Monday 3 August 2020

Hiring in Pandemic Gets Easy with TalentOnLease – Offers ‘Pay-As-You-Wish’ Recruitment Service for Limited Time

Delhi: As the whole world has rolled up sleeves against the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, the effect of pandemic and lockdown is showing its ugly face in India too. Amidst the national lockdown, many firms have chosen layoffs to cut on costs and thus thousands of real talented employees are now jobless. One of the very sincere IT services firm in India, TalentOnLease has come to the rescue of candidates who lost job due to impact of pandemic on global markets by coming up with ‘Pay-As-You-Wish’ concept as a part of its recruitment service with up to 100% discounts to help candidates find new assignment as soon as possible. It is noteworthy that India is the digital capabilities hub of the world having a vast pool of talent serving global markets.

TalentOnLease strongly feels that it's their social responsibility to do its bit in helping the Indian economy to stand back on its feet. TalentOnLease will help clients getting the right candidates from the pool of talented IT resources with its new model of recruitment service they call it ‘Pay-As-You-Wish.’

Daya Prakash, the founder of TalentOnLease said, “We as a trusted IT services company are committed in getting the Indian economy back on track by doing our bit. To achieve our goal, we are introducing this option for our recruitment service where clients could ask up to 100% discount on our services till the end of June’20.” “We urge companies to share their IT openings with us and we will help you in these miserable situations to hire from a pool of talented resources,” he added. TalentOnLease also requests you to spread this message across to someone you know who might be hiring or to someone who has lost job and is looking for a job now. TalentOnLease is ready to support the talented pool of our nation in the hour of this crisis and believes in building a solid foundation for a better future of India.

About Mr. Daya Prakash:

I have been in the enterprise and digital technology domains for a little over two decades and have vast experience at a global level.
Before starting my entrepreneurial journey, I served LG India as the CIO (Chief Information Officer).
My stint at LG between 2001 and 2013 helped me transform from a mere IT Leader to an evolved and matured Business Leader with in-depth knowledge on various aspects of Management of Business, leveraging the power of IT both at strategic and tactical levels.
My contribution at LG not only fetched me recognition internally but also in the industry by way of winning several prestigious awards and accolades for the path-breaking work I'd done over the years.
The credit for this exceptional growth solely goes to LG which grew from a few millions to a whopping 3.5 Billion USD during my tenure with it.
I feel privileged to be part of the Thought Leadership of the country as my views and articles got published in all the leading magazines and national dailies such as CIO, Economic Times, Financial Express, Data Quest, Network Computing, Express Computer and many more.
I have been part of several prestigious national and international summits and conferences as expert panelist/speaker.Some of the industry awards and recognition received:

  • Global CIO by UB Media in 2012
  • CIO Super Achiever Award 2012 by international Data Group
  • CIO 100 Index Honorees 2012 by CIO Asia (Fairfax Media)
  • India's Most Respected CIO - Runner Up (Peer Rating) contest carried out by CIOs Association of India in 2012
  • CIO 100 - Creativity by IDG in 2011
  • Top 100 CISO Award by Info security in 2011
  • CIO 100 - Ingenious by IDG in 2010
  • Hall of Fame by IDG in 2010
  • Edge by UB Media in 2010
  • CTO of the Year (Mfg.) by Dun & Bradstreet in 2009
  • CIO 100 - Ingenious by IDG in 2009
  • Diamond Edge by UB Media in 2009
  • CIO 100 - Bold by IDG in 2008
  • CIOL Enterprise Connect Gold by Cyber Media in 2008
  • PC Quest Best IT Implementation in 2008
  • CIO 100 - Innovation by IDG in 2007

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