Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Singapore based Indian singer-songwriter releases the India World Cup song...

India world cup song.. “Jeetega Hindustan”
Singapore based India Singer-songwriter Druv Kent delivers a thumping, anthemic track ready to rock the gullies and stadiums with his latest ‘India World Cup Song’.
The video for Jeetega Hindustan is out! 
*Druv Kent | Jeetega Hindustan | Cricket World Cup 2019* | Official Music Video:

After a string of pioneering and acclaimed English songs being featured on BBC Radio 2 and his maiden Hindi track ‘Hindustan Meri Jaan’, this is Druv Kent’s 2nd Hindi release.
The song is composed by Druv Kent, with lyrics by Hina Joshi and Druv Kent. The song is produced by Gaurav Godkhindi and Santosh Jagdale and the video is directed by long-time collaborator and TED fellow Puneet Rakheja. The video features the delightfully talented children of The Creative Thinkers Forum in Okhla, New Delhi.
After his recent singles, ‘Back Home’ and ‘Hindustan Meri Jaan’ resonated deeply and spread internationally and within India, Druv has created a song dedicated to the sport he loves – cricket – and to the World Cup, an event he ranks as “… the Olympics of cricket!”.
The song is a high-octane track that carries Druv’s signature hooks with rousing “dhol” rhythms combined with infectious brass-band riffs usually found at Indian wedding dance processions and cricket stadiums.
Druv and made the song for to cheer up the Indian team and has dedicated the song to the children of the Creative Thinkers Forum in Okhla, where street children are taught vocational skills, music, theatre, dance, the value of community and of working together. “These children show the spirit of the country, the sheer joy of playing cricket, and the dream of supporting a team that can win”. Druv, ever a cricket fan, also wants to dedicate this track to the Indian cricket team – and all the cricket fans out there. “The idea is to have a song that we can use as a soundtrack to making this World Cup unique – and hopefully lead us to victory!”
Over the last few years, Druv has collaborated with some of the world’s top musicians and record producers. His music is earthy, organic, lyrically rich, and always fresh. Druv’s UK producers for his prior tracks shaped the sounds of John Mayer, Ronan Keating, Radiohead and Oasis. More recently, in addition to his rooted Indian lyrical expression, Druv has built Indian rhythmic ideas into his English music, collapsing songs that defy genre-fication by putting both English and Hindi lyrics into songs, and subtly fusing musical worlds together.
The Druv Kent has released the single ‘India World Cup Song’ days before India would be starting their World Cup campaign against South Africa on June 5.
The video for Jeetega Hindustan is out! 
*Druv Kent | Jeetega Hindustan | Cricket World Cup 2019* | Official Music Video:

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