Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Ex Municipal Councillor Dr. Suniti Wadhwa Join Hands With Uprise India Initiative Foundation

Mumbai, May 2019A renowned social activist, Dr. Suniti Wadhwa, Ex Municipal Councillor of the South Delhi joined hands withUprise India Initiative Foundation, to encourage women for career aspirations and entrepreneurship across the country. She will be guiding women and spreading the word of togetherness.
Her political background testifies her flair as social activist. Dr. Wadhwa was conferred a Doctorate degree in Social Work by Ballsbridge University. She whole heartedly worked on giving access to food and health to the needy. In the past, she was a member of the governing body of both, Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Delhi University’s Shyama Prasad Mukerji College from 1992 to 1998 and 2001 to 2004 respectively. She is presently a member of the governing body of Allied Integrated Society.
In support of the entrepreneur initiative, Ex Municipal Councillor, Dr. Suniti Wadhwa said, "Uprise India Initiative Foundation has shown a tremendous commitment to our industry’s future leaders. I am really happy to support this worthwhile organization who is encouraging girls and women to get into entrepreneurship.  Being a social activist I am always upfront to bring a change in the society. Women are stepping out of their comfort zones, ready to explore new horizons and embrace new challenges. UIIF is a unique entrepreneurial platform, which will definitely help women to make their diverse identity in the world."
Akash Shukla, Founder, Uprise India Initiative Foundation said, “I am really thankful to Dr. Suniti Wadhwa who has joined hands to enrich and support our initiative across the country. Uprise India Initiative Foundation is providing the platform for women who are trying to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Women who will enrol with the program would be getting support & guidance for making their dream career a prodigious triumph.” 
UIIF will reach many other metropolitan cities to provide free consultation and guidance. It will also attract many other eminent personalities to join hands in helping women to achieve their dreams.
About Uprise India Initiative Foundation
Uprise India Initiative Foundation is an unique initiative towards encouragement, business education and empowerment for WOMEN and is officially launched for the first time in India. This initiative attracted up to 8,174,170 women viewers and overall 34,538,669 viewers through various social media platforms, YouTube channels and over 250+ business women registered themselves.

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