Monday, 28 October 2019

A MeetandGreet with Zee Kannada’s Paaru Actors Winners of Zee Kannada’s PaaruSeereSuggi meet and greet with Arsanakote family

Zee Kannada’s most loved show Paaruand its characters have become the talk of every household in Karnataka. Recently, the show offered their ardent fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet their favourite characters Paaru(Mokshitha), Aditya (Sharath), Damini (Sitara) and Akhilandeshwari (Vinaya Prasad) at the Arsankote house on the eve of Deepawali by organizing PaaruSeereSuggiSambhrama Contest. On answering the questions at the end of every episode through SMS, 10 lucky winners earned the golden chance to savor the celebratory festival feast hosted by Akhilandeshwari and her Arsanakote family. Furthermore, all the winners were gifted sarees worth about Rs. 25,000fashioned by Akhilandeshwari on the show. The meet and greet session took place on Saturday, October 26th at Arsanakotefamily house.
Among approximately 7 lakh participants, the following lucky winners received a rare opportunity to spend an evening with their most-loved artists -Poornima from Dharwad, Anitha from Chitradurga, Kavya from Tumkur, Shilpa from Belgum, Mahadevamma from Hassan, Chaitra from Koppala, Chandrakala from Shivamogga and Rani from Mysore.
Paaru and Aditya welcomed the winners to the Arsanakote house with the traditional aarti tatte. The actors commenced the interactive session by breaking the ice and finding out where each of their fans hail from. Through this session of tete-a-tete, Paaru and Aditya were overwhelmed by the response they received from the winners. Showcasing their love towards the show, the winners along with Paaru sang the title song of the show in its full glory.Later, Akhilandeshwari and Damini also joined the session, wishing the winners a healthy and prosperous Deepawali.
Anitha from Chitradurga elucidated an anecdote about how her toddler, Kushal gets excited to watch the show and imitates every dialogue delivered by Aditya. Poornima from Dharwad explained the personal connect to the serial by correlating Paaru and her father’s character with the rapport she shares with herfather.Akhilandeshwari pointed out that it is fascinatinghow even men in an everyday household are delighted to watch the show.
The fans hailing from various parts of Karnataka, some of them who travelled up to 600kms across the state, brought unique presents for their favourite characters. Renuka Devi from Koppala presented Akhilandeshwari with a blue cotton saree and the traditional baagina – a sacred gift given to married women by their mother. Overwhelmed by this gesture, Akhilandeshwari promised that she would fashion this saree in at least one of the episodes of Paaru. Meghana from Shivamogga gifted Paaruwith an idol of Lord Ganesha and prayed that the show should not face any harm. Poornima hailing from Dharwad shared special sweets on the festive occasion.
The entertaining evening included several queries from the winners, and comical moments, when Akhilandeshwari teased Damini, giving the winners a feel of the show in real-life. The meet-and-greet saw many lively moments, when Akhilandeshwari sang several songs likeMoodalKungalKere, NimkadeSambarandre and other folk songs.All winners unanimously agreed that since the show timings match their supper hour, they never miss even a single episode of Paaru. Theyexpressed their gratitude to the actors for the wonderful show, wishing the team would attain greater success in this journey.
Later that noon, the winners were invited to the festive feast of Baaleeleyoota, where they were served Deepawali special dishes by Akhilandeshwari, Paaru, Aditya and Daamini. The sumptuous Deepawali feast including holige with ghee served by Akhilandeshwari was appreciated by the Arsanakote’s lucky guests of the day. The winners were thrilled to receive the sarees fromAkhilandeshwari, and therefore thanked the Arsanakote family for being a great host and sparing time to meet them on the eve of Deepawali.
This meet and greet session of PaaruSeereSuggiSambhrama will be aired on Tuesday October 29th at 2:00 PM on Zee Kannada and Zee Kannada HD

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