Saturday, 26 October 2019

Xylos launches its Modern and Premium Borneo Teak Dining Table Set

Dine In!
dining table is one of the most useful and practical addition to any home, that not just offers an excellent dining experience with your family and guests, but also gives a feeling of one’s home. If you are looking for an elegant dining set that works in almost any structure, this timeless yet modern design is just perfect. Xylos introduces its stunning range of Borneo Teak four seating dining table sets that reflect a charm and sophistication with a stylish Touch.
The Xylos dining table set is made out of solid hardwood Borneo teak material that gives the look of the contemporary look. From self-owned, sustainable teak forests of Borneo which is the World’ third-largest island, known for its precious teak, come Xylos’s excellent Borneo teak. The Borneo Teak has an excellent anti-rot, chemical free properties and high tensile strength. All Xylos Borneo dining table set comes with PEFC Certified which brings sleekness and sophistication to a dining room with its unique and best in quality design. The Xylos dining table set are made in Malaysia and comes in many hues and colours; Rosette, Bianco, Noyer, Orro, Rosso. 
With premium superior quality craftsmanship, the dining room set features a really attractive design. The dining table set decorates any modern or contemporary styled interior and will make the dining area gorgeous and luxurious. Every product at Xylos comes with a guarantee for quality. As all their dining table sets are made only from high-quality solid hardwood Borneo Teak, they can last longer and are good to survive everyday use and misuse. Borneo Teak also has an excellent anti-rot, chemical free properties and high tensile strength.
Their natural textures provide them with a pleasing appearance and also make them capable to blend with any interior. Add sophistication and elegance to your home accent by bringing one of these dining table sets. Bringing the best quality and an extensive range of designs, Xylos provides you with some great Dining Table Sets at an exclusive price. Xylos has received a Japanese 4 rating which is a Japanese F-4Star Formaldehyde Rating Process for Value-Added Wood Products.
Select an option that suits your interior and purchase from their broad range of dining table sets.
The Premium Borneo Teak Dining Table Set by Xylos is priced at Rs 15,000/-

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