Tuesday 9 July 2024

An Exclusive Product Premiere: Rajoo Engineers Limited Launches PROEX – Series of High- Performance Blown Film Line

Rajkot, 09th July, 2024: Rajoo Engineers hosted an exclusive, invite-only event on the 4th and 5th of July, 2024, bringing together the processors, innovators & leaders of the flexible packaging industry. This prestigious event was held in Rajkot, India and featured a blend of cultural and industry-focused activities, catering to a global audience.

The event began with a heartfelt welcome address, setting the tone for an evening of networking and collaboration. Guests experienced a cultural performance, highlighting the richness of Indian heritage and traditions, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding amongst the attendees.

The highlight of the evening was the panel discussion titled "Drishtikon", focusing on the supply chain of the flexible packaging industry. The session was moderated by Shri Sunil Jain, Executive Director & President of Rajoo Engineers Ltd. Panelists were: Shri Unmesh Nayak, COO of Reliance Industries Ltd, Shri Chandrakant Virani, Chairman of Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. Shri Rajesh Doshi, Chairman of Rajoo Engineers Ltd., Shri Pranav Bhalara, Director of Balaji Multiflex Pvt. Ltd., Shri Gabriele Caccia, Group President & CEO of Syncro SRL, and Shri Vipin Chaudhry, Director of Hi-Tech Inks Pvt. Ltd. The panelists shared their insights and perspectives on the current trends and future directions of the flexible packaging industry, providing valuable information and engaging discussions among the attendees.

This event served as a networking prelude, bringing together key stakeholders from the entire value chain of the flexible packaging industry. It set the stage for meaningful interactions and paved the way for future collaborations.

The second day of the event marked as an exclusive Product Premiere at Balaji Multiflex Pvt. Ltd., heralding the grand debut of the PROEX Series, the latest in high-performance blown film extrusion technology.

As the curtains parted, the PROEX series was unveiled, captivating the audience with its remarkable performance. The line in commercial production highlighted its capability to produce film at 900 kg/hr , 22 micron thickness and 2800 mm layflat width. The RELEX 4.0 extruders, established for their low shear heat design, showcased optimal energy efficiency and high yield. CSD 4.0 die, the heart of the line, capable of delivering film thickness from 20 to 200 microns across a wide 2800 mm lay flat width and low gage variation, the system achieved unprecedented line speeds of 150 m/min.

Shri Pranav Bhalara, Director of Balaji Multiflex Pvt. Ltd., expressed his pride in supporting the 'Make in India' initiative and the 'Vocal for Local' movement, stating, "I am delighted with the PROEX series. This high- performance blown film line exemplifies that we can achieve world-class quality through Indian ingenuity and innovation.

This milestone not only signifies a substantial advancement in manufacturing capabilities but also exemplifies Rajoo's steadfast dedication to achieving Excellence throughout our journey.

Rajoo Engineers Ltd. is a pioneer in the plastics industry, committed not only to technological innovation but also for customer’s advantage. "Spiritual professionalism inspires us to embrace integrity, respect, and holistic growth in our innovative pursuits, ensuring that our efforts benefit not only technological advancement but also the greater good of our customers, community, and environment. Guided by a higher purpose, we align our values with our mission, creating an impact that resonates far beyond our walls." Shared Khushboo Chandrakant Doshi, Managing Director, Rajoo Engineers Limited

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