Tuesday 4 June 2024

True Diamond || Bat Boy Stud Collection


Introducing the True Diamond Bat Boy Stud: Redefining Bold Elegance with Ethical Luxury

Unleash your bold side with the True Diamond Bat Boy Stud, a striking piece of jewellery designed

for those who dare to stand out. Featuring a 1-carat lab-grown diamond with impeccable clarity and

color, this stud is the epitome of modern elegance and rebellious charm. Perfect for those who seek

to make a powerful statement with their accessories, the Bat Boy Stud combines cutting-edge design

with ethical luxury, ensuring you shine with confidence and style.

Product Description

The True Diamond Bat Boy Stud showcases a 1-

carat lab-grown diamond that exudes unmatched brilliance and sophistication. With a clarity rating

of VS1 and a color grade of E, this diamond stud promises to make a powerful statement, whether

worn casually or for a special occasion.


● Material: The stud is crafted from premium materials, ensuring both durability and a

luxurious finish that complements the diamond’s brilliance.

● Diamond: The centerpiece is a lab-grown diamond, ethically produced and environmentally

friendly. It boasts a clarity of VS1 and a color grade of E, ensuring exceptional sparkle and


● Design: The design of the Bat Boy Stud is sleek and modern, perfect for those who

appreciate both style and substance. The secure setting highlights the diamond's fire and


● Artistry: Each stud is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring every detail is perfect

and the diamond is securely set to maximize its visual impact


● 1-Carat Diamond: A substantial and eye-catching diamond that commands attention with its

size and sparkle.

● VS1 Clarity: Very Slightly Included, meaning the diamond has minimal inclusions that are

difficult to detect even under 10x magnification, ensuring high clarity.

● E Color: Near colorless, placing it at the top of the color grading scale, which ensures a bright

and icy white appearance.

● Lab-Grown: Ethically produced with a lower environmental impact, providing a responsible

choice without compromising on quality or beauty.

Why Choose the True Diamond Bat Boy Stud?

● Bold Statement: Designed for those who want to make a bold fashion statement, this stud is

both elegant and daring.

● Superior Quality: Featuring a 1-carat diamond with top-tier clarity and color, this stud

exemplifies luxury and excellence.

● Ethical Luxury: Our lab-grown diamonds offer an eco-friendly and ethically responsible

alternative to mined diamonds, ensuring you can wear your jewelry with pride.

● Versatile Design: Suitable for any occasion, the True Diamond BaT Boy Stud adds a touch of

sophistication and edge to any look.


• Price: INR 49,999

For more information or to make a visit us on Instagram @truediamond.official.

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