Wednesday, 17 April 2019

The heal Institute Becomes The First Health Centre to Provide ECG Monitoring Support at Cyclothon in Mumbai

Mumbai, April 2019. The Heal Institute, pioneers of Sports Science in India conducted live demonstration of wearable ECG monitors during Cyclothon started from The Club, Andheri to BKC and around 25 cyclists enthusiastically participated in Cyclothon. H.E.A.L is the first health centre to provide the live ECG monitoring support to spread awareness about cardiac arrest during physical exertion.
The device can be connected with a mobile to record heart rate in real time and one can easily save that data on cloud. During any emergency or uneasiness one can share that data instantly to a doctor located any part of the area. Through the advent of wearable ECG monitors, one can keep track of their heart’s performance while indulging in physically demanding activities at any span of time.
To mark the importance of wearable ECG monitors Ms. Namita Ambani, COO, The Heal Institute said“We are really happy to demonstrate live ECG monitoring support during Cyclothon with the help of The Club. According to the World Health Organization, 62% of deaths in India are caused due to lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes etc. Wearable ECG monitors are really helpful for middle aged individuals who haven’t been exercising regularly. It was overwhelming to see all the cyclists who enthusiastically participated in Cyclothon and helped us to spread awareness about healthy heart.
The Clinical Cardiologist from The Heal Institute Dr. Roheit Rakhunde addressed the participants and enlightened them about the benefits apart from just tracking the heart rate. He said, “I am immensely happy to be the part of live demonstration of wearable ECG monitors. With the help of this device one can consult the doctor at an early stage of heart disease. Through ECG tracker doctors will able to analyse the cause of heart’s ailment immediately even before meeting the patient in person. This brings forth the strong connectivity between the doctor and patient. The best solution to stay fit today stands is the small wearable real time ECG monitoring device.  The runners or any athlete can wear this device to record the heart rate in real time during their race and keep themselves updated about their fitness regime.”
During warm-up, the physiotherapist from H.E.A.L conducted stretching session to enhance the performance of cyclists. They also provided massage therapy sessions at the end of cyclothon. Riders, Auric, Eat Anytime also partnered with The Club along with The Heal Institute for Cyclothon
About HEAL Institute:
H.E.A.L was founded in 2011 to promote a healthy, active lifestyle through the empowerment & education of the therapist & patient. Started off with a one bed physiotherapy clinic, it has now grown into multiple standalone facilities in Mumbai. Over the years, they have treated over 10,000 patients & 50 Olympic and Elite Athletes. In addition to this, H.E.A.L aims to become a name synonymous with Pain Management & Relief, along with being a pioneer of Sports Science in India. They are committed to 'Raising The Bar' & pushing the limits towards excellence. At H.E.A.L, the ethos is Honesty, Empathy & Integrity.  The Heal Institute is located in Colaba, Khar, Andheri and Worli.