Wednesday 9 November 2022

Uno Lona Academy launches a new art and design institution in Mumbai

Mumbai, 2022: Incepted in 2016, Uno Lona teaches Art and Design education to K12 students and young adults. The academy helps nurture students to build 21st-century skills through a collective of creative resources. Constantly elevating the quality of education, Uno Lona Academy has chosen Mumbai as its next stop to motivate and mentor students toward career exploration and career building in the creative fields. Uno Lona launched its new academy in Mumbai on the 18th of October 2022. 

“We strive to harness creativity in people and enable them to do big, bold things in the future. Uno Lona prioritizes building an ecosystem of art and design education that is conducive to holistic development for students. And we are really stoked about the recent launch of our new studio in Mumbai, the creative hub of Maharashtra” says, Mr. Harsimran Juneja, Co-Founder, and Director of Uno Lona Academy. 

The Mumbai Space : 

Uno Lona Academy offers an interdisciplinary studio culture where students have the freedom to move at their own pace in their respective areas of interest and develop their own creative processes.

The Mumbai academy is a beautiful leveled space surrounded by a glass facade. This setup allows each student to seek inspiration from an unobstructed view of the outdoors. The walls of the academy adorn colorful, abstract, and meaningful work done by the students of Uno Lona Academy. Along with works done in pencils, charcoal, pastels, acrylics, and oils, the academy also houses some of the most artistic ceramic pieces, made again, by their own students. Each piece is unique and quirky in its own way but also provides a distinct sense of utility. 

The academy in Mumbai will also host On-Demand Workshops like Acrylic painting, Drawing and Sketching, Decoupage, and Lino-Cut Printmaking that can help individuals from all age groups harness their creative side over the course of the day. With flexible timings and impeccable mentors, this academy is a perfect space for anybody to find their creative calling.

About Uno Lona Academy:

Founded in 2016, Uno Lona Academy was initiated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to help students explore and build their respective careers in art and design. ULA students from the academic years 2020-2021 have received Rs. 5.8+ crores in scholarships across 20+ colleges from around the world that offered admissions. These include renowned establishments such as Pratt, Parsons, UAL, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, etc. In the same year, Uno Lona invited 15+ faculties from different backgrounds to teach different modules at the academy. Some students from Uno Lona Academy have studied at

Uno Lona Academy offers courses such as Art & Design Portfolio which aims to reflect on a student’s identity and personality within the portfolio; Foundation in Art & Design that develops skills and raises awareness about different career paths within the creative fields; and 7 short online courses that introduce 8-10th grade students to the basics of Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Interior Design and more. In Ahmedabad, the academy also offers courses in Studio Pottery that enables an individual to learn and establish their respective practices in Ceramics.

The mentorship and guidance provided by the esteemed faculty at the academy, through their pathway programs enable students to pursue higher education in art and design overseas. 

All in all, the academy is an organization where preparing a student for college is a by-product. Looking at building 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration is the paramount mission statement for Uno Lona Academy.

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