Friday, 25 October 2019

Rashmi Jha Fights It Out, All Alone

25th October 2019: In the last episode of Ace Of Space 2, we saw the female leads of the web show Fittrat, Krystal D’souza, and Anushka Ranjan came to the show. They came up with an interesting task for the houseguests which later after their exit turned out to be a hot and bitter situation in the house.
The majority of the houseguests have ganged up and are against Rashmi. They leave no stones unturned to put Rashmi Jha down. Baseer Ali, Adnan, and Prakruti were seen using ill-words against Rashmi which was not necessary at that moment. Rashmi was keeping her points in front of the houseguests when Baseer on the sofa, pointing fingers at Rashmi and yelling at her. Shruti Sinha who seems to be quite mature despite stopping her friend from creating the ruckus, herself stood on the sofa and jerked Rashmi’s hands badly. Rashmi has been fighting against the wrong from the very beginning all alone. We can see her be a true winner fighting all the odds and surviving in the house.
The gamer Rashmi Jha as the Mastermind says is seen strong and a well-deserved candidate to be in the Finale.

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