Friday, 30 April 2021

On Maharashtra Day, Nehha Pendse and Jagannath Nivangune say ‘Garva ahe mala me Maharashtrian asalyacha’

Maharashtra is one of the most geographically diverse states in India and in all true sense, reflects in its people and the rich culture. The saints and philosophers who have graced this great land have also added to its historical inheritance. Maharashtra Day celebrated on May 1 every year, marks the Maratha speaking region attaining statehood. Born and brought up in Maharashtra, &TV artists Nehha Pendse and Jagannath Nivangune express their respect and adulation on this very important day. Nehha Pendse aka Anita Bhabi from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai says, “I am proud to be a Maharashtrian and born on the land which reflects the myriad achievements and rich history of India. The state boasts of rich cultural heritage and the legacy of the state is truly reflected though it's numerous forts, palaces, caves, shrines and museum. Even its folk music, traditional dances and mouth-watering cuisines are worth mentioning. Whenever I visit some of the famous forts and monuments, I try to find out the historical importance behind them. Every time, I hear something new, it fills me with a sense of pride. I encourage the youth of today to be more in touch with their roots and know about the state they are living in. Wish you all a very happy Maharashtra Day.” Jagannath Nivangune aka Ramji Sakpal from Ek Mahanayak Dr B.R. Ambedkar shares, “The Maharashtrian culture is not only diverse but brilliant all throughout India. I take immense pride in being a Maharashtrian. I wish everyone a very Happy Maharashtra Day. Since childhood, I have seen the localites partake in musical rallies, street performances of ‘lezim’ and ‘Dhol Pathak’ and it would be a sight to behold. This year, owing to the current scenario I request all of you to celebrate the day with your family, in the safety of your homes. Let’s not forget that Maharashtra faced many problems and has always come out stronger than before.”  

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