Thursday, 29 April 2021

COLORS Dance Deewane's contestant Pallavi showcases the true healing power of Dance

Dance is the language of the soul! It is considered therapeutic and has the power to heal people. The past year has been extremely difficult for everyone and it has affected each one of us differently. On account of International Dance Day, here’s a touching story on how COLORS Dance Deewane contestant Pallavi who helped her friend overcome depression by helping her with dance sessions.

In the upcoming episode of Dance Deewane which is themed around ‘Hope’, Pallavi, a generation 3 contestant mesmerized  guest Sonu Sood and the judges with her performance dedicated to the frontline workers. Post the performance, one of her friends Renuka joined the stage and narrated a story on how during the lockdown last year when she was suffering from anxiety and depression. Pallavi helped her to heal through dance. Renuka started taking online classes and gradually the magic of dance worked! She is extremely grateful to Pallavi for her support during tough times. Well, isn't friendship about things like these? 

Watch such hopeful moments only on Dance Deewane Season 3 every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm only on COLORS.

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