Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Best-selling author and life-coach Geeta Ramakrishnan launches ‘The Game of Plan’ app

Mumbai, October 2019: Reputed author and ontological coach Ms. Geeta Ramakrishnan has launched a productivity app called ‘The Game of Plan’. Comprising of several features that will help organize one’s life, the app enables users to chart out their personal, social and professional goals. The app is available on Android and will be released for iOS shortly.
With the aim to simplify life, this app offers users the ability to organize their schedules, set goals and also set action plans for achieving these goals. Users can track their diet and calorie intake and burning thereby promoting a conscious healthy living. Users can observe their expense patterns through this application, enabling them to take prudent financial decisions.
The highlight of this app is that it would appeal to users across multiple age groups or professional backgrounds. It would be as useful for students as it would be for busy executives. Teenagers can use it to assist in helping achieve academic as well as extracurricular goals, while, an elderly may wish to use this app to stay in good health.
‘The Game of Change’ written by Ms. Geeta Ramakrishnan is an Amazon Best Seller. When asked to share her views about the app, she remarked “I have always wanted to make a difference in the lives of people. Those who’ve read my book ‘The Game of Change’ were able to bring positive changes to their lives. But I knew that wasn’t enough. I wanted to create something which would help people lead more productive, fulfilling lives. I wanted to help them achieve their goals, manage their finances and attain good health. Building an application seemed to be the best way to do this as nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. They can download this app and use it to become better versions of themselves.
Link to Android version: https://bit.ly/2o80L0b

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