Wednesday 5 June 2024

DPS Indirapuram Leads the Way in Celebrating World Environment Day with Creative Assembly

DPS Indirapuram celebrated World Environment Day with an astounding assembly focusing on environmental awareness and sustainability. The assembly was an educational event that aimed to inspire students to take action to protect our planet. The event featured presentations on sustainable living, TED Talks on plastic pollution, and a unique "interview" with a student personifying Mother Earth.

In addition, special activities focused on environmental themes were organized for the students. The students participated in these craft activities and attended the assembly, where they learned the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and green. They also portrayed their artistic abilities in the form of a skit highlighting the importance of waste segregation and the use of differently coloured garbage bins.

Mrs. Priya John, Principal of DPS Indirapuram, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Our students have demonstrated remarkable creativity and passion in addressing environmental issues. This assembly educated and inspired everyone present to contribute to a sustainable future. It was a heartfelt moment seeing our young leaders take such proactive steps toward environmental conservation."

Students also performed a thought-provoking play during the assembly to raise awareness about environmental degradation and its consequences. The play underscored the interconnectedness of human activities and their impact on the natural world, encouraging the audience to reflect on their role in shaping a sustainable future.

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