Wednesday 5 June 2024

Pacific World School Hosts a Special Assembly to Celebrate World Environment Day

Pacific World School, Greater Noida, marked World Environment Day with a special assembly dedicated to inspiring, educating, and motivating students to protect the environment. Centered around the theme, “Planet Vs. Plastics”, the assembly served as a platform for students to spread awareness through a short play.
The event commenced with the school Principal, Ms. Pooja Bose, highlighting the importance of the environment to the students. She emphasized how global warming is increasing the heat and how the use of plastic is causing the most harm to the environment. The students then presented a short play, delivering a powerful message on the consequences of plastic pollution. Following the play, the younger students, along with their teachers, planted saplings and watered the plants, reinforcing the importance of nurturing nature.
Ms. Pooja Bose, Principal of Pacific World School, expressed, “Through this assembly, we successfully engaged both students and teachers, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and inspiring everyone to take proactive steps towards a greener future. Our goal is to instil a sense of environmental responsibility in our students, and together, we can make a difference and protect our planet for future generations."

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