Thursday 6 June 2024

Beat Boredom and have Fun at These Top Kid-Friendly Attractions in Mumbai

The sun is blazing, school's out, and the summer vacation stretches before you like a blank canvas. But don't let the heat dampen your spirits, Mumbai families! If you’re still looking to engage those curious little minds, away from trouble and screens, then this list is your treasure map to a summer overflowing with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories. Here are some of the must visit spaces for kids in Mumbai.

Level Up Your Furniture Game:

  • Smartsters, Juhu - Where Design Meets Fun:  Looking to spend quality downtime with your little one? Stroll about the all-new Smartsters outlet in Juhu, Crossword and let your child unleash their imagination. Revamp your little one's room with furniture that inspires innovation and provides the maximum comfort just like a parent’s warm embrace. This isn't just furniture shopping, it's an experience. Discover beds shaped like spaceships, desks that inspire creativity, and storage solutions that make tidying up an adventure. Smartsters offers furniture that's safe, functional, and bursting with personality, the perfect foundation for a room that reflects your child's unique spirit.

Summer Camp Champs (Ages 5-11):

  • Ascend International School Summer Camp - Creativity Takes Center Stage: While schools may be on break, there’s no taking a break from fun! Ascend's summer camp is all about igniting imagination and fostering new skills. Curating special activity and sports camps, starting from June 3rd to July 12th  for children aged 5-7 and 8-11, Ascend’s summer camp is the perfect place to keep the summer vacation from turning into a snoozefest. The Activity Camp (Ages 5-7) is a wonderland of arts and crafts, where little ones can explore their artistic side with paints, clay, and maybe even a sprinkle of magic tricks! Storytelling sessions will transport them to fantastical worlds, while the Activity Camp (Ages 8-11) offers exciting options like pottery and painting classes, where budding Picassos can mould their own masterpieces. Feeling musical? Musical storytelling combines the magic of music with captivating narratives, while those with a competitive spirit can unleash their inner athlete at the Sports Camp (Ages 5-11). Hone basketball skills, master the art of cricket, or develop agility in a fun kinetics class – there's something for every little champion! 

Unleash the Inner Explorer (Ages 7 and Under):

  • Play 'N' Learn - Ghatkopar's Wonderland: Forget the ordinary playground! Play 'N' Learn is an interactive paradise designed to spark curiosity and make learning a blast. No more worrying about playing in the dirt and falling sick, let the young ones explore their curiosities in the safest and most fun environment. Imagine a Water Play Lab where science experiments involve joyful splashes. Budding gardeners can get their hands dirty in the Organic Seed Pit, a soft, eco-friendly wonderland that ignites a love for nature. Feeling energetic? The Disco Trampoline throws a funky twist on classic jumping, turning playtime into a mini disco party. And of course, no adventure is complete without a dive into a sea of colourful balls in the giant Ball Pool – giggles guaranteed!

  • Playseum - Mumbai's First Ever Children's Museum: Learning through play? Yes, please! Playseum is a revolutionary space designed to make knowledge fun and engaging. Kids can become paleontologists at the Fossil Finder exhibit, where they'll sift through sandboxes uncovering "fossils" and developing problem-solving skills along the way. Feeling artistic? Art Arc lets budding artists unleash their creativity with various mediums, while Happy Hoppers is a playful zone perfect for developing social skills like sharing and communication. Playseum offers a variety of activities designed to encourage role-playing, critical thinking, and exploration – all disguised as pure fun!

Calling All Champions (All Ages):

  • Timezone - The Ultimate Family Arcade Showdown: Calling all gamers, big and small! Timezone's, the ultimate gaming experience is here to transform your family nights into epic battles. From classic arcade games like Pac-Man to the latest virtual reality experiences, Timezone boasts cutting-edge technology that will have everyone glued to the screens (in a good way!). Gear up for head-to-head challenges on racing games, test your teamwork skills in air hockey, or rack up points on your favourite prize-winning machines. Timezone offers an electrifying atmosphere with dazzling lights and pumping music, making every game a mini-adventure.

With these ideas in your arsenal, this summer vacation won't be a time to melt away, but a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime! So, get ready for laughter, exploration, and some serious summer fun!

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