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Title - Brazil Road Freight Market Outlook to 2023

The report titled Brazil Road Freight Market Outlook To 2023 – By International and Domestic Freight, Domestic Flow Corridors, International Flow Corridors, End Users, Integrated and Contract Logistics provides a comprehensive analysis of Road Freight market in Brazil. The report covers the overall size and future outlook of Brazil Road Freight in terms of value, segmentation on the basis of International and Domestic Flow Corridors, End Users, Integrated and Contract Logistics. It also covers the competitive landscape and company profiles, future predictions and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and challenges.
Brazil Logistics Industry Overview and Size by Revenue and Fleets
Road Freight is growing mainly due to the growing agricultural exports to South American countries and increasing automotive sector. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry along with the e commerce and express delivery market are increasing the demand for door to door logistics in Brazil. Poor road infrastructure, low margins, increasing road accidents and theft are the major factors limiting growth in the market. The market is strictly regulated by RNTRC with electronic freight payments and toll vouchers paid by the companies to the truckers. More vehicles are registered under the company’s name in comparison to freelancers and cooperative ones.
Brazil Freight Forwarding Industry Segmentation
By Domestic and International Freight
Domestic freight dominated the market due to the poor railway connectivity that is concentrated in south eastern region of Brazil which makes road the only means to transport the goods. Sau Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Amazonas, Brasilia are some of the hubs that have contributed to domestic road freight in the country. Trade agreements such as MERCOSUR and free trade agreements with other countries are contributing to International freight in the market.
By Domestic Flow Corridors
Sau Paulo- Rio De Janeiro is the most important domestic route connecting the country’s rich industrial and commercial hubs with large population. It is an important transit route for cargo intended for the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, and for the northeastern and southern regions. 
By International Flow Corridors
MERCOSUR is a trade agreement amongst the South American nations that are contributing to the increasing trade with other nations such as Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Others. Bridges at Fray Bentos and Paysandú in Uruguay, Friendship Bridge in Paraguay and many more are easing out the trade by road.
By End Users
Brazil’s Agricultural Miracle has credited industrial agribusiness and boosted agricultural exports such as soybean, coffee and exotic fruits from Amazonas such as Umbu and Cupua. 89,368 retail stores, boosting e commerce websites such as Americanas, Casas Bahia, increasing mobile internet users are increasing retail market in the country. Automotive sector and pharmaceutical sector is thriving but lacks legislation. Others include plastic products, rubber materials, chemicals and oil and iron metals that are generally transported by sea and are carried by road till the seaports.
By Contract and Integrated Logistics
Contract logistics dominates the market as it results in economies of scale and economies of scope, saving on capital investments, and reducing financial risks. The trucking companies generally outsource the work to the self employed truckers and local players in the market.
Competitive Scenario
The industry is quite fragmented with more than 152,165 carrier companies registered under RNTRC. The industry is dominated by local domestic players such as JSL S.A, Ritmo logistics, Braspress Logistics and International players include DHL Global forwarding, Kuehne +Nagel and CEVA logistics. The Industry has self-employed truck drivers that are either contacted by the companies directly or connect with companies based on their ratings on aggregator type platforms such as Truckpad and CargoX for better fares. The Industry is at a growth stage in terms of parameters such as technology, efficiency and service portfolio but the logistics cost is very high in the market.
Future Outlook and Projections
Brazil Road Freight market is projected to grow during the forecast period 2019-2023F due to concessioning the highway development projects to private companies. The key growth drivers for the market include improvement in automotive sector and healthcare industry and rising online purchases which has augmented the E-commerce market. The International road freight is expected to increase due to the free trade agreements with Chile, Inclusion of Bolivia in MERCOSUR and highway developments to connect nearby countries by road. Minimum freight law established by the government is expected to regulate the market in future.
Key Segments Covered
Brazil Road Freight Market
Revenue By Type of Freight
International Freight
Domestic Freight
Revenue By Domestic Flow Corridors
Sau Paulo-Port Alegre- Sau Paulo
 Sau Paulo-Rio de Janeiro- Sau Paulo
Santos- Brasilia- Santos
Revenue By International Flow Corridors
Revenue By Contract and Integrated
Contract Logistics
Integrated Logistics
Revenue By End User (Industry size covered)
Food and Beverages
Consumer Retail
Others (Chemical products, fertilizers, Rubber and plastic products etc)
Companies Covered
CEVA Logistics
Ritmo Logistics
Braspress Logistics
Expresso Nepomuceno
Key Target Audience
Freight Forwarding Companies
E Commerce Logistics Companies
3PL Companies
Consultancy Companies
Private Equity Investors and Venture Capitalists
Time Period Captured in the Report:-
Historical Period – 2013-2018
Forecast Period – 2019-2023F
Key Topics Covered in the Report:-
Logistics Infrastructure in Brazil
Brazil Road Freight Market Overview
Brazil Road Freight Market Size
Brazil Road Freight Market Segmentation
Competitive Scenario in Brazil Road Freight Market
Company Profiles of Major Players in Brazil Road Logistic Market
Case Study on Manbang Group, Truckpad and CargoX
Brazil Road Freight Market Future Outlook and Projections
Brazil Road Freight Future Market Size
Brazil Road Freight Market Future Segmentation
Analyst Recommendations
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