Monday 14 March 2022

‘Khul Ke’ A New Platform that will Revolutionize Conversations


A brand new, one of a kind platform will be launched to empower the audience to have deeper, impactful, and meaningful conversations. A revolutionary social mediaplatform has been designed to give its users a 360-degree approach to discuss their varied interests.

 ‘Khul Ke’, is touted at elevating conversations and will be the only platform to allow video, audio and text-based conversations amongst panelists as well as audience. ‘Khul Ke’ lays its foundation in the ‘power of conversations’ and urges artists, influencers, entrepreneurs, brands, consumers, your friends, or like-minded individuals to engage in meaningful conversations. The platform cuts through the existing clutter of social apps, by being the only platform to enable all mediaof exchange i.e audio, video and text and encourages users to network while they are at it. 

A conversation can lead to many possibilities, but the existing clutter of social media platforms currently does not encourage or enable users to explore this power. ‘Khul Ke’ harnesses this thought and will give people the opportunity to engage in uninhibited, enriching conversations and increase their circle of influence rather than just be mute spectators. It will have a host of distinct features that its users can explore. The starfeature will be the RoundTable, which will drive moderateddiscussions around the trending and most exciting topics. It’sgoing to get easier than ever before to discuss various topics and simultaneously engage with experts from industries across the gamut over video, audio and messaging modes. Comprising of a moderator and relevant panelists, this virtual RoundTable will provide a platform to voice opinions or engage in interesting conversations. The panelist might be a subject expert, a celebrity, influencer or even a decision maker. Audience on the other hand will engage in sharing of ideas with other members and can even create their own conversation and stream it live in video and audio formats. The other key feature is TownHall, a space where people can share personal opinions, updates via audio & visual content. One can further like, comment, circulate and share another user’s post. This enables the users to create a network of like-minded people.

Engaging in one-on-one conversations is imperative to any social platform and hence Khul Ke's native messenger Yapp,will enable members to interact with other individuals directly and privately.

Speaking on its beta roll out, a source close to the management said, “This platform is for the people and by the people who love conversations. It was conceived and conceptualised keeping in mind the limitations existing platforms have. So Khul Ke is designed as a one stop destination for the conversation lovers. Users here can be uninhibited and can converse ‘Khul Ke’ to explore a new world of possibilities. The star feature, RoundTable is unique and encourages users to have meaningful conversations with like minded people in a mode they prefer. One needs to explore the app to know the many possibilities it has to offer to both brands and individuals”  

The platform will also offer an array of services for brands and organizations along with individuals. Khul Ke can be a platform of choice for engaging with end consumers to seek feedback, launch new products, or even increase reach through brand promotions. It is also a powerful medium to engage within organizations to host AGMs, discussions, interviews, seminars, training, and one can even plan a virtual catch up with their friends! 

It’s time to go beyond just comments, likes, and shares and have a real conversation and Khul Ke seems to be the only platform that is set to make this possible.

The Beta roll out will have both iOS and Android versions and will also be available on the web !

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