Friday, 30 April 2021

Companies that are helping enterprises to host virtual events

Pandemic has completely changed our lives and the entire world is affected by the effects of lockdown and physical distancing. However, the year 2020 has been tremendously revolutionary and the world has witnessed a massive digital transformation. A lot of corporations and businesses adopted remote operations and activities thus Virtual Reality domain has largely dominated the year 2020 and is still going head strong in 2021.  Product launches, conferences, tradeshows, and many other types of events are being conducted on Virtual Platforms. However, hosting virtual events require immense planning, creativity, technical expertise, and an ecosystem to deliver an immersive experience that aligns with the business goals. There are some companies that are helping corporations to plan and organize events and other business related activities virtually and doing a brilliant job in giving 360-degree services to organizations.

B2B Sales Arrow – B2B sales Arrow is one of the leading Virtual Event Technology Aggregators. The organization helps its clients with end-to-end virtual event delivery across US, Europe, and APAC.  The Virtual Events team collaborates with some of the world’s most advance platforms and empowers its clients to design and deliver highly customized Virtual Events.End-to-End Virtual Event solution offered by the organization comprises of identifying the target audience, audience acquisition campaigning, developing microsite & content, virtual event procurement & production and post event analytics.  It has delivered numerous events for Multimillion and Multibillion Dollar organizations targeting industries such as Banking, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Telco etc. During the pandemic, powered by the robust culture of growth & knowledge, the organization has successfully experimented with new virtual event solutions around Live streaming and experience for clients to sustain the digital shift.  As a result, B2B Sales Arrow has seen tremendous growth even during the time of the global economic crisis.

Digital Jalebi: 

Digital Jalebi delivers interactive experiences. They help their clients to establish channels of communication with their audience on a more emotional level. Digital Jalebi is a fusion of new media design and technology and draws heavily from digital art, visual communication, architecture, and programming.


They are an intelligent hybrid event platform in India. The platform provides virtual booths that help sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their product and services. They also organize breakout sessions to make the group meetings more engaging.


They are a flexible platform that is adaptable to different event needs. The platform is fully integrated with internal systems and re-uses the past event to save time. They are a virtual space that simulates in-person events, sponsors & booths and creates multiple different sessions & tracks suited to your needs. 


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