Saturday 1 June 2024

Krip Suri Unveils Salt and Pepper Look for Star Bharat's '10:29 Ki Aakhri Dasta

Star Bharat's upcoming show '10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak' promises a unique approach to the world of supernatural thrillers, offering viewers a rollercoaster ride of entertainment. Krip Suri, who will portray the role of Sarpanch Pablo Tripathi, speaks about his character's look, calling it one of his favourites.
Krip describes the intimidating look of his character, saying, “My character, Pablo Tripathi, is a negative character, so we created a look that is rowdy and gangster-like. He has an aura that intimidates those around him, and people call him 'Daddy' because of his dominance and shady personality. Pablo often wears chunky necklaces and rings with vibrant prints, making him stand out from the crowd.”
He further adds, “Pablo Tripathi is a character that not only I but also the audience will enjoy. He is a unique addition to the show's storyline, bringing much-needed excitement. I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of his look and personality, and I am confident that the audience will love Pablo and '10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak' as it takes them on an unprecedented entertainment ride.”
Tune into Star Bharat to learn more about the upcoming supernatural thriller '10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak.'

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