Friday 8 April 2022

RBI monetary policy quote from Harresh Mehta, CMD, Rohan Lifescapes


The quote on bi-monthly Monetary Policy by our spokesperson Harresh Mehta is mentioned below. Requesting you to kindly publish the same on your esteemed portal.

"The recently announced monetary policy is highly commendable when it comes to providing support to India’s GDP growth. RBI’s move to keep the repo rate unchanged and hike reverse repo rate by 40 bps contain inflation and maintain liquidity will help in keeping the sentiment optimistic which is very much needed in order to promote the growth of the housing market in India. With the current geopolitical crisis, the sector is facing the brunt and with such decisions it will boost the growth of the sector in a positive way.
With such an accommodative decision, the end-user demand is set to be back in the market which will ultimately give a push to the supply chain. Overall, it is a balanced decision taken by the RBI."

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