Saturday, 29 June 2019

How Himansh Kohli and Pia Bajpiee braved -3 degrees weather to shoot for ‘Tera Shehar’

When lead actors Himansh Kohli and Pia Bajpiee flew to Armenia to shoot for the music video of the single Tera Shehar, they had obviously not thought about the extreme weather conditions there.
Himansh and Pia were shooting for the immensely moving song sung by Mohd. Kalam in -3 in Armenia. The team had initially planned to shoot in Georgia but they then felt Georgia had been explored earlier in Hindi film songs. Armenia was relatively unexplored. Everyone felt it’s a beautiful place and the locations had a match with the story they we were trying to tell through the song about love and loss, penned by Manoj Muntashir, composed by Amaal Mallik and directed by Shabby Singh.
Though it was freezing, the Tera Shehar team managed to capture the feel of the song. Armenia had a wonderful visual aura to it.
Says Himansh, “Shooting in -3 degrees was definitely challenging. All of us felt a bit under the weather. Director Shabby had fever for three days but he did not compromise on the vision that we had for the song.  Male actors have it easy. They usually have a jacket on them. For women, it’s challenging. It was commendable of Pia to go about her work in a professional manner without complaining even once.”
Pia who also had a ‘chilling’ time recalls, “I was told that it’s cold only in the mornings and at night time. So I hadn’t packed sufficient clothes that could keep me warm. Initially, I was not supposed to wear the long coats that you will see me wearing in the video but then they realized how difficult it was for me. So I got to wear a coat or two but for the last shot where I am seen running in a bridal gown, I couldn’t sport a coat over the gown and I just had to pull it off in one take.”
Tera Shehar is produced by Manoj Muntashir Entertainment and R-Chills Music and is presented by T-Series.

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