Tuesday 9 July 2024

Meet 'Netra': The Modern-Day Chudail, a Poo-Inspired Character to enter in the show 'Shaitani Rasmein'"*The popular supernatural thriller, "Shaitani Rasmein,"

The popular supernatural thriller, "Shaitani Rasmein," welcomes a new character named Netra, a chudail portrayed by Swati Sharma. This show delves into a captivating storyline involving a demonic entity dispatching various powerful beings to a common family—one that has a history of devil worship but is now facing the consequences of their actions. Netra's entry brings a fresh dynamic to the series.
Swati Sharma describes Netra as a modern and alluring chudail, drawing parallels to the iconic character of Poo." With a stylish dressing sense, contemporary slang, and a seductive aura, Netra exudes confidence and charm. However, beneath her glamorous facade lies a dangerous side; she possesses the power to mesmerise and, if provoked, she can be lethal.
Further she adds. “Netra is particularly intrigued by Piyush, showcasing her powers to capture his attention—a dynamic that sparks jealousy in Nikki. Sher expresses immense enjoyment in portraying Netra, emphasising her dual nature: one moment she's playful, and in the next, she can turn deadly. Netra's modern slang, such as "Ma ma mia" and "astalavista baby," add to her cool and self-obsessed demeanour. Her ability to hypnotise through eye contact underscores her potency as a chudail”.
Fans of "Shaitani Rasmein" can anticipate an exciting narrative as Netra's character unfolds. Tune in to Star Bharat to catch the latest updates on this thrilling series airing every Monday to Saturday at 10 pm.

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