Friday 23 April 2021

Misters launched Daily Josh with Tesnor(TM) to boost testosterone levels


New Delhi, 23rd April 2021: Misters, one of India’s premier men’s sexual wellness brands, announced the launch of Misters Daily Josh, with Tesnor(TM) a herbal formulation that has been clinically tested to boost free testosterone levels. 

As a brand focused on men’s sexual wellness, the addition of a product that boosts testosterone is natural progression. One unique feature about this product is that it is rooted in scientific research. The company’s range so far has been based on Ayurvedic formulations, with products like Shilajit Pro, Perform and Bold. Misters Daily Josh is available on Website.

Commenting on the launch, Mr.Suhas Misra, co-founder and CEO of said, “While Ayurvedic formulations are based in provenance, and we work hard on bringing a scientific sensibility to those products with concepts like therapeutic windows and synergies, Daily Josh is a disruptive product because it contains Tesnor(TM) that has been clinically tested for the use case. In a lot of ways, it is sort of the quest for the holy grail in the category, because on the one end are allopathic options such as sildenafil citrate or tadalafil that have high efficacy but their side effects need to be understood well, and on the other there are relatively low side effects options such as Shilajit or Ashwagandha formulations, but those take time to work, and specific scientific research is limited. Tesnor(TM) is of herbal origin and has strong science behind it, and so breaks that trade-off. So, we are very excited to be the first to bring this to the Indian market.” 

Misters is seeking to start a conversation around male ageing, which has not been a discussed topic, even relative to female ageing. A lot of this conversation is based around the findings—in various studies—of the ageing male symptoms (AMS) questionnaire, and clinical studies that establish a steady drop in testosterone as men age. While the drop itself may not lead to any problems for some men, there is often an implication not just in terms of drop in sexual desire or sexual function, but also an increase in anxiety, irritability, sleep issues, joint pains and aches. The drop in testosterone also often leads to a reduction in strength. Given this wide gamut of issues, the company hopes to bring male ageing to the mainstream, so that men can make better sense of the changes they are going through. 

About HealthFactorial 

Co-founded in 2019, by acclaimed entrepreneur, Suhas Misra (co-founder of Hector Beverages, the company behind Paper Boat, probably India’s most loved beverage brand), and Gaurav Gupta, a corporate veteran (IIM Ahmedabad, Coca Cola, Citibank, Tata Docomo, and Pearsons.) The company is specialising in men’s sexual wellness, a large category with a very unique texture because of stigma stunting conversations around it. As a digital first model, it has moved on to a position of preeminence in the category and hopes to keep offering efficacious products, along with free advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle so that men can chart their course to better sexual health.  

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