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This Halloween we bring you the top 10 outfits inspired by your favorite WWE superstars! 
WWE Superstars are renowned worldwide for more than just their top-notch moves. Their offbeat and unique get-up has always been a striking and significant part of who they are and what their character stands for.
Halloween started off as an American holiday dedicated to scare people, dress up in quirky outfits and go ‘Trick or Treating’ has transcended into much more! For some kids and even adults, these 24 hours are nothing short of a fantasy come true. Many of us look up to both real and fictional characters and connect with them on a personal level. And this spritely holiday gives us a chance to be them!
What better way to celebrate the most fun holiday of the year, than dressing up as your favorite WWE Superstar?
Here’s how you can dress up as your favorite WWE Superstars this Halloween.
1.    The Undertaker: The Undertaker is often regarded as one of the most feared wrestlers in the WWE circuit. With his massive built and communication with the supernatural, heis popular with a horror-themed persona.
Outfit:Muscle tank top, leather trench coat andman leggings
Accessories: Long black wig, outback hat and costume boots
*This look is all black*
2.    The Fiend: Dress up as The Fiend to step out of the populations nightmares and give them a scary reality. He is the one who never forgets and is out to evoke an unmerciful reign of terror on all who dare him in.
Outfit:Black tank top, black leather jacket and red and black striped pants
Accessories: The Fiend replica mask, Bray Wyatt ‘Heal & Hurt’ gloves
3.    Kane: Kane is consumed by an infernal desire to set ablaze the lives of his fellow Superstars. He leaves a scorched path of destruction behind his fiery footsteps. Go for this look if you’re ready to bring out The Big Red Monster within you.
Outfit: black vested one piece with red flames
Accessories:a long grissly haired wig, iconic Kane ‘mask’
4.    Papa Shango: Known for haunting voodoo practice,Papa Shango has made his entrances with a smoking skull in his hands, his horrifying appearance is completed with morbid skeletal face paint and a necklace made from bones. For those who want to strike the ultimate level of fear this Halloween, dress up like this 330-pound giant!
Outfit:black vested one piece
Accessories:Morbid skeletal face paint, necklace made from bones, a white cape, top hat
5.    The Boogeyman: The Boogeyman hails from a mysterious abyss known as The Bottomless Pit. He carries around a big fat clock because if you cross him your time is ticking. To bring out terror and fright among all other party goers, the Boogeyman outfit is the way to go.
Outfit:black pants
Accessories:faux fur add ons, devilish face paint, an oversized alarm clock
6.    John Cena:If scary is not the route you want to take this Halloween then perhaps not being seen is the way to go. This macho character preaches the ethos of ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ and is truly ‘The Face that runs the place’.
Outfit:‘Authentic John Cena Cenation Respect’ T shirt and denim shorts
Accessories: Black kneecaps and skater boy shoes
7.    Roman Reigns:If you never turn away from a challenge and prove yourself time and time again, The Big Dog is your way to go. He is the lone ranger and survivor for whom no challenge is unwinnable.
Outfit:Roman Reigns Red Replica Vest (2018) and black cargo pants
Accessories:Roman Reigns Replica Glove set
8.    Brock Lesnar: ‘The Conqueror’, ‘The Beast Incarnate’, ‘The Anomaly’ are titles that best describe Brock Lesnar. Known for his staggering strength and frightening intensity, the man was built to destroy.
Outfit:Brock Lesnar "Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat" vest and Brock Lesnar boxers
9.    Becky Lynch: For a fierce and fiery look this Halloween, there is no better alternative to THE MAN herself. Hardened by a career defined by betrayal, disappointment and underestimation,she has taken her destiny into her own hands and forced her way to the top.
Outfit:Authentic Becky Lynch "The Man" Katakana T-shirt and fishnet tights
Which look would you pick?
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