating a lustrous gradation of color on the dial, reminiscent of the glittering sun setting over the water. These watches are based on the GMA-P2100, which is a sleek rendition of the popular GMA-S2100 analogue-digital combination timepiece.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these timepieces are designed to adorn slimmer wrists with effortless elegance while metallic accents and eco-conscious bio-based resin components underscore G-SHOCK's commitment to sustainability. With streamlined designs and opulent colorways evoking resort elegance, this collection redefines sophistication while remaining true to the brand's ethos of environmental responsibility.

Designed to resonate with those swept up in the fervor of the Hallyu wave, these timepieces are a symbol of cultural fusion and contemporary elegance. Key features of the watches include shock resistance, impressive 200-meter water resistance, and a battery life of approximately three years. Additionally, users can enjoy world time functionality, a 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer, and double LED light for enhanced visibility in any setting. The watches also offer the option to toggle button operation tones and feature a hand shift function for a seamless view of the digital display.

Whether you're a dedicated fan of ITZY, an admirer of Korean culture, or simply seeking a watch that embodies effortless style and resilience, these timepieces from the G-SHOCK x ITZY collection are the perfect accessory to accompany you on your journey through the ever-expanding landscape of global culture. The timepieces GMA-P2100SG-1ADR, GMA-P2100SG-2ADR & GMA-P2100SG-4ADR are priced at INR 8495 each, and are available at G-SHOCK India and Casio India stores nationwide, or online at

Elevate Your Style with the OnePlus 12 Glacier White_ Launching Soon

Bengaluru, India – May 30, 2024: OnePlus, the global technology brand, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the OnePlus 12 in an all-new colour variant, Glacial White, in India on June 6, 2024. This limited-edition smartphone exemplifies OnePlus' unwavering commitment to blending exceptional craftsmanship with cutting-edge performance, with all the goodness of the much-lauded OnePlus 12 Series released earlier this year.

The all-new Glacial White edition of the OnePlus 12 is a design masterpiece, an all-encompassing flagship smartphone crafted to balance the chaos of modern life. Drawing inspiration from the stunning beauty and resilience of glaciers, it offers the perfect fusion of serenity and power. The Glacial White edition of the OnePlus 12 features a sleek, contemporary design that seamlessly integrates powerful functionality with sophisticated aesthetics.