Wednesday, 28 April 2021

YouTubers Mythpat and Slayy Point raised INR 50+ Lakhs for COVID relief in India

Witnessing the current healthcare emergency in the country; Slayy Point, and Mythpat along with OpraahFx, an Influencer marketing form brought together India’s influencer community to live stream on YouTube and raise funds for oxygen supply in the country.  With 35+ creators, 7.5 hours long live event, and INR 50L+ funds raised, this charity stream was a historical moment.

With the second wave of COVID-19 spreading deeper than ever, the bottle-neck situation with scarcity of medial resources is the most tragic thing we all witnessed. During this, many social media influencers, bloggers, and content creators stepped forward to help and became mediators to make both ends (patients and resources) meet. Observing influencer community doing so much on their own to help people, YouTubers Slayy Point and Mythpat came up with an idea to bring the entire influencer and content creator community together for a much wider and greater impact. The duo hosted a 7.5-hour long YouTube live stream with 35+ Indian Influencers on April 25 and raised INR 50+ lakhs for the COVID relief. The amount so raised has been handed over to Hemkunt Foundation who is helping COVID patients with oxygen supply in the country.

Asking them about the initiative, Slayy Point, said: “It was a proud moment for us to see India’s leading influencers joining hands with us and enabling a ‘true and responsible influence’ at large. It is unbelievable that the influencer media has so much power, a channel like mine with only 4M subscribers had this much impact! It is interesting to see that the community which is often discarded and not given enough credit or respect can come together to literally create magic and save lives. With this activity we aimed to generate funds and reach the ones in the need by providing oxygen cylinders through Hemkunt Foundation.”

It washeartwarming to see how many leading to micro influencers have been stepping forward to help people with genuine leads during such a critical time. However, this gesture had a flip-side to it. Talking about it, Gautami Kawale from Slayy Point, said: “While it was saddening to see how people were struggling to get hold of medical resources, the much more depressing part was how few people took advantage and misused this. When influencers posted “call or DM me for help”, many received bizzare pictures and unwanted calls asking them if they could talk to them for two mins. Hence we decided to do a wider campaign to reach the ones in need directly through a foundation”.

Highlighting the power of influencers, Mythpat says: “We didn’t have enough time in our hands to prepare for it. We were also debating to postpone the event to the week after, due to it being an IPL weekend. But by the grace of all the influencers and celebrities it went supremely well. The seven and half-hour-long live stream session on an IPL day withstood the true test of our ‘influence’ as we received an overwhelming response with one crore people joining the live stream.”

Reaching the milestone of INR 50L+ was a great surprise, Mythpat exclaims: “I was expecting a maximum of 10 Lakhs very honestly, but within the first hour itself we made 10 Lakhs. We gradually started reaching 20 lakhs, 25 lakhs, 30 lakhs, 38 lakhs, and then 48 lakhs. At 48 lakhs I announced that I will colour my hair blue, and just like that we crossed 50 Lakhs. It feels surreal, while also euphoric to have done something meaningful for the people of the country. This is a very crucial time for us all. I feel every influencer should make extensive use of their reach and do everything in their capacity to help the society.”

“We believe that when we are in this together, we need to fight it together, and that is only possible with the combined efforts of the influencers and the public at large. So, thank you to everyone who made this possible.” Slayy Point and Mythpat signed off.


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