Friday, 30 April 2021

Pre-Independence Saga ‘Unheard’ Produced by Ellanar Films Selected for Screening at Revered Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival

The Historical Drama, which delves into the true essence of the Indian freedom struggle is one of the few entries selected for the 11th edition of DSPFF 

India, April 30, 2021: The Banner Ellanar Films announces that its historical saga titled ‘Unheard’ has been selected for screening at the 11th edition of the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival (DSPFF)It marks the second period drama for the Production House, headed by Radhika Lavu, filmmaker of the famed Gods of Dharmapuri (G.O.D), a critically acclaimed hit web series streaming on Zee5 OTT platform. The results of this year's DSPFF edition, which features Unheard will be announced virtually on 30 April 2021 via YouTube Live.

Driven by the success of its previous Telugu gangster crime drama G.O.D, that captivated the pulse of audiences everywhere, Ellanar Films has now forayed into the historical drama segment with the period piece. Set in the backdrop of the Indian freedom struggle, it is an intense exploration of various themes such as freedom, communal harmony as well as the very ideologies that constitute the soul of a nation. The content of Unheard is set to break the mould of traditional storytelling, and is all about exploring the human psyche, especially during a time of national tribulation, and understanding the power of conversation.

It is written & directed by Aditya K.V, who is the author of mytho-historical book ‘Diatya Diaries’. Some of the artists to feature in this project include Chandni Chowdhary, Srinivas Avasarala, Priyadarshi, Ananda Chakrapani and Bala Aditya, amongst others.

Radhika Lavu, Founder & Managing Director of Ellanar Films said, “It is a huge honor for our team to be nominated for the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. We are indeed thrilled to be part of a film festival that is so coveted and is a true celebration of cinema. Unheard is extremely close to my heart, because as a filmmaker, one finds that the Indian Freedom Movement has much to offer, in terms of reflection, understanding the true essence of self-sacrifice and the extraordinary real-life tales that can inspire generations to come. I am proud to that our work that aims to stir poignant conversations on freedom is being recognized on this esteemed platform.”

This second period venture for the production house Ellanar Films is its next ambitious project post the success of G.O.D. Apart from its official selection for the DSPFF, which is known to inspire and champion the work of writers, filmmakers, and all artists & celebrate the brilliance of the Indian film industry, Ellanar is also noted for its out of the box advertising concepts and corporate films, nationally aired commercials for several brands.

About Ellanar Films

Ellanar Films comprises of group of imaginative and out of the box story tellers who are passionate about filmmaking. What makes the production house unique is the ability to weave unforgettable stories. Ellanar’s expertise extends to domains as varied as short films, critically acclaimed OTT content, entertaining social media films, ad films, and corporate reels.

 Its recent smash hit G.O.D, for which the production house partnered with Zee5, is one of the most streamed Telugu shows on the domain. It is known for bringing a relatively unexplored domain like crime drama, to the forefront on Indian OTT Platforms. Ellanar’s upcoming production 'Unheard', soon to be released is an equally riveting and refreshing tale. It is a historical saga, that narrates the Indian Independence Story from a fresh new perspective. Ellanar Films has also created nationally aired advertisements for many renowned brands such as Freedom Healthy Oil, Golden Harvest, Talwalkar’s, and others.

About Radhika Lavu

Radhika Lavu is a film producer with over 10 years of experience in the field. She is the Founder & Managing Director of the production house Ellanar Films, which has a vibrant team of creative and committed professionals. She studied filmmaking from the University of London to understand the finer details of film making and has incorporated the same into her work.

Her experience extends to a variety of domains, she has made 50+ documentaries for the State Government of Andhra Pradesh and created advertisements for nationally reputed brands. She received many accolades for her web series Gods of Dharmapuri (GOD) that went on to be become one of the most streamed shows on Zee5. The series is known to have changed the OTT Landscape for regional content and is known to be one of the first tales to experiment with the crime drama genre. She is now gearing up to showcase the Historical Saga Unheard to the world.

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