Friday 7 June 2024

Mr. Siddhartha Bagri Co-Founder and CEO, Pravaig on the expectations in the EV industry from the new government


"Bharat is destined to be huge. Let’s capture the value by and for Indians, not outsiders. As EV manufacturers, our expectations are to see policies that prioritize local innovation and production, fostering a self-sustaining industry. We advocate for more self-enriching policies that provide incentives for domestic manufacturers, as well as for a stable regulatory environment. Consistent, well-thought-out policies are crucial to avoid disruptions that can hinder growth. This calls for more stable, long-term strategies rather than ad hoc changes, ensuring the industry can plan and invest with confidence."

About Siddharth Bagri:

Siddhartha Bagri is the co-founder and CEO of Pravaig Dynamics, which is an Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) startup building its premium electric car – Extinction Mk I.Technology has never been more omnipresent, and yet technology has never been more inaccessible. It is now impossible for the average citizen of the world to stake a claim on technology, despite having been built on our common knowledge and hard work. We are abstracted away merely as end power sources and economic sources working hand to mouth, to keep our digital rent providing manufactured consent driven by our manufactured realities. History is witness to nations being lead to certain economic ruin by technology of convenience, starting from the textile mills of UK. With the dawn of AI they are marking down each individual to be exploited, and attacking them economically and culturally.

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